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First Years at Hogwarts

 Title: First Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Fantasy/ Friendship/ Drama
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Matsujun is a first year at Hogwarts. Ohno has been taking his UtaMahou classes very seriously, even Matsujun notices somethings odd. Until he spots Ohno and Nino together! Outraged and possibly jealous, Jun and Nino drew wands, but Ohno stops them with a powerful 'magic voice.' Now Ohno is unconscious. What will happen to Ohno? What will Jun do?

Author's Note: yeeaaah! it seems like it's all centering around ohno, ne....but don't forget jun is the main character here! so here's chapter 6!


Chapter 6 - Childhood Promise

Jun was still in shock and tried to gain his balance after the sudden explosion of wind. Ohno was pale and breathing irregularly. Both Jun and Nino leaned over him, not sure what to do.

Then, they heard footsteps thundering up the stairs. Nino and Jun gave each other fearful looks as they saw teachers, followed by students, racing towards them

Professor Johnny led the way until the teachers saw the scene before them. As if he was right behind Johnny, Professor Naruse Ryo raced ahead with a worried look.

Nino got out of his way as Naruse knelt next to Ohno who was still breathing with shabby breathes. Naruse muttered under his breath and slowly hovered his hand over Ohno's face. Jun noticed that color was coming back on Ohno's face, but he was still unconscious.

Professor Naruse wiped out his wand and Ohno floated off the ground, just like how Aiba was carried away when he was unconscious. The teachers and students moved aside as Naruse floated Ohno to the hospital wing.

"Students, back to your dormitories!"  Professor Domyouji yelled over the students, but her face was just as pale.

The Headmaster slowly approached Jun and Nino; his expression was hard to read.

"Come with me, boys," He simply said and led them toward his office.

Jun glanced over his shoulder and saw Sho's and Aiba's shocked face as he walked away. Jun couldn't stare at anything but his feet as they walked in silence to Professor Johnny's office. They arrived at a stone gargoyle and Johnny gave the password.

"Four Leaves."

The gargoyle jumped aside to reveal a moving staircase escalating upward. When they opened the door to his office, Jun gazed up and around in awe at the massive space. Portraits of previous headmasters covered the walls—all of them sleeping. There were books everywhere, and some rolls of parchment littered the center table with music notes scribbled on them.

Jun saw the music notes literally floated off the page and softly playing a melody. However, they were drowned as Professor Johnny spoke from his behind his desk.

"Now...tell me exactly what happened?" He asked kindly. Immediately, Nino jumped in.

"There was a massive creature that stormed the corridor," he lied, "and then it screeched reeeeally loud! And it attacked Ohno!" Nino exaggerated. Jun just stared at him, his mouth hanging open. "I tried to stop it. But Matsumoto got in the way and I-"

"I got in the way?!" Jun challenged, completely forgetting where he was. "You tried to jinx me!"

"Watch what you're saying mud-"

"Enough," Professor Johnny said, his voice strong and steady. They remained silent until he spoke again. "You don't have to lie, Kazunari."

Nino twitched a little at the mention of his first name.

"I know that was UtaMahou," He glanced over at Jun. "Tell me what happened...Jun."

Jun gulped, not sure if he should tell the whole truth about Nino privately learning UtaMahou. Somehow, as he gazed at Johnny's old face, Jun felt as if the man already knew that.

"I...I left dinner early," Jun started. He felt Nino tensing next to him. "I was walking down the third floor corridor, and..."

He side glanced at Nino. This was the perfect moment to get back at him for what he did to Aiba. Jun wanted so badly to tell Professor Johnny that Nino was breaking the rules. He wanted to see Nino punished.

So why does he feel like there was more than what he saw...?

"I...I bumped into Nino there," Jun white lied. "I was angry and drew out my wand, and he did too. Then Ohno was there...I guess he didn't wanted us to fight, so he yelled at us."

"But not quite," Professor Johnny nodded.

"He...he roared. I don't know!" Jun grabbed his hair, remembering the terrifying scene. "It was as if his voice echo everywhere. Even inside me. He looked scared too, like he couldn't stop himself from making...this ultrasonic sound."

