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View Count

Title: View Count
By: arashiforyou
Word Count: 11k
Rating: R
Pairing: None (but some implied Sakumiya and Ohmiya)
Genre: Suspense/ Mystery
Warnings: Character deaths, violence, blood, nudity, suicide, implied sex, some ridiculous (rather quick) death scenes
Summary: Jun meets a mysterious man at a bar and signs a contract to live in a share house, but what Jun doesn't know is that he signed his life away to a death game. Now, Jun and nine other contestants must survive a cruel game that is streamed live for internet users all around the world. Their means of survival: don't lose viewers.
Author Notes: For the je_trick_or_fic event. I got this idea from the event when Pokemon was played online by everyone around the world to beat the game. That, and I watched a lot of japanese death game movies XD Enjoy!

Jun glared down at the dotted line. The contract terms looked simple enough. He'll be given rights to own a small portion of the share house complex, but he'll also be living with nine other residents. Jun side-glanced at the man sitting next to him, Kagawa Teruyuki. His beady eyes, greasy hair, and dirty gray moustache gave him a rather shrewd look. A typical business man get-up.

But Jun needed a place to stay. He was overriding with debt, and he couldn't stand sleeping in the back alleys anymore. Last night's cardboard mattress smelt of piss, and Jun didn't want to go back to it. This share house was cheaper than any motel room, and it was close by. Strange how he never heard of it...

Jun let out a defeated sigh and clicked on the mechanical pen. He scribbled his signature and handed the contract back to Kagawa.

"Pleasure doing business with you," Kagawa smirked with a raspy voice from too many cigarettes. He folded the contract neatly and tucked it inside his jacket. The business man raised his glass, and Jun followed in suit. "Cheers."

They clicked their cups, and Jun drained down the beverage. They both let out a loud groan as the alcohol burned nicely at the back of their throats. As soon as Jun placed his glass down, his eyes felt heavy. Jun tried shaking his head, but his movements were so slow. He could barely keep his head up. Jun glanced back at Kagawa who still looked perfectly fine.

"Why...why is the room growing dark?" Jun thought. "What did he do?"


Jun heard voices. He scrunched his brow before he fluttered his eyelids open as the last of the drowsiness dimmed away from his head. He sat up and saw he was in a spacious rectangular living room. Everything was metallic and gray from the floors, to the furniture, to the walls, and even the lamp shades. The front door was also made of a large slab of steel. The kitchen connected with the living room, and the hallways passed through on either side of the living room.

Jun sat on a long dark gray sofa along with nine other individuals. Some looked like they just woke up from a nap. Others looked like they were awake for a while.

"Looks like everyone is awake," one man with plump lips spoke.

A female in track pants and a dirty T-shirt rubbed her head and gazed around looking scared and confused. "Where am I? How did I get here?"

Including Jun, there were five males and five females. Jun noticed he still wore the same clothes since his meet up with Kagawa at the bar. Everything on his person seemed the same, and Jun observed the others. Judging from a few faces, they also didn't remember how they got to the metal room.

However, they all wore thick metal collars around their neck...

"Wha...what is this?" A tall man said, touching the collar.

Jun reached down and felt the metal collar around his neck as well. His first instinct was to get it off. The few that woke up also tried to find a way to remove the collars.

"There's no point," another guy spoke with a sharp voice. "They won't come off."

"What is going on?!" Another girl shouted. The panic was clear in her eyes. "I don't like this! Someone tell me what's going on right now!"

At that instant, a bright light flickered on from the wall. Jun didn't spot the giant flat screen before. Its black screen practically blended with the dark metal walls. Plus it was massive; it could be an entire wall. The monitor screen made white noise at first, but then Kagawa Teruyuki's face appeared.

"Hello and good evening!" Kagawa grinned with a loud booming voice.

Everyone stood up. The man with the sharp voice spoke up again. "What is the meaning of this?! What are these collars?"

But Kagawa ignored the man's question. "I hope you are all well rested. I also want to thank you all for signing the contract. You have all agreed to participate in a game."

