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"Show" Business

Title: "Show" Business
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Smut/ AU
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Sho x Arashi (Part 1: Sakumiya, Sakumoto. Part 2: Yama, and Sakuraiba)
Summary: Kitagawa Johnny imposed a new agency law on his idols: no sexual intercourse with others whatsoever. Naturally, all the Johnny's members were furious, but they're completely helpless now as they're being carefully monitored. Sakurai Sho couldn't stand for such a senseless rule, so he offered his service to his colleagues in a secret business...for a price.
Author Notes: For steffilinos in the kitto_slutparty fic exchange. It's prostitution, essentially. Some use of language and name-calling. Enjoy!

**Customer Ohno**

Sho received the text from Ohno only ten minutes after he finished his session with Nino. "I have something for you. Will you come over soon?"

Sho felt his heart skip a beat since Ohno hardly calls to him. Ever since Sho started his secret business, it has always been the other three members to call out to him and make appointments. Ohno, however, only contacted him three times since the law been enforced on them two months ago.

Sho always enjoyed being with Ohno because, secretly, Sho admires Ohno. He sometimes aspires to be like his leader, but he could never force Ohno to spend time with him. Nor could he ask Ohno to do him for free. It wouldn't be fair to the others who were paying for his services.

"I'll be there," Sho texted back and scheduled a date.

The hardest part was getting through a day of work. All throughout another day of variety show recording, Sho kept tripping on his words, but the other Arashi members simply teased him as always. But from the corner of his eye, he could see Ohno suppressing a small smile.

But Sho wasn't the only one slipping up.

Aiba tossed over another clip for Nino to climb the fake cliff, but the bucket missed and Nino started shouting. "What are you doing, idiot!?"

Sho made a nervous smile as Jun released another bucket, but he didn't see Aiba also releasing another bucket. The two buckets collided and missed the main climber.

"Unbelievable!" Itou commented over the audience. "Neither clips reached Nino! Now Jun and Aiba are arguing! Oh, it looks like Nino is going to climb without support."

Sho watched nervously on the sidelines. But as Nino tried to reach the highest button, he lost his grip and fell down.

"Aaaahhh!" Itou shouted. "Nino fell before making it over the Odaiba chin! He was so close! Game over!"

The audience expressed their disappointment as Nino stood up with a heavy frown. Sho glanced up and saw Jun and Aiba making bashful smiles.

But Nino had none of it. "No, no, no. It wasn't just me, okay. It was those two idiots up there." Sho tried to laugh off the tension, but Nino continued ranting. "You've got to be kidding me! What the heck was that?! Weren't neither of you paying attention?"

"Well," Aiba glanced at Jun before facing Nino down below. "Jun passed the first one, right? So I had one waiting, and I naturally thought it was my turn-"

"But I wanted to redeem myself," Jun interrupted. "I mean, I was busying myself getting the next one ready," Jun turned towards Aiba, "but why didn't you send it to him while I was busy? You had that time, right? Why did you waited?"

"Wait...this is my fault?!" Aiba gawked before pointing at Nino. "He's the one that fell!"

The audience laughed as the batter carried on, but Sho wasn't liking the growing tension. Still, Sho tried to smile throughout the situation. Ohno also remained silent between Jun and Aiba on the balcony. Thankfully, their pestering ended, and they returned to their seats while the staff changed the game. Sho sat in the back between Aiba and Nino while Jun, Ohno, and the guest sat in front. Although, Sho wished he switched places with Ohno.

Aiba and Nino weren't talking to each other while they were on standby. Sho tried to ignore the awkward atmosphere, but it was pungent. When they resumed to the next game, their demeanor changed, but Sho knew them better. Something wasn't right within their group. It was hidden, but it was there...


Later that night, Sho knocked on the door and Ohno opened it for him.

"Oh, good. You came," Ohno greeted him. "I have something for you. I hope you'll like it."

As Sho entered the living room, a large canvas painting propped in the middle of empty paint tubes and dirty brushes. Sho gasped and stared in awe at the majestic painting. It was a portrait of Sho with vivid colors and detailed linings. Ohno had taken one of Sho's photos from a magazine and turned it into his own revision.