"I felt pain inside me too," Nino nodded. "More than just my ears. It was like my heart was breaking."

"UtaMahou," Professor Johnny nodded. "I was afraid something like this would happen with poor Satoshi since the very moment I heard him at the Owlery. Did you know, boys, that UtaMahou can be dangerous to the lives of those wizards that practice it?"

"Dangerous?" Nino asked, bewildered. Jun was just as confused.

"You wouldn't think it is since so many famous wizards perform wonderful UtaMahou," Professor Johnny said. "But if used incorrectly, the very power carried through the voice can cause severe damage...both body and mind."

"What happened to Ohno then?" Jun asked.

"I assume his emotions was in conflict. As you said, Jun, he saw you and Kazunari about to duel. So Satoshi wanted to stop you."

"I don't really understand...Professor," Jun said, remembering to be polite. "But what is UtaMahou, really?"

Jun heard Nino grunted next to him. He glared at him, but Nino just rolled his eyes. Professor Johnny just nodded and explained to Jun.

"Well, I hope you've heard of the Vocal Wizards, yes?"

Jun nodded.

"The Vocals Wizards are the creators of magical voice, the very cornerstone of incantations itself. Thus, the very purpose of UtaMahou is power in of itself."

"By causing internal pain to those who listens?" Jun asked.

"Not always. UtaMahou, Song Magic, can be good or bad. Within every living creature is a soul. For wizards or any magical beings, our soul carries our magic as well. Many wizards believe it's the blood that holds all magic, but on contrary, blood can only hold the physical magic. For example, DansuMahou. Or how we touch things to give it magical properties like wands or Portkeys."

"That make sense..." Jun mumbled to himself.

"UtaMahou uses the soul magic within us. And our souls are emotional since it's what makes us human. Through our blood and soul..."

Jun felt his heart beating faster at the familiar words.

"...we carry magic. That is why so many magic incantations are verbal. The harsher spells sounds vicious and cruel, and the kinder and healing spells sounds very mellow and delicate. Therefore, when we 'sing' a magical voice, it holds more power than a regular incantation. Sound, after all, is a magical property," Professor Johnny smiled.

"It sure is..." Jun nodded, rubbing the back of his neck.

"My guess as to what happened to Satoshi was his emotions gone astray. Something must have roused him intensely to the point where he burst with all his soul. Perhaps he didn't like seeing his two friends fight."

Jun looked over at Nino who stared at the ground. Nino looked like he was about to cry which shocked Jun. He has never seen Nino in such a state, yet here he was on the verge of tears.

"It's my fault," Nino gasped. "If I haven't...if I didn't...I said I wouldn't..."

As if he couldn't take it, Nino dashed out the office without a word.

"I do hope Satoshi is okay," Professor Johnny sighed. Jun immediately felt tense.

"What? What happens to Ohno? What happens when you produce too much UtaMahou?!" Jun practically yelled, scared.

"Well, think of it as a music scale. Pianissimo is the softest level for music, just like UtaMahou. A standard power is like mezzo forte...I would say Satoshi was producing a fortissimo UtaMahou...very con fuoco."

"I don't even take music classes! How am I suppose to know all that?!" Jun yelled. "I get it! Ohno made really loud UtaMahou, I was there! I heard it! Just tell me what's going to happen to Ohno!!"

"That's why it depends how loud he sang. The louder his voice, the more his soul will be pulled apart."

*    *   *

Jun raced pass corridors and thundered down the stairs as fast as he could to the hospital wing. The words of Professor Johnny still echoed in his head, making Jun run even faster.

"Please be okay...please be okay," Jun gasped.

Finally, he blasted through the door and saw a crowd around a bed in the far corner of the hospital wing. Sho and Aiba were there and looked up as they heard Jun dashing towards them. Nino was also there, as well as Professor Naruse, Professor Domyouji, and Madam Pomfrey.

"Quiet please!" Madam Pomfrey ordered at him.

"Is he okay?" Jun asked, panting hard.