"What?" Jun frowned.

A few others also spoke out their displeasure.

"I never agreed to a game!"

"I want to go home!"

"You never said anything about a game!"

"What game is he talking about?"

Kagawa's voice spoke over them again. "Allow me to explain the rules. You will live together for the next couple of days here in the share house. You will each have your own rooms, and your belongings are also with you. However, you are also being viewed live from around the world. There are cameras throughout the entire share house. Your viewers will be able to see everything."

The screen changed to a digital rotating globe. The globe showed lights shining in various countries, mostly from major cities. On the right side of the screen, a chat box popped up that displayed live comments from internet users. But the comments were appearing so fast, Jun didn't catch what they were saying. Some were in different languages. A large view counter appeared at the bottom: 1,593,237 were currently viewing them. 503,358 were participating in the chat box.

Kagawa's voice carried on. "Your objective is to make sure this viewer count does not fall to zero. If it does, there will be severe consequences. I'm sure you've all noticed the fashionable necklaces you're wearing."

Jun lightly touched his collar.

"Let's just say something bad will happen to you," Kagawa said. Jun could practically hear the man's evil grin. "If you want to keep the viewership up, you'll have to entertain the audience."

"I am not some animal to perform tricks!" Another woman shouted.

"Now, now," Kagawa said. "You might not have to be a mind-controlling circus animal so long as your views are up. However, the viewers might demand you to do something...interesting. When that happens, the viewers will pull up a petition."

Another window popped up blaring with large letters.


"Dance?" Jun read out loud.

"Let's take this for example," Kagawa explained. "If the viewers want this act to happen, they will vote so it may pass. And you must perform."

Suddenly, the vote counter for the petition became a blur until it stopped at 300.

"Each petition will have its own benchmark to meet, and the viewers will vote whom the petition is assign too."

At the bottom of the petition window, a name blinked rather hauntingly in its red lighting.

Ohno Satoshi

"Me?" The man in question spoke. "N-no...I don't want to do this."

"Aahh, that's too bad," Kagawa mocked. "If you displease the viewers, they'll have the power to put up another petition..."

Suddenly, the dance petition disappeared and a new one replaced it. Jun's heart sank the moment he read the highlighted words.

"Petition to...kill?!" Jun gawked.

"That is what we call it, yes," Kagawa said. His laughter rang against the metal walls, bouncing back in an eerie and chilling sound. "A kill petition takes a little longer to reach its benchmark. So unless you don't want your collar to activate, I suggest you dance for us, Ohno-san!"

Everyone's eyes glued to Ohno as the poor man looked flustered as well as terrified. The vote count for the kill petition started ticking up. Ohno made a grim face and finally started dancing. It was rather sad to watch; it didn't look enjoyable at all. Ohno waved his arms in a corny way, and he tried rocking his hips to an inaudible beat. The man danced for his life, and Jun could see the nervous sweat on Ohno's brow.

After a few awkward minutes, the kill petition closed out. Jun glanced up at the chat box and saw the text flying in. He was only able to spot a few familiar letters.

"Hahaha! So funny!"

"poor guy."

"what an idiot."

"He was so scared! I can't stop laughing!"

"this looks interesting."

"I like him already."

"he could have done better."

Jun felt sick to his stomach. There are people watching them being scared out of their minds and find it entertaining?! Ohno sank to his knees with his eyes watery as he suppressed a sob. It was a close call, but Jun hate to imagine what the outcome would've been if Ohno didn't do it. A kind tall woman knelt next to Ohno and rubbed his back.

"So now you know what you need to do," Kagawa spoke again. "Now let's introduce each other! Here are your profiles."

Ten pictures popped up across the top of the screen. Jun spotted his picture along with his name, age, sex, and a "like" and "dislike" rating. They were both zero but so was everyone else. Jun read through everyone's name as well.

Erika. Haruka. Keiko. Nana. Satomi. Kazunari. Masaki. Satoshi. Sho.