"I love it," Sho smiled. He turned around and stroked along Ohno's jawline. "Consider it your payment."

Ohno's jaw twitched at Sho's touch, and he took a step back. He gave Sho an apologetic smile. "Actually, I've been working on this even before Johnny imposed the anti-sex law on us. I wanted to give you this as a gift. Not as a payment."

Sho raised his brow. "So...this is not your payment?"

"Well, no," Ohno shrugged. "I only sent you a text that I have something for you. And, well," Ohno opened his arms to the canvas, "this is it."

Sho glanced back between the painting and Ohno. " don't service?"

"Not really," Ohno shrugged, a faint blush appeared on his cheeks. "To be honest, I think you should stop this secret show business of yours." When Sho frowned slightly, Ohno quickened his speech. "I haven't been calling you because I don't really need the relief. I find my stress relievers through other means, and I assumed you might want to lessen on the phone calls. I mean, how long are you going to keep answering to those guys?"

"As long as they keep asking for it and paying me," Sho replied back. His lighter mood from earlier disappeared. "I'm not forcing myself to do this. I offered this deal to you guys, and you all accepted it. So with a reasonable pay," Sho waved his arms up before dropping them, "I will do it for you."

"At some point you have to admit this has gone too far," Ohno argued back. "Johnny is not forcing this law on us without a cause. He's trying to make a point, and your service is not helping. It's actually making it worse."

Sho shook his head and rolled his eyes. He angrily dropped his bag. "Then explain why we are the only group that is still mentally intact while everyone else is cranky."

"The only ones I see that are cranky is us," Ohno said softly, his brows raised and pinched. "I've talked with Maru. He used to be grumpy because of the sex ban, but now he's doing alright. But whenever I see us in the dressing room, we're all on edge and waiting for our next queue for you."

Sho bit the inside of his cheeks to fight back a retort. He's noticed it too especially with the other three members. They were keeping it hiding within themselves, but Sho sensed there was tension whenever they got together in private. Sho felt he was the reason. They all want to get an extra hour with Sho. It's become an addiction for them.

The younger man rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I only meant...I don't want to see Arashi-"

"I know you meant good intentions," Ohno said, placing a hand on Sho's shoulder. "But I'm worried about you the most. I've been wondering if this business of yours isn't really about relieving us but more about...satisfying yourself."

Sho snapped his head towards Ohno with a vicious glare. "You also think that too?! Nino and Jun have said the same things to me. That I'm doing this to please myself. If that were true, then I would have just willingly gave my body to you without a price!"

"Why don't you?"

The words got stuck in Sho's throat.

Ohno had a point. Why doesn't he gave himself up for free? Was it possible that Sho believed in his own lie so he wouldn't have to face his true feelings? The price system was there because Sho hoped they would stop calling him thus having their moments together more intimate, but instead it led them on like hungry dogs. Now, Sho was stuck. If he continues on with his secret sex business, he could damage the group even more. But if he stops, the recovering process will take even longer for them. And seeing as the other Johnny employees have settled down with the sex ban, everyone will suspect when they see Arashi looking grumpy and cranky again. Soon, they'll be sent to their boss and possibly lose their jobs.

The one thing that Sho tried to prevent could be upon them because of Sho's actions. He never meant for this to happen. He only wanted to keep his desires a secret. Why now was he realizing the trouble he's caused? Without Arashi, what would he do? The fear grew inside Sho's belly, and he felt uttered useless and small.

"What should I do then?" Sho asked, his voice low and small.

"Tell the others," Ohno said. "Tell them that the service is over, and we'll work through this together."

"But, I mean, what if I can't..." Sho fiddled with his hands, and his body seemed to shrink. "What if I want to see you guys again, and I want to-"

"Then go ahead and ask us," Ohno said, reassuringly.

"But what if I...I really start falling in love with you?"

Ohno looked hesitant for a moment. Sho felt his palms sweating. This was his first true confrontation, and the butterflies wouldn't stop fluttering in Sho's stomach. Ohno stared back at Sho with sincere eyes. "I don't know for the others, but you are my dear friend. We all have grown used to being around you, and we love you. We don't mind at all if you want to call us, but sooner or later you'll come to realize...our feelings won't be mutual."