"He'll be fine," Sho said. His eyebrows would normally be V shaped, but now he was so worried, they were reversed—so was Aiba and Nino.

"He's just tired, and I gave him some remedies. Nothing a good night's sleep can't fix," Madam Pomfrey explained.

"My students are bothered by this, Professor Domyouji," Naruse spoke with a dark expression. Domyouji Kaede didn't bat an eyelid. "Please control your students."

"I am aware of that, Professor Naruse. But let the boy be."

"He was producing UtaMahou outside of class hours," Naruse continued. "If I recall, UtaMahou students must not perform any magical voice without supervision unless Professor Johnny grouped students. Otherwise, situations like this happens."

"Professor Naruse, it was an accident. From what Ninomiya said, Ohno was simply trying to stop a dispute between two students," She defended. "He is my student, and I will deal with this when he wakes up."

"Be that as it may," Naruse said, unfazed. "But he is my nephew."

And he left the hospital wing, but everyone could still hear his footsteps echoing down the corridor until they faded. Professor Domyouji headed into Madam Pomfrey's office for more information, leaving the boys next to Ohno.

It was a long time until Sho finally spoke.

"Okay, what really happened?" He glared at Nino.

"What?" Nino glared back.

"I'm not buying your story," Sho stated.

"Matsujun, what really happened?" Aiba asked.


"Nothing happened!" Nino cut in. "I told you all. This mudblood and I were about to duel, and Ohno made UtaMahou. Nothing else."

"Don't call him mudblood, you little brat!" Sho yelled.

"Sho," Aiba hushed. "You guys, keep it down. We need to let Ohno rest."

The four boys glanced down at Ohno's sleeping body. Jun was glad to see Ohno was breathing regularly, but he was slightly pale. Jun suddenly remembered what the Headmaster said.

"I hope it won't happen to him," Jun mumbled to himself.

"What will happen?" Sho asked. Jun bit his lip.

"I asked Professor Johnny what would happen to Ohno if he made too much UtaMahou...and he said there's a likely chance that if you produce loud UtaMahou, your soul is pulled apart."

"What?!" Nino gasped. "Why? How? That's impossible!"

"I'm not sure myself," Jun said, feeling a little panicky. "But he told me that producing UtaMahou takes a lot of soul magic. And that the louder the voice is, the more it takes apart the soul in order to perform a powerful voice."

"You mean to say that when you sing magical voice, your soul is spilled out?" Aiba gasped, as he covered his mouth.

"Something like that," Jun shrugged.

"Actually, that make sense," Sho said. "Because the soul is emotional and if half our magic is within our soul—the other half in our blood—then singing out our magical voice is also like singing out our emotions."

"How do you know so much?" Nino grunted.

"It's called reading," Sho teased. Nino rolled his eyes.

"What book? Magical Spells for Wizard Dummies?" Nino laughed. Sho just crossed his arms.

"No! It's in Ohno's textbook, 'UtaMahou and the Magical Essences of Song.' " Sho quoted proudly.

"Whatever, dork," Nino smirked.

Aiba huffed, as if he was insulted too. "So what if he's a dork?! Sho's adorable!"

"You're not helping Aiba," Sho mumbled, while Nino laughed even harder. Since they were making so much noise, Professor Domyouji and Madam Pomfrey came out of the office.

"What is all the racket?" Madam Pomfrey demanded. "How can you boys be laughing?!"

"It's late boys. Leave to your dormitories now," Professor Domyouji commanded.

The four boys left the hospital wing together. Jun was following Sho up the stairs to the towers, but he looked over his shoulder and watched Nino head off to the dungeons with a sorry face. Jun looked up ahead and saw Sho disappear behind the corridor before following Nino.

"Hey, Ninomiya!" Jun called after him. Nino turned around.

"What now?" Nino complained. Jun felt irritated.

"You're lucky I didn't ratted you out in front of the Headmaster. You should be thanking me," Jun said.

"Yes, because everyone knows that all Gryffindors wants their rewards for being chivalrous and stupid," Nino sneered. Jun was about to drew out his wand again, but he took a deep breath to stop himself. "Oh, so the brave Gryffindor knows how to think before he acts now," Nino mocked.