"Everyone starts off fresh," Kagawa continued. "Just so you know, the more the viewers like you, the less likely you'll get a kill petition. Quite useful, no?"

"Stop messing around!" The girl named Erika shouted. "Why do I have to play a death game?! I don't want to! This is insane!"

"If you want to win, you must survive through the game," Kagawa advised. "And to do that, you must keep the viewership up. If you win, you will be granted...100 million yen!"

There was a stillness in the air as everyone quietly drew in their breaths. A hundred million?! That's more than enough to pay off Jun's debt as well as live a luxurious life! If he could just make it through this crazy game, he might be able to snag that prize money. He'll just have to be an entertainer. How hard could that be?

"Oh, I forgot one important detail," Kagawa said. "You cannot reach out to the outside world. You are essentially on your own in the share house. Rest assure, you will be provided with food and water. That front door is your only way out, and it will not open until the game is over. Focus more on increasing that viewer count. I leave the rest to you. Good luck, and may the best man or woman win!"

A loud click sounded throughout the room. Kagawa's voice may have disappeared, but the large screen on the wall continued to blare its view counts, profile status, and endless streams of comments

Jun glanced back at the others and noted they were also just as dazed and terrified as him. All except for one man who started chuckling.

"What are you laughing at?" The woman named Keiko sneered at him. "Can't you see we're in a serious problem here?! Our necks are on the line..." she glanced up at the profiles, "...Kazunari?"

The giggling man only waved his hand at her. "I'm laughing because of all of your faces. By the way, the name is Nino. Only my mother may call me Kazunari."

"This is still no laughing matter," the man named Sho spoke again. "We should...we should work together and find a way out."

But Jun shook his head at Sho. "Kagawa said the only way out is through that front door. Maybe if we survive through this, we'll all make it out alright."

"You saw how fickle the audience were," Nana said. She was the tall girl who comfort Ohno earlier. "For all we know, they'll pull another of those kill petitions and reach its voting benchmark."

They all glanced back at the monitor. There were no petitions posted, and the comments popped up at a steadier pace. The view count was still at a high number but had dropped to 1,212,467.

"Maybe they don't put up petitions all the time," Satomi said.

"Then that won't be fun," Nino teased. "The audience wants something raunchy and sizzling." Nino crossed his arms and started strolling away. "Frankly, I don't think we have to wait for a kill petition to happen."

A nervous chill trickled down Jun's neck as Nino disappeared down the hallway, most likely to check out his room. The others seemed to have the same idea, but Jun wanted to stay behind. The girl with the track pants, Haruka, ventured into the kitchen.. He continued to stare at the monitor screen as if hoping the screen would turn off. But the monitor loomed over them like an impending death screen waiting to give out their sentence. Jun's stomach gave a terrible twist as fear sunk in and stayed. Ohno was still on the floor with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Jun knelt next to Ohno.

"Are you alright?" Jun asked kindly.

Ohno swallowed hard, and his lips quivered a bit before he spoke. "I don't...I don't want to die..."

Jun glanced back at the large monitor. His emotionless profile photo stared back at him. "Neither do I."


The share house was shaped into a large figure-eight. The living room/kitchen was the largest room, and the hallways curved until they meet at the center intersection where the bathrooms were located. Their rooms were small and windowless, but Jun's backpack was there waiting for him. There was also a mini screen on his bedroom wall showing the same information in the living room's big screen. So if he had to do a petition, he could do so in the privacy of his room.

The viewers will still see him...

After two hours of unpacking and staring at the mini tablet, Jun heard a blood-curling scream from down the hall. It sounded like a woman's voice. He dropped his empty backpack and hurried out his door. Others also checked to see what caused the scream until they all met at the figure-eight intersection.

Jun gasped.

Satomi laid on the floor with a large knife sticking out from her back. The blood soaked into her pretty dress, and her eyes were wide and unblinking. She was dead

"Oh god!!" Keiko screamed. "Someone killed her!"