Sho swallowed and his eyes veered away. The butterflies died away, and Sho's muscles slowly relaxed at Ohno's words. Somehow, he knew this was the only answer. What's more surprising was how calm Sho remained. Was it because he satisfied his deepest fantasy? Sho was growing tired of waking up in someone else's bed.

A small smile cracked across his face, and he let out a soft chuckle.


"...I guess I had a feeling you would say that," Sho muttered. "But I'm glad I've finally got it out. Maybe my biggest fear wasn't for you guys to be in a relationship with me but being shunned for lying to you." Sho made a small bow. "I'm sorry."

Ohno smirked. "It's okay. Be sure to tell the others about this."

"I...I will. But Ohno," Sho glanced at him with pleading eyes, "please...please let me have this one night with you." He felt his face growing warm. "I have always enjoyed my times with you, but you never called. I was really looking forward tonight because I thought...but if you really don't want to..."

Ohno swallowed hard and lowered his head. "Will you promise me that you'll stop your sex business after this?"

Sho nodded. "Yes, I promise."

"...okay then," Ohno breathed. "One last time...but the canvas-"

"I know you mean for it as a gift," Sho nodded, "but if this will be my last night, I want to see this as my last job. Please let me take the portrait as my payment."

Ohno made a disapproving look, but his brow softened when Sho didn't let up. "Alright...I'll take you service."

Sho leaned forward eagerly and kissed Ohno's mouth. The older man cupped Sho's face and pulled his body closer, rubbing and grinding against Sho's body. Even though Ohno was against his prostitute business, Sho was grateful that Ohno wouldn't give a halfhearted performance. When their clothes littered the ground, Ohno laid down on his couch and pulled Sho on top of him. Sho's lips pressed and trailed along Ohno's neck and down his chest.

"I...I do have a request," Ohno uttered.

Sho looked up with keen eyes. "Sure. What is it?"

Ohno's cheeks turned pink. "I...I want you to do me this time."

Sho blushed harder. "W-what? You want me to..."

"Fuck me, yes."

"But...I'm the supplier here."

"And I'm the customer," Ohno insisted. "If this is my last time to see you as a prostitute, then this is what I want." Ohno's neck muscles twitched. "And because...I'm kinda curious how it feels."

For weeks, Sho had been the receiving end. He had been the dominant partner for Nino on some special occasions, but he never took on the role with the other members. Ohno had always been the giver for all three of their sessions. Sho smiled softly and went back to kissing Ohno again. They pulled apart with a wet sucking noise, and Ohno wiggled his way down the couch.

"Go up more," Ohno said.

Realizing what Ohno was asking, Sho moved his body until his sack dangled just above Ohno's face. Sho grabbed onto the couch and lowered himself down. A warm wet tongue touched Sho, and he later felt lips consume him. Sho started pumping himself as he watched Ohno below suckling up on Sho's balls. The heat began rising inside Sho again, and he pumped faster while Ohno drew in longer.

Finally, Sho started leaking out and Ohno opened his mouth wider. Sho pointed in the direction of the man's tongue and pumped himself. He missed a few times and it instead landed on Ohno's face, but the customer didn't seem to mind. Sho rotated himself around and laid his body across Ohno's. He could feel Ohno's tongue along his length, and Sho took hold Ohno's erection and swallowed him as well. Sho rolled his hips up and down into Ohno's mouth while deep-throating Ohno himself. Sho felt his body growing hot, and he held onto Ohno's thighs to keep him steady.

Ohno let out a loud groan and released inside Sho's mouth. Mixed with his saliva, Sho bobbed his head up and down, covering Ohno's length. Sho pulled out and reached for the lube that Ohno likes to hide under the cushions. While still laying on top of Ohno, Sho slowly inserted his finger inside Ohno's hole and curled around. Ohno hissed and pivot his hips upward. After Sho spread a good amount of lube, he switched places with Ohno.

Sho uttered in a gruff voice. "Lay your back on my chest."