"Shut up, Ninomiya!" Jun yelled back. He calmed down before he spoke again. "How about you tell me why Ohno was teaching you UtaMahou in the first place."

Nino looked stunned for a few seconds before he breathed again. Nino glanced away as if he was hiding something.

"It's none of your business," he said.

"Ohno is in the hospital wing because of us!" Jun said, tensely. "I want to know why he was so angry when he saw us about to duel."

Nino looked more uncomfortable. Jun calmed down and spoke softly.

"I know you two were childhood friends," Jun said. Nino looked up shocked. "So just tell me...why is he teaching you?"

'And not me...' Jun thought.

"It's a long story," Nino said.

"Try me," Jun dared.

"Well..." Nino started. "We grew up in the same wizarding neighborhood. Both of our families come from a long line of Slytherins, so we became really good friends."

Nino's eyes stared into the distance that Jun could never see. Nino leaned his back on the dungeon wall and continued with his story.

"We always played Quidditch on our little broomsticks or make impersonations of famous wizards. And we sang a lot. I would play my guitar and he would sing to my songs I wrote. It was the best..."


"Hey Nino!" Ohno came dashing towards him with two broomsticks. "My dad bought me two new brooms for us to ride! Let's race!"

"Okay!" Nino smiled.

"If I win, I get to sing your new song. If you win, you get to sing."

They raced across the meadow, but Ohno was always in the lead since he was more athletic than Nino. After 10 races—all won by Ohno—they laid in the shade under a large oak tree and stared up at the white clouds.

"Even if I did win, I would want only you to sing my songs," Nino confessed, not embarrassed to express his feelings. "Your voice is a lot better than mine."

Ohno rolled over to get a better look at Nino.

"That's ridiculous. You're just as good," Ohno commented. "You just wait until we go to Hogwarts, and then we can take UtaMahou together."

"Really?" Nino looked up at Ohno's smiling face.

"Absolutely! We'll take it together. Promise!"


"But as you can see, Ohno got recognized and was allowed to take UtaMahou classes before me," Nino said. "Now, he'll be one year ahead of me and we'll never really take it together."

Jun didn't say a word throughout Nino's story. It was truly a touching story. Here were two best friends that Jun could only get an idea of their closeness. and Ohno trying so hard to keep his friends together. Jun knew Ohno was a good guy after all.

"That explains why Ohno's a Gryffindor," Jun mumbled, feeling a smile come to his lips.

"What?" Nino looked up.

"Ohno has a good heart. He cares about his friends, especially you," Jun nodded. "He would even risk his chance of getting in trouble just to keep his promise with you...that's why he's a Gryffindor. I bet 10 galleons that he was singing one of your songs when he was at the Owlery."

Jun looked over at Nino and was shocked to see tears streaming from his eyes. Nino quickly tried to wipe them away, but they kept pouring, so he walked away.

Jun walked back toward his tower feeling his heart swelling. Nino maybe the biggest jerk and brat he has ever known, but if Ohno is good friends with him...maybe Jun could get along with him too.
END OF CHAPTER!! (phew!!)

what do you think?

before anyone says: so UtaMahou is kinda like Horcruxes. I"LL STOP YOU RIGHT THERE!! ><
to me, Horcruxes are: you kill someone, do some more spells or whatever needed, and your soul is cut and separate. HOWEVER, utamahou is more like a pull. think of a ball of playdoh. as you pull the playdoh, it stretches until it finally snaps into two pieces. that's what i mean about utamahou taking your soul apart. the longer and louder you sing, the further apart your soul will be (hope that makes sense)

do you like long chapters? i'm sorry it took my a while to update. i was on a roll with this chapter XD
so i have a question. do you want me to keep posting longer chapters? or short chapters? here's the thing. with short chapters, i update sooner. however, story progress will be slow, but updates boost up.
if i update long chapters, updates will take longer, but the wait will be worth it. with plenty of story progress and the closer we are to ending to story (to get to more series)

which do you want?!

To Chapter 7 -


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