"N-n-now wait a minute," Aiba fumbled through his nervous voice. "Maybe it w-was accident-"

"There's a knife on her back!" Erika shouted over him. "How is that an accident?!"

There was a deafening hush in the little space. No one dared to move near Satomi's body. Jun glanced around as he tried to read everyone's faces; some looked scared while others were fidgety. Erika looked like she was ready to pounce on anyone in her defense. Keiko also gave death glares to everyone. Sho's face was terribly pale; fear had gripped him tightly. Ohno had a sorry look as he gazed down at Satomi's dead body. Nana and Haruka's eyes were wide in fear and made shifty eyes. Aiba looked he couldn't stand to look at the blood. Nino, on the other hand, seemed the most relaxed.

"Maybe someone had to do it," Nino spoke in a rather calm and steady voice. He crossed his arms and took the first step toward Satomi's body. "Remember. This is a game we have to play. To please our audience. Maybe someone had a petition posted up that told the person to kill Satomi."

Immediately, Keiko spoke up. "That can't be true because I was watching the screen in my room the whole time. There still hasn't been a petition posted yet."

Nino just pouted and shrugged. "Well, that's just one person less to share the prize money with."

Jun's mouth gaped open with completely appall and disgust. "How can you even say that?! There's a dead body, and the killer has to be one of us!"

Nino smirked at him. "That's a nice line for someone to doesn't want to be blamed, Jun. Trying to get out of this one?"

Suddenly, everyone's eyes were on him. Jun's heart started pounding fast, and a cold chill ran down his back. He quickly put his palms up in defense. "No! It wasn't me! I heard the scream from my room just like the rest of you!"

"Wait a minute," Haruka spoke up. She pushed her way through the crowd and stood at a close proximity to Satomi's body. "That...that knife was from the kitchen."

"Oh, how very clever of you," Nino rolled his eyes. "It never occurred to me that the only sharp objects in this tin box are from the kitchen."

Haruka glanced back up. "I was going to say that the last person I saw in the kitchen was you, Nino. Just an hour ago."

That wiped the smirk off Nino's face.

"Now that you mentioned it," Erika eyed at the new man in question, "your room is closest to the scene."

Nino coughed as if he was offended. "You think I did this? First of all, dear, this stab-in-the-back method is not my style."

"You're saying you've killed before?!" Aiba gasped and covered his mouth.

But Nino just chuckled as if they were having a friendly get-together and passing harmless jokes around. "No, no, that's not what I meant. I'm saying I'm not the type to use brute force."

Jun shook his head. "I still don't like how you're taking this so lightly." Nino's smile disappeared, and he side-glanced at Jun with an apathetic glare. "Can't you see how serious this is?! She's dead and not because of the collar or because of a petition...someone among us is a killer."

The pungent silence returned again. Erika and Keiko gave vicious stares at everyone, especially too each other. Aiba still had his hand covering his mouth as if to stop himself from screaming in fear. Haruka still had shocked expression. Ohno, Sho, and Nana were the only ones who haven't spoken a word yet, but they looked just as devastated. Sho seemed the most disturbed...

Suddenly, an eerily bell chime went off. Jun glanced up to see where the noise was coming from, but all he saw were metal walls. Then, Kagawa's voice rang clear throughout the metal share house.

"Attention contestants! Please report back to your rooms. Night curfew has taken into effect, and all trash will be taken away. Sweet dreams!"

Jun frowned at the word 'trash' and gave a pitied look at Satomi. Having no other choice, they left Satomi's body behind and headed back to their dorms. Jun checked his door handle, but there was no lock. Jun immediately felt exposed. The killer could come at him in his sleep. There was no way he'll get any rest. Jun rummaged through his only backpack to find the best weapon for defense. But all he had were his clothes and his plastic food canister. He didn't have any heavy objects either.

Jun glanced at the mini screen and read a few comments.

"OMG, she's dead!"


"These people are idiots! Haha!"

"Guys, I'm getting bored."

The view count was nearly 1.7 million.