There wasn't much room on the couch as they would on a bed, but Sho planted his foot on the floor to steady himself. Ohno laid back against Sho's chest and lifted his legs up. Ohno helped guided Sho inside and cursed out loud. Ohno began slow circles until his heavy breathing settled down. Gradually, Sho began thrusting his hips upward into Ohno. The couch creaked loudly under them, but Ohno's gasps and pants were louder.

Ohno's weight on top of him didn't bother Sho; Ohno was surprisingly light. It was the constant slipping out that was making Sho feel frustrated. But Ohno always reached down and redirected Sho back inside.

"Faster," Ohno gasped.

Sho complied, but this time he was determined not to break the pattern. Sho reached up and grabbed behind Ohno's knees. Ohno held onto the back of the couch as they got into a better position, and Sho plunged in deeper. His hips bounced up against Ohno. They were a mix of moans, couch creaking, and skin slapping against each other.

He could feel himself reaching his climax, but Sho slow down sucked in his lips. He didn't want this to end just yet. If this was going to be his last time with Ohno, then Sho wanted to make every minute count. Sensing his hesitation, Ohno pulled Sho out so he could turn to face him, and Ohno eased himself back down. Ohno leaned in close until their chest were barely touching. Their hot breaths covered each other's faces. Sho was astonished to see Ohno keep such a simple expression: bed eyes, slight pink on his cheeks, and parted lips. While Sho felt awkward and ungraceful with his mouth still gaping open, burning red face, and wide eyes. Ohno held his face and rolled himself into Sho's hips.

"Riida," Sho moaned, his brows raised high.

Sho resumed back to pushing inside. Ohno scrunched his brow even tighter, and Sho reached around to grab Ohno's muscular thighs. He didn't hold anything back and plunged deeper and faster. Ohno clenched his teeth and groaned even louder. Sho craned his neck out and took Ohno's lips. Ohno's hands combed through Sho's hair, and he would sigh into the kiss as Sho thrust inside. Sho felt warmth spread throughout his entire body, and his cries became louder as his muscles grew tense.

Ohno let out another loud cry as Sho pushed in and stayed before releasing inside him. Sho's labored breathing slowly subsided, and his legs were practically jelly. He pulled out his harden erection and watched it fold down softly as they both relaxed. Ohno rolled over and rested his head at the crook of Sho's neck. Sho could feel a wet stickiness on his chest from Ohno's ejaculation, but he didn't care. They laid there for a few minutes, caressing and holding each other. The long silence was awkward but bittersweet.

"Tonight...was my graduation," Sho spoke at last. "My secret show business is no more."


**Customer Aiba**

The next day, Sho remained silent more than he normally does in the dressing room. Ohno didn't brought up the subject, and Sho appreciated his courtesy. He'll eventually have to tell the others about his cancellation, but the atmosphere wasn't right. Nino sat at the table with his eyes glued to his handheld console and cursing frequently under his breath. Jun was trying to read his new drama script, but Sho spotted the man throwing mean glares at Nino's grumblings. Aiba was tapping his pen on his schedule while waiting for his food to come.

It wasn't the right time.

Their VS Arashi recording felt like a nightmare. The plus comedian guests didn't help but ignite Nino's irritation. Sho and the others did their absolute best to come off as light-hearted and forgiving. Nino also tried to play along with his role, but Sho could tell Nino blew off more steam than usual. Even Jun cut off here and there with harsh remarks—at least the comedians showed they didn't mind during standby. Hopefully, the staff will think it's just the comedians fault for making them lose and getting them cranky, but Sho saw his manager behind the cameras watching them with scrutiny eyes.

After a crushing defeat, they headed back to their dressing room and sat in utter silence. Sho glanced at Ohno who gave him a subtle nod and pointing with his bottom lip towards the others.

"Hurry up and say it already," Ohno meant to say.

But the door opened and their manager walked in. "Rough day?"

Sho gazed back at his members and they all made grimacing faces as their answer.

"Well, how about we blow it off at a karaoke?" The manager grinned, trying to lift the mood. "When was the last time we went out to sing our hearts out?"

"All our career life," Nino retorted.

The manager placed his hands on his hips. "Come on now. Why the slump faces? What's gotten into you?"

Sho's heartbeat accelerated slightly, and he cleared his throat. "Maybe karaoke night wouldn't be such a bad idea."

