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First Years at Hogwarts

 Title: First Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Fantasy/ Friendship/ Drama
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Matsjun is a first year. Jun finally understands UtaMahou and it's power. He also understands the closeness of Ohno, a Gryffindor, and Nino, a Slytherin. Ohno is still unconscious after the episode of sudden Voice Magic. What will Jun do? What will Nino do now that he confessed his friendship with Ohno?

Author Note: thanks for waiting so long! ><


Chapter 7 - Friends and Rivals

"Matsujun!" Aiba yelled across the Great Hall. Everyone turned heads, and Jun ducked his head from embarrassment. Aiba dashed towards him with a huge grin on his face—oblivious to the staring eyes around them.

"Stop calling me Matsujun!" Jun repeated for the hundredth time.

"Never mind that!" Aiba panted, as if it was an effort to run across the hall. "Ohno is awake!"

"EH?!" Jun yelled, this time not embarrassment of the loud noise they were making.

It's been four days since Ohno collapsed from his UtaMahou episode. Jun, Aiba, and Sho hardly ever leave his side except for classes. Sometimes at dinner, Jun leaves early to visit Ohno, but he finds Nino next to him instead. He allowed Nino to see Ohno privately, but part of Jun wanted Nino to visit Ohno with him and the others.

Aiba and Jun hurried towards the hospital wing while ignoring Filch's yelling. Jun burst through the door and saw Ohno sitting upright and chatting with Sho.

"Oh, Jun," Ohno waved with a smile.

"Don't 'Jun' me!" Jun yelled. "You scared me half to death! I nearly gone deaf after you made UtaMahou! And then you were under for four days! I was really worried, Ohno!"

There was a long silence apart from Jun's heavy panting. Everyone was speechless at Jun's sudden outburst, but then he hugged the unsuspected Ohno.

"I'm so glad you're alright," Jun mumbled, hugging tightly. Ohno chuckled and patted Jun's back.

"I'm sorry I made you worried," Ohno replied. "I'm sorry I made you all worried."

"You really had us there, ne," Aiba nodded as Jun pulled away. "How did it happened?"

"I...I don't really remember," Ohno said, his forehead wrinkled. "It's burning sensation happening inside me. Before I knew it, I couldn't breath."

"Well, the important thing is you're okay," Sho said. "And not to mention the amount of homework I collected for you. I took the liberty of saving your work from UtaMahou class as well."

Sho pulled out a stack of books and a pile of parchment rolls on Ohno's lap. It was almost painful to see the sight of so much work to do. Ohno looked like a sad puppy.

"Seriously?" Ohno mumbled, picking up one scroll.

"Better get started now," Sho smiled. At that moment, Madam Pomfrey came from her office.

"You boys have been here long enough. Out, out!" She said.

"Oh, come on. At least let Jun stay," Ohno complained. "He just got here."

"Out!" She yelled, shooing the boys away.

"Geez, what a witch!" Aiba said.

"She is a witch, idiot," Sho rolled his eyes, but then his smile suddenly wiped off his face. "Quick, hide!"

"What?" Jun gasped.

But Sho grabbed Jun and Aiba's cloaks and dragged them around a corner. They peeked back to look and saw Professor Naruse Ryo walking towards the hospital wing.

"You think he's checking on Ohno?" Jun asked.

"It's strange for Professor Naruse to care for Ohno," Sho said, deep in thought. "He always deduct, like, 150 points from him in every Potions class."

"Let's eavesdrop them," Aiba suggested, walking back towards the hospital wing. Sho stopped Aiba.

"Are you crazy? They'll see us," Sho said. Aiba smirked and pulled out something from his pocket.

"Unless we have these," Aiba smiled. He held long flesh-colored strings with ears attached to each end. Jun stared at them in awe while Sho crossed his arms.

"What is that?" Jun asked.

"My new experiment: Ear Extendables," Aiba said. "You know how Muggles play with strings attached to cans just to listen to each other. Well, I thought what if wizards took that idea, but use magic and really listen through strings."

"Aiba, this is just as crazy as the time you tried to make sunglasses with frozen magic ink," Sho said, obviously knowing Aiba's experiments.