Jun heard chimes ringing from the mini screen on the wall. Jun rolled to his side to know what time it was, but there was no clock in sight. He still felt tired but mostly because he couldn't sleep. He was still afraid someone would walk into his room and try to kill him. The annoying chimes wouldn't end, so Jun got up and pushed a button on the screen to make it stop.

As soon as he pushed the button, large blaring red letters appeared on the screen.



"Now?" Jun moaned.

It was a harmless petition, but Jun felt sick with fear to his stomach. It was as if the audience knew he was scared of out his wits with this mysterious murderer. But the fear of getting a kill petition was just as daunting. Jun slipped on his sweater and cracked open his door. The hallway was dark except for a few lamp shades spaced out on the ceiling. The cool lighting made the shadows on the walls seem larger and even colder. Jun hugged himself as he quietly walked down the halls.

His room was closest to the living room and kitchen, so he walked through there first. The only source of light in the massive living room was the active monitor on the wall. Its green and blue light continued to blink as new comments submitted into the chat box, and the digital globe continued to spin. The view count dropped to 849,254—the viewers probably left because the contestants were sleeping. The lights made the most ghastly shadows that Jun thought he saw a figure behind the couch. But he assumed it was his imagination.

He continued down the other hallway and passed by the other rooms. As he reached the curve, he spotted the bathrooms up ahead. Jun blinked for a few seconds until he quietly dashed towards the intersection.

Satomi's body was gone.

There was no mess left as if there never was a dead body. Jun didn't remember hearing anyone walking down the halls or dragging a body. Surely this was Kagawa's work. Jun shivered again and continued down the hall to complete his figure-eight night trek.

He finally came to another curve of the share house. It would be the exact opposite to the living room in terms of location. Then, Jun spotted someone's door slightly ajar. There was barely any light shining from inside, but Jun heard noises.

Someone inside the room let out a throaty moan and gasped.

Jun's heart leaped to his throat. He knew what those kinds of sounds meant. He carefully placed his foot down to reduce any sound. Thankfully, metal floors don't creak. Then, ever so slighty, Jun peered inside.

It was Sho's room. The man sat on his bed with his arms propped behind him and his head rolled back. Sho let out another groan, and Jun heard a wet plop as if someone pulled a lollipop from their lips. Jun immediately walked away—he still completed his petition assignment—as quietly and as fast as he could. He didn't want to see it, nor did he want to know who was blowing Sho.

But when Jun returned to his room, his eyes zeroed in on his mini screen.

"Aaahhh, he saw them! ahahhaha!"

"Dang, I wanted him to join them."

"Did you see his face? XD"

"OMG, he is so hot!!!<3"

"He was like nope nope nope! haha!"

"I want Shooo!"

"Nino is so lucky."

That night, Jun had nightmares of someone chasing him down the haunting metal corridors with Sho and Nino at the end of the hall and in bed.


There was no way to tell if the sun was up. Only the lights brightened in the rooms and in the hallways. Jun couldn't sleep a wink, but he swung his legs over his bed with a grumpy face. He grabbed a towel provided in his room and headed for the showers.

At least the bathrooms were clean, and the share house provided them grooming baskets. It included bar soaps, nail filers, tweezers. toothpaste, hair brushes, hair shears, and dental floss. When Jun finished his shower, Nino entered the bathroom with his own towel.

"Good morning, handsome," Nino greeted before turning on the hot water in his own shower stall.

Suddenly, last night's adventure came back into Jun's mind. He never saw Nino, but Jun read the comments in the chat box. Surely, the other contestants read them too. What if Jun has to perform a sex petition? Not that he doesn't like the act, but he just couldn't do it with strangers. Plus, millions of viewers watched them around the clock. Jun cringed at the thought. He rinsed his mouth of the foaming toothpaste and reached for the floss, but someone used them all up...

"Hmm?" Jun frowned and stared down at the empty box.

Nino quickly finished his shower just as Jun finished combing his hair. When he set the brush down, Jun felt Nino pinched his butt cheek. Jun flinched away and whirled around to glare back at Nino.