Jun made a face. "I don't really feel like-"

"I'll call the other guys to come over!" The manager blurted out and started dialing on his smartphone. "It'll be great!"

After an hour, everyone included three more managers arrived at a private karaoke joint and ordered beer. Sho sat between Ohno and Aiba in the slightly cramped, enclosed room. The lights dimmed to a blue hue, but whenever a song played, the ceiling lights beat with the music in different colors. The table was wide but it soon became messy with beer cans, sake bottles, glass cups, and trays of snacks.

The four managers were the quickest to get drunk. Soon after, Ohno and Aiba got drunk fast while Sho sat in the middle trying to control himself, but he felt a slight buzz. Jun and Nino looked like they wanted to control their alcohol consumption, but soon their faces were just as red. Eventually everyone was in a merry mood, and no one mentioned the awkwardness that happened at work.

"Jun! Jun! Jun! Sing this next one!" Aiba pestered, handing the mic.

The now drunken man reached for the mic with a silly grin on his face, selected a song, and started singing. Aiba held onto Sho's knee to ease himself down, but his hand slid across Sho's inner thigh and landed dangerously close to his groin. Aiba withdrew his hand away before anyone noticed, but everyone focused on Jun's singing score. Sho glanced at Aiba and saw a quick wink.

Sho reached for his beer and drank deeply.

"Whoa! High score!" Jun cheered.

"Me next!" Nino jumped up and grabbed the mic from Jun's hand. "This one is for Satoshi!"

Aiba stood up.

"Where are you going!?" Nino slurred with the mic to his lips.

"I'm just going to the bathroom," Aiba waved his hand at him and left the room.

But as Nino started singing, Sho felt his phone vibrate from his pocket. It was a text from Aiba.

"Pretend you have to make a call and come here."

Sho felt his heart pounding in his ear. Why was Aiba calling him now?! Their managers were with them. Even if they were drunk, it would not stop them from suspecting. But at the same time, meeting Aiba in private would be the best chance to tell him the news. Sho brought the phone to his ear and covered his mouth. As he stood up, everyone cleared his way and allowed him to exit the room without question.

Outside, the room felt a lot cooler and quieter. Sho was able to clear his head even for a little. He could still hear Nino belting it out from the hall. Sho made his way to the nearest bathroom, hoping it was the one Aiba went too.

There were only four stalls and one large handicap-sized stall. Sho took his chances and opened the handicap one. A strong pair of hands pulled his collar and hot lips crashed onto Sho's lips. With a daft hand, Aiba closed the door behind him and locked it. Sho fumbled a bit when Aiba pulled him even closer; his hand ravaged through Sho's hair.

"A-Aiba!" Sho tried to speak. "Aiba, wait-"

But Aiba's tongue pushed its way inside Sho's mouth, making him groan and his heart pounding. Sho's back pressed against the tiled wall, and Aiba's hand quickly unbuckled Sho's belt before reaching under his briefs and groping him tightly. Sho's breath hitched, and he responded back with a small bite at Aiba's full bottom lip. He could taste a faint bitterness on Aiba's tongue, and Aiba's breath smell of alcohol and peanuts. But Sho drank it all in.

Fuck it. What's one quick bang gonna hurt?

Their jaws moved as they kissed and stole each other's gasps. Sho pushed his waistband down his hips and pulled his right leg out from his pants. Aiba hooked his arm under Sho's knee for support. Sho stared down Aiba's nose as the drunk man wetted his fingers before pushing in the first index into Sho's rim. He grasped his hands tightly onto Aiba's shoulders. Sho scrunched his face and tried with all his might not to moan out loud. They were in a public bathroom and any loud noise they made would echo loudly. Anyone could walk in and hear them even if it was well past midnight.

When Aiba pushed a second finger, it had dried up a bit. Sho tossed his head back until it banged against the wall. His head was spinning from the impact, but Aiba pressed his body closer and held him up. With his neck exposed, Sho felt Aiba's lips suckled down and leaving marks. His fingers curled and scissored until Sho was ready.

"Now," Sho panted. "Do it now. Before someone comes in."