"Trust me! They work!" Aiba slipped an ear under the door of the hospital wing and came back to the corner with the other end of the string. "Here"

The three boys leaned in close to the magic ear and listened closely. Suddenly, as if they were right next to them, they heard both Ohno and Naruse's voices.

"I mailed to your parents what happened," Naruse said, coolly. "They want you to come home."

"What did you tell them?" Ohno asked, also just as calm.

"It's like they sound the same," Jun smirked.

"Shh!" Sho hissed.

"I told them they have nothing to worry long as you're under my watch," Naruse said.

"Because you're good at watching people," Ohno said. Jun can clearly imagined Ohno's glare at Naruse. There was a long silence afterward, as if they were having a staring contest.

"Are you still planning to give Ninomiya private lessons?" Naruse asked.

"How did you found out?"

"Perhaps it would be better if you took your lessons inside an abandon classroom rather than in the middle of a corridor next time," Naruse said, raising his voice slightly.


"I'm not asking much, Satoshi," Naruse continued. "You can still take UtaMahou classes but no more of this childhood promise nonsense. Or do you want the same thing to happen again?"


"I'll send another owl to your parents that you're fine," Naruse ended the conversation.

Aiba quickly reeled in the Ear Extendable before Naruse left the infirmary. When Naruse was gone, Jun looked back to see Aiba and Sho's confused faces.

"Ohno was giving Ninomiya private lessons?" Aiba said, scratching his head. Sho stared at Jun.

"You know this, don't you?" Sho asked.


"It makes sense now. You were there and saw Ohno and Ninomiya together," Sho said. "Then you and Ninomiya were about to duel and then Ohno yelled at you guys, making UtaMahou. Am I right?"

"Spot on," Jun confessed. Sho looked angry as ever.

"What was he thinking?!" Sho said, walking around in circles. "Teaching someone like Ninomiya to do UtaMahou?!"

"Seriously!?" Aiba said, also angry. "The jerk who cursed my broom and the reason I have a scar on my chest!"

"Look, I was angry too when I saw them," Jun said, trying to calm them down. "But it's not what you think. I mean, Ohno grew up in a Slytherin family. Ohno and Nino were childhood friends. And they still-"

"Nino?" Sho questioned, giving Jun a funny look. "Since when did you call him 'Nino'? Are you best buds with him now?"

"No!" Jun said, starting to feel pressured. "I mean...look Ohno is a good guy, right? Maybe Ninomiya isn't all that bad if Ohno is still friends with him. I mean-"

"Do you hear yourself?!" Sho yelled. "You're defending him! The one guy who hexed Aiba!"

"And he's Naruse's pet!" Aiba added.

"Did you forget the time he pranked us at Transfiguration class? He transfigured our cups into piles of crap!"

"He keeps exploding Nishikido's feathers in Charms!"

"He made Ikuta Toma trip on a missing step, and he laughed while Toma rolled down the staircase!"

"Not to mention there are rumors of him and Erika together. The queen of all evil."

"Okay!" Jun yelled. "I get it. You guys don't trust him."

"And with good reason," Sho stated.

"Yes...but maybe if you just try talking with him-"

"Forget that!" Aiba snorted. "I rather jinx his face than chat with him."

"But Ohno gets along with him!" Jun said, trying to be reasonable. "Sure Ninomiya isn't the friendliest person you've met, but if Ohno understands him-"

"I can be friends with Ohno," Sho said. "But with Ninomiya..."

"Never," Aiba finished.

"Let's go, Aiba," Sho said.

Jun watched them walk away, feeling defeated.

*           *           *

"I suddenly feel like fishing," Ohno blurted out.

"You've got to be kidding me," Jun said. "Now?"

"Yeah, why not?" Ohno smiled.

"But we're in the middle of Quidditch tryouts," Jun said.

It was Quidditch Winter season. It was normally a game for older students, but thanks to Professor Johnny, he allowed first years to tryout as well. Jun was very excited about the sport of flying, after given a brief explanation of what Quidditch was first.

Today was the first day of tryouts. The field divided evenly for the four houses to share. There were some groups outside the field for air practices, but Ohno and Jun stayed inside the field waiting for their names to be called.

"Yeah but to be honest, I'm not that thrilled to be in sports," Ohno said, watching the other houses on the field trying out positions.