"Last night's view count skyrocketed after what I did," Nino smirked with a wink. "Did you see?"

"S-s-see what?" Jun trembled.

Nino raised an eyebrow. "My like ratings, of course!"

Just then, Aiba burst through the entrance. "You guys! Sho got killed!"

Jun snapped his head at Aiba before staring back at Nino with bewilderment. But Nino didn't look so surprised. Jun immediately followed Aiba out the door and down the hallway toward Sho's room. The others were there as well, but no one dared to enter the room. Jun was brave enough to look inside and gasped at the sight before him.

Sho laid on his bed with his eyelids partly opened. His leg dangled from the edge, and his arms flopped dead on his sides. There was no knife and no blood, but there was a dark red line along Sho's neck.

"What...what happened?" Jun asked.

"He was strangled," Erika answered. The missing dental floss piled at the foot of Sho's bed. Someone had wound up the floss into a tight rope.

Nino finally appeared and managed to peek over Jun's shoulder. "Aw, what a pity. I'm gonna miss that guy."

Jun was about to set on fire because of Nino's comment, but Erika was first. "It was you, wasn't it?!" She glared at Nino. "I saw the comments last night! Everyone was talking about your one-night stand with Sho. You were with him, so you killed him!"

"Didn't you hear me yesterday?" Nino sneered back. "I don't use brute force! Do these arms look like the type to strangle someone?"

"Well who else was out last night?" Erika questioned back at him. "Everyone was asleep except you two! So tell us how you really did it?"

"Everyone was asleep?" Keiko suddenly spoke up. Erika eyed back at her viciously. "Look who's talking, Miss-I-Read-The-Comments-Last-Night? I see the way you look at everyone, and I won't let you think you can outsmart me!" Suddenly, Keiko grabbed Erika's thin wrist. "Let's have a talk in the living room."

"Get your hands off me!"

Keiko dragged Erika down the hallway. The others shyly followed the two girls back to the living room, but Jun gave one last look at Sho before he left. Keiko's heels clicked loudly across the metal hallways as they arrived at the main living space. Heaving, Keiko hurled Erika onto the couch. Jun glanced up at the monitor and saw the view count was higher than before: 2,156,483. The chat box exploded with incoming comments.

"Now, tell us how you really killed Sho?" Keiko questioned Erika.

"You dumb bitch, I didn't kill him!" Erika stood up and pointed accusingly at Keiko. "You probably did it! Jealous for Nino or something?!"

Keiko slapped Erika across the face but that didn't stop Erika. Suddenly, a fight broke out between the two fierce girls. Jun wanted to stop them, but he didn't know where to step in—he didn't felt any attachment to them anyway. The two girls grabbed at each other's hair and threw flailing punches at each other.

"Stop it!" Aiba spoke up in a worried voice. "Please stop!"

"Stop?" Nino laughed. "Don't! I'm enjoying the show!"

The fight became more vicious as Keiko lost balance on her high heels and fell over. Her shoe came off and Erika quickly grabbed it. To Jun's horror, Keiko pulled out a pocket knife from inside her dress and drove it into Erika's belly. Just as Erika plunged the high heel deep into Keiko's eye.

"NO!" Nana screamed.

The two girls' arms fell limp as they laid there dead on the metal floor. Blood seeped from their bodies and trickled onto their clothes and the dark gray floor. The sudden kill shocked Jun so much that he had to hurry his way to the kitchen sink. His stomach was empty, but his mouth still tasted like bile. He glanced over his shoulder to see the view again. The shoe stuck in Keiko's eye immediately made Jun heave more.

Ohno was the only one who moved towards the bodies. He took one of the couch blankets and draped it over the dead girls' faces.

"Look at the comments," Haruka pointed out.

When Jun felt stable, he walked back to the living room and glanced up at the screen again. Aside from the comments from different languages, Jun frowned bitterly at the ones he could.

"Wow! Those bitches were crazy!"

"Serves them right!"

"Aw, man! I really liked her."