Aiba withdrew his fingers out and quickly unzipped his pants. Sho stared down and saw Aiba's briefs already tented until the man pulled out his erection. Sho reached down and guided Aiba to his entrance, but Aiba wasn't taking it slow. The man slammed his way inside that Sho couldn't suppress his grunt. He dug his nails into Aiba's shoulders, and Aiba started pumping fast inside him.

Sho pulled Aiba's head for another kiss, but his lips curled into a snare every time Aiba pushed deeper. "Aiba!"

They heard footsteps.

Sho froze with wide fearful eyes. Aiba slid out, and they both waited with tense muscles. Someone walked into the bathroom and stopped to take a piss in the urinals. Sho held his breath and hoped it wasn't the manager. The man outside didn't even peed for long, yet Sho knew the man was only standing and taking his sweet time to shake off. Aiba's arm holding Sho's leg began twitching, but they still didn't make a sound.

Finally, the man flushed, and they heard the sounds of the water faucet running. A hand blow dryer went off and continued to make loud noises as the person's footsteps echoed away. When the machine turned off, they still held their breaths until Aiba lowered Sho's leg down.

"That was close," Aiba whispered with a grin.

Sho smirked but it faded away. Somehow the sudden heat and passion from earlier quickly vanished.

"We should get back," Sho muttered. "The others will suspect us."

"...why don't we just leave this place now?" Aiba asked. "Text to them saying I got sick and you're taking me home."

"Are you sure they won't-"

"Ohno, Jun, and Nino will cover for us," Aiba said reassuringly. "Besides, I want us to go to my place."

Sho did wanted to leave early. He pulled his clothes back on and called a taxi. While they drove away, Sho texted to his managers explained that he found Aiba sick in the bathroom. He also made a quick text to Ohno saying that he was going to tell them the truth one by one. It would be easier for Sho to tackle the situation one person at a time. If he faced everyone at the same time, their reactions might overwhelmed Sho. He'll eventually get to Jun and Nino, but tonight Sho will focus on Aiba.

When they entered Aiba's living room, neither of them bothered to turn on the lights. It was early in the morning, but Aiba already pulled his shirt off.

"Aiba, wait a minute."

"What's wrong?" Aiba frowned slightly, but then his mouth gaped open. "Oh, that's right! I forgot." Aiba reached for his wallet and pulled a wad of cash. "This is all I have."

Sho's heart sank as he stared at the money offered to him. Aiba always gave more than what was required, and Sho tried to tell him that he was being too generous. Now, it only made Sho feel guilt. It has come to the point where it's a regular thing for them. Aiba didn't even call ahead of time for a schedule; he essentially stole time from the others. They could have completed their session in the bathroom if someone hadn't walked in. Ohno was right. They were not going to learn.

"I...I can't take it," Sho whispered.

"What do you mean? Is it not enough?"

"No, it's not that," Sho sighed, and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm...I'm not doing it anymore. My service. I'm quitting it."

Aiba lowered his hand slowly. His eyes were wide and his mouth partly open in shock. Sho could almost hear Aiba's words before he even spoke them. Why are you quitting now? What is Arashi going to do without you? How are we going to slate our lust?

"That's great, Sho!" Aiba smiled happily.


Aiba dropped the money and shook Sho's shoulders. "I'm so glad you decided to stop your prostitute business!"

"Y-you're not upset?" Sho asked, completely baffled.

"No! Why would I?"

Sho grasped at invisible straws to formulate his words. "I-I've been your stress reliever! We've had sex for the past three months nonstop. I was hoping you guys would stop calling me, but you guys have depended on me!"

He was surprised to see Aiba shake his head. "It wasn't like that, Sho. In fact, you have it the other way around. We were waiting for you to stop."

It was as if Sho's brain stopped working. " wanted me to stop?"

"Yes," Aiba nodded. "You were the first to bring up the idea. And we were grateful for your offer, but because it was your business, we felt like we didn't had the right to tell you to stop." Aiba held his hands up. "What I mean to say is that it's your body, and we couldn't tell you to quit unless you wanted it too."

"Why didn't you tell me before?" Sho said, his voice barely made a noise.