"I know dancing is a sport. So isn't DansuMahou and UtaMahou sorta like sports?" Jun questioned.

"DansuMahou, yes. But not for UtaMahou. It's not so physical," Ohno said.

"Ohno Satoshi," a seventh year called.

"Fine, watch me fall flat on my face," Ohno smirked. He got on his broom and zoomed across the field towards the Gryffindor captain.

Jun watched Ohno soar through the sky with ease. The Gryffindor captain ordered Ohno to try catching the Golden Snitch in limited time. The captain released the Snitch and Ohno waited three seconds before he turned around to try and find it. Within a few seconds, Ohno dived down without stopping until he finally pulled up with the Snitch tightly in his hand.

Jun was certain that Ohno would make it in as a Seeker.

"Ohno is really talented, ne," someone said next to Jun.

"Oh, Sho," Jun said. "You're trying out for your house too?"

"No way! I could never do something like this," Sho said. Jun remembered their first flying lesson when Sho's face was smacked with a broomstick.

"Oh, really?" Jun said, still trying hard not to laugh. "So why are you here?"

"I came to watch Aiba. He loves Quidditch," Sho smiled, pointing at the Hufflepuffs at the other end of the field. "He is athletic, but he kinda lacks the coordination feature."

Jun glanced over and saw Aiba flying in the air, but as the Quaffle sped towards him, he missed it by a few inches. The Hufflepuff captain just shook his head. Jun then glanced over to the Slytherin group, and he wasn't surprised to see Nino there as well.

"Watching your 'Nino' again?" Sho mocked.

"Shut up. I don't call him that," Jun said. "And I haven't talked with him since Halloween."

"Well, I'm not surprised if he makes it pass tryouts," Sho mumbled. "I remember that flying lesson."

Jun remembered too, how Nino lazily laid on his broom like it was the easiest thing to do. Then, Aiba got jealous of his laziness and tried to copy him, leading to his broom getting hexed. Jun watched Nino launch off the ground.

"Looks like it's Ninomiya's turn," Sho mumbled, crossing his arms.

They both watched Nino dodge the Bludgers smoothly and passing the Quaffle between players with ease. It was like watching a professional player. But as Nino continued to fly, Jun noticed there was something odd about the way the young Slytherin was flying.

"It looks like he's tired," Jun pointed out.

Nino slowed down as he passed the Quaffle. A Bludger barely missed his head, making the Slytherin captain yell at him. It looked like Nino ran out of energy quickly.

"He gets tired from flying so much," Ohno said, who already finished his tryouts. "He's not very athletic. He has the skills, but he lacks the strength."

"It's like the opposite of Aiba," Sho laughed. "One person has the skills, the other has the never-ending energy."

"That's why I always win whenever we race," Ohno smirked. Sho glanced at him. "But he didn't mind. Because he wanted me to sing his songs."

"Whatever," Sho mumbled and walked away.

"What's with him?" Ohno asked.

"Sho just doesn't like Ninomiya like you do," Jun said.

"Hmmm...." Ohno said, scratching his cheek. "Hey! How about I introduce Nino to Sho and Aiba?"

"I don't think they'll like that," Jun said, but Ohno wasn't listening.

"Come on! I have an idea!" Ohno said, dragging Jun with him.
ending here? hahaha! a minor cliffhanger here.
what kinda chapter is this, right?! not much plot development, no character development. just....a filler? XDDD

no no, it's not like that. i just feel guilt of not being about to update as fast as i want to. but then again, i don't want the chapters to be SO long that your eyes starts straying away. (you know it happens!)

is it ok if i spoil a little something? don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. i was hoping i made nino get along with the others faster, but now i just made it more complicated for them to get together O_O but in spite of that, next chapter i hope you dont mind a little jealously storm coming. haha! i plan to make some really complicated situations, he said this, he said that. he did this, he did that. the PG 13 rating is finally coming!! ><

am i losing the hogwarts atmosphere? i try to keep it in the fantasy world, but seeing as the pass few chapters was nothing but fantasy, magic and UtaMahou. i think it's time i start developing characters more than the fantasy part. there will still be hogwarts familiarities, but this is a fanmade arashi fanfic. time for some pairing action! XD

To Chapter 8 -


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