"Yeah, I wanted Keiko to win."

"This is so sick! I'm telling all my friends about this!"

"You're the ones who are sick!" Nana suddenly shouted at the monitor. "How can you sit there and watch people die?! You are all horrible people!"

But it only flared up the comments even more.

"God, what an annoying bitch."

"Let's teach her a lesson then!"

"If only she knew. Hhaha!"

"That hot guy Sho did. Too bad he's dead XD"

But Jun felt his heart stop for a millisecond. "Wait a minute. Sho knew? Sho knew what?! Did he knew who killed Satomi in the first place?"

"He never told me," Nino shrugged as if it was no big deal. "My petition was to suck him off, and he accepted it. Never said a word. He did looked spooked though. The guy was always checking the door as if he was paranoid. Maybe he did knew who killed Satomi."

'That's why he looked so nervous,' Jun thought. He did recalled Sho looking especially scared...

But then a new window popped up on the monitor.



"W-what?!" Nana gawked.

Nino whistled low. "These viewers are feisty ones."

"Nana, we can leave the room," Haruka brought up. "If the petition reaches its benchmark, we'll leave."

Suddenly, a new window popped up.


"Cancel?" Jun frowned and stared back at the chat box. "They can do that?"

"No way am I allowing this!"

"Yes, let's stop that right now!"

"Oh quit being such party poopers."

"It's just a game. Chill, people."


Nana started sobbing. Perhaps there was some hope for humanity. Wordlessly, Ohno came to her side and gently rubbed her back to comfort her in return. The two petitions competed each other for the most votes. Soon, the cancel petition was evenly matched with the strip petition. Haruka clasped her hands together in prayer while Nino crossed his arms as if he was bored. But Jun hoped the cancel one would win.

Finally, one petition blinked.


"Yes!" Haruka cheered.

Nana sank down to her knees and let out a great sob of relief.

"Ah, how boring," Nino sighed. "I'm going to eat some food now. I'd kill for a hamburger."


They were told to return to their bedrooms for a short time by an automatic Kagawa announcement. As soon as they left the living room, a great metal door slid down from the ceiling and closed off for them to enter back into the living room. Jun and the others waited for only a few minutes before the doors slid back up. When they entered the room again, Keiko and Erika's bodies were gone as well as the blood.

Jun also noticed the profile section on the monitor had changed. Satomi, Sho, Erika, and Keiko's profile pictures were darkened. Only Haruka, Nana, Aiba, Nino, Ohno, and Jun remained with their pictures shining out.

Throughout the day, it has been nothing but one nerve-wracking petition after another. Some petitions were doable: make an impersonation, sing a song, do a dance move. However, majority of the viewers were vulgar and crude. Jun was incredibly embarrassed when he got a petition to kiss Nana. After a while, the kissing petitions came in like a flood: Ohno and Haruka, Nana and Aiba, Haruka and Nana, Nino and Ohno, Jun and Nino.

The only person who was enjoying the kiss petition was Nino. He gave the most lip and tongue service, and the audience was able to see that. Jun gazed up at the "like" ratings and spotted Nino's was the most liked.

Finally after it seemed like everyone got a turn kissing each other, a new petition popped up.



Jun's heart sank.

"No!" Aiba immediately stood up. "Th-there's no way I'm going to do that!"

Nino giggled. "It doesn't say who will be his partner." He gave Aiba the bed eyes. "I volunteer."

The votes started to climb, and the chat box scrolled nonstop with comments. The votes needed for the petition was high; 500,000 votes were needed to pass. But after five minutes, the vote count was already at 368,781.

"Why isn't anyone putting up a cancel petition?!" Aiba panicked. "Please! Someone put up a cancel petition!"

"By public, does that mean...we have to watch too?" Haruka asked awkwardly.

"You've never had public sex before?" Nino asked back as if he had.

At last, the alarming red lights blinked. The petition reached its 500,000 benchmark. Jun couldn't even look at Aiba as the man went into a frenzy.

"No! Please! I can't do this!" Aiba wailed. "Kissing is one thing, but...but having sex! N-no! I won't do it!"

"Do it or that collar of yours will kill you," Nino said darkly. "They'll pull up a kill petition in no time."

Aiba glared back at Nino. "Kagawa never said these collars will kill us."

"Then why don't you find out for us," Nino replied back. "Frankly, I don't see any difference. Getting killed by the collar or be killed by someone here in this room. Just pick a fuck buddy already and get on with it."

Jun glared suspiciously at Nino, but Aiba spoke up.

"I will not have sex with anyone here," Aiba said profoundly. "This is wrong. This whole game is wrong!" Aiba glanced up and pointed at the large screen. "You people are all wrong!"

"I'm disliking him so hard."

"same here. let's teach him a lesson. lol"

"i told you we should have given him the strip petition."

"I'm getting sick of his face anyway."

"Me and my sister are watching. this is such a weird website."

"aw come on guys. aiba is hot."

A new window popped up with a new kill petition. Aiba let out a cry as he read his name in bold red letters. The vote count began ticking higher almost as fast as for the sex petition. Jun's heart started beating like crazy. The last time a kill petition was posted was when Kagawa was explaining the rules. Jun reached up and touched his permanent collar. What would the "consequences" be like...?

"There...there has to be a way out of this!" Aiba yelled frantically. He grabbed at his collar and tried desperately to remove it. "Why won't they come off?!" Aiba glanced at the closest person near him. "Ohno, help me get this off!"

Ohno looked hesitant at first, but he walked over and tried to find something on Aiba's collar. But after a few seconds he gave Aiba a sorry look and shook his head. "My hands been hurting since this morning. I can't feel anything. I'm sorry."

"Haruka?" Aiba glanced at her.

"I've tried taking them off myself last night, but nothing seems to work," she said, sympathetically.

"I'll help," Jun stood up and came around Aiba.

He closely inspected the collar to see if there were any hidden buttons on the back. Jun traced the collar around, but he couldn't see or feel even the slightest line or crease. It was just one seamlessly smooth metal collar. Suddenly, Aiba started pulling at the collar.

"Hurry!" Aiba cried. "Get this thing off-"

Sharp, tiny, pinpoint needles ejected out from inside Aiba's collar and punctured into his neck. Jun let out a yelp as Aiba's eyes widen and fell limp on the floor. The man wasn't moving, but there wasn't any blood. Jun's hands trembled, but he still reached down and hovered his hand over Aiba's nose.

He wasn't breathing.

"Oh god!" Nana screamed. "That's what they do?!"

"So we do end up dead anyway," Nino said calmly. "Well, now I know never to back down a petition. Seriously though. I told him I'd volunteer."


That night, there weren't any sex petitions posted. It seemed like the viewers were limited to one sex petition per day. Jun was grateful for this, otherwise they would all have sex with each other for every hour. There weren't any kill petitions posted either. Possibly for the same rule. But it still meant tomorrow held new possibilities...

Jun laid on his bed and stared up at his metal ceiling. It was a prison. This share house, this bedroom, the living room with the overly large monitor deciding their fate. If only Jun had read the fine print of his contract, but he clearly remembered not hearing any talk of a death game with Kagawa. If Jun made out of this, he swore he'll hunt down Kagawa...

Suddenly, Jun's door opened. He sat up quickly in defense, and Ohno entered his room.

"Hey," Ohno greeted timidly.

Jun relaxed his shoulders. "Oh, it's just you."

Ohno closed the door behind him. "What do you mean only me?"

"I thought...I thought you were Nino," Jun replied. "I...I think he's the one. Nino is the one going around the house and killing us off."

Ohno blinked a few times. " really think so?"

"He's the only one who is calm about the death scenes," Jun pointed out. "He practically said it himself. That we'll get killed by someone in this house."

"But," Ohno frowned slightly, "didn't he said he doesn't use brute force?"

"How hard is it to stab someone in the back?" Jun questioned back