Aiba sucked in his breath. "I wanted to tell you, but I didn't want to upset you." Aiba gave him a shy smile. "You likes us, don't you, Sho? You like what you do with us."

"H-how..." Sho felt his face turn red. "I-I didn't meant to lie."

"It's fine, Sho," Aiba grinned, doing his drunk wave with his hands. "I wouldn't tell you to stop unless it didn't made you happy."

Sho found his voice again. "But you guys became addicted to it. You were arguing with each other more, and I felt like it's because of me."

Aiba made a sour look. "Maybe we were a bit ambitious," then Aiba's face light up, "but it's because we enjoyed it too. You are great at what you do. But if you want to stop, Sho, then we'll respect that."

The ex-prostitute let out a long and slow sigh. "If only you guys had told me how you felt sooner..."

"No, I think if you had told us your feelings first," Aiba nodded, "we would have respected your needs a lot quicker."

Aiba sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to him. Sho eased himself down close to Aiba. The light buzz in his head made Sho feel sleepy, but the words continued to roll off his tongue. "And you're really okay with it? The law is still in effect. This time I might not say yes to your calls, and it might be a long while until I feel in the mood."

"Then, I'll wait," Aiba answered. "But Sho...that doesn't mean I don't ever want to see you." Sho glanced at the man next to him. "Johnny might never lift his law, but he fails to understand we are human. Part of our needs is to be with someone either emotionally or physically. For me, I need you."

Sho couldn't hide his amusement and snorted. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh, but that was surprisingly romantic of you."

Aiba also snickered. "Yeah, I know...but it's the truth."

Sho felt Aiba's head rest on his shoulder. As soon as he closed his eyes, Aiba started snoring. Sho covered his mouth to suppress his giggling. But as he gazed down at Aiba's sweet face, Sho felt the tight knots in his stomach slowly loosen free. Sho had worried that he'll never be open with his desires, but they accepted him and respect his decisions. In the end, it wasn't the sex Sho needed. The solution was rather simple and platonic. He needed to feel reassured and to have the connection that makes humanity special, and it doesn't have to involve any sexual intercourse. If only Sho had realized it sooner.

Sho shook Aiba awake, but the man still groaned and complained. Sho lifted Aiba's arm over his shoulder and half-dragged, half-carried the drunken man to his bedroom. He flopped Aiba down on the messy bed, and Sho went to the bathroom to wash his face. When he returned, Aiba snored even louder while hugging close to wall side of the bed. Sho didn't want to sleep on the floor or the couch. So he striped his clothes off and slept next to Aiba.


He felt an arm draped over his waist, and Sho opened his eyes. Aiba faced toward Sho and held him close. The sleeping man still wore his pants from last night, but Sho enjoyed the front view of Aiba's chest and collarbone. Sho snuggled in closer, but his movements made Aiba's eyes flutter open. With his arms still wrapped around Sho, Aiba stretched his muscles and yawned before blinking down at Sho.

"Hmm? How do you get here?" Aiba droned.

Sho chuckled. "I carried your drunk ass over to your bedroom, and I wanted to sleep here."

Aiba continued to make a confused face. "Man, what happened last night?"

"You don't remember?" Sho smiled slightly. "We went to a karaoke and drank...we went to the bathroom together..."

"We did?"

Sho's smile faded. "You texted me. Then we left on a taxi and we talked."

Aiba rubbed his bed hair. His eyes were still scrunched and sleepy. "What did we talked about? Sorry, I don't remember anything."

Sho sighed. "You drank too much, didn't you?"

Aiba sat up. But in the process, he pulled the covers away to reveal Sho's naked body. Aiba made an awkward grin. "Was it that bad?"

Sho propped himself up, a little annoyed. "No, we didn't do anything last night," Sho rolled his eyes, "well...maybe in the bathroom but-"

"Ugh, I need to freshen up. My head is killing me," Aiba moaned and crawled over Sho.

Sho slumped down in bed, his lips pouted and his brow frowned. He thought about pulling his clothes on and taking a taxi home, but Sho heard Aiba turned on the shower. Sho walked out into the hallway and saw a pair of pants littered on the floor, and the bathroom door was still open. Sho peeked inside and saw Aiba holding the shower head to his hair. When Sho pushed the door wider, Aiba glanced at his direction.

Aiba gave him a lazy smirk and beckoned with his free hand. "Come here."

Sho pinched his lips tight to hide his smile. He entered the shower, and Aiba set the shower head above them. The hot water cascade down Sho's body, and he pushed back his wet bangs. He felt a wet hand slapped him across his rear, and Sho turned to face the accuser. He held Aiba's hips and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips parted, and the water entered their mouths. Their bodies were slick and warm to the touch, and Sho clung to Aiba while sucking down on his lip.

Suddenly, Aiba nodded his head and brought his hand to his forehead. "Sorry. I'm still a little hangover."

Sho chuckled softly, and he reached for the body wash and scrub. "Here."

The older man poured the body wash on the scrub and quickly made foam. Aiba turned around as Sho massaged his back and shoulders with the body scrub. Sho reached around and lightly lathered the foam against Aiba's chest and abdomen. He lowered his hand and gently rubbed around Aiba's crotch. Sho pressed his body up against Aiba's back and dropped the scrub. Sho started fondling with Aiba's sack; his fingers ran delicately over Aiba's coarse hair until there wasn't any trace of foam.

When it was completely clean, Sho came around and sank to his knees. He made a few quick strokes with his hand before passing his tongue over Aiba's slit. He continued pressing his lips along the length and tasting as he goes towards Aiba's wet sack. Sho took one pair into his mouth, sucking it tenderly, and let it plop out his warm lips before consuming the other. He felt Aiba's long hands holding his head, and Sho wrapped his lips around Aiba's tip completely. He sucked long and hard, and Aiba let out a groan as Sho swallowed deeper.

"Go faster," Aiba said in a raspy voice.

Sho complied. The water falling over his face made it harder for him to breathe, but Sho didn't dare stop his pace. He held onto Aiba's hips even tighter and kept his eyes shut tight. Aiba let out a loud gasp and ruffled through Sho's wet hair. Sho pulled in one last time until he felt Aiba touch the back of his throat. He drew back tight with his lips, and he heard Aiba wailed out.

Something warm and salty sweet filled Sho's mouth. It dripped from his chin, but he licked over Aiba's tip as it continued to leak out. Sho wanted to glance up, but the water fell right at his face. Sensing Sho's distress, Aiba turned the shower head away and lightly brushed at Sho's cheeks. Sho finally looked up and saw Aiba's smile.

"You didn't have to," Aiba uttered while smoothing Sho's hair back in place. "I remember now. You were going to stop your business."

Sho stood back up, ignoring the ache in his knees. "I just wanted it one last time with you before I stop."

Aiba lightly slapped Sho's arm. "You are always welcome to sleep in my apartment. You didn't have to get naked."

"But I always sleep with no clothes on."

"If you keep doing that, I might fall in love with you."

"That's what I anticipated," Sho joked.

A smile spread across Aiba's face. "Then why don't we?"

Sho's heart leaped to his throat. "Huh?"

"Let's be together!" Aiba's cheeks turned pink as he continued to smile. "For me, I can't imagine not sharing a moment with you. We've already had loads of sex, but let's do something different! Let's cuddle on the couch while watching a crappy movie. Let's cook at each other's place and say what a horrible cook we are. Let's buy wine and eat fancy cheese even though we have no idea what we're doing. Let' together!"

Sho gave Aiba a quick kiss. "Then you're gonna have to explain to the other members you stole me from them."

Aiba laughed and they resumed back to regular showering. As Sho dried off, his mind wandered back to when he first thought of his secret prostitution business. He was glad he started it. The moments he shared with each of his band mates helped him realized what was most important: communication. Sho loves his band mates, but he kept it a secret for so long, and it was painful. He hoped his sex service would cover up his true feelings, but it was better to be open and honest. Ohno accepted him. Sho believed Nino and Jun will also accept his true nature soon enough. And now he's starting anew with Aiba.

Sho let out a soft sigh. With a towel wrapped around his waist, Sho walked carelessly into Aiba's living room to retrieve his bag. He checked his smartphone and noticed he had a new mail. It was from the agency.

Johnny has abolished the anti-sex law.

The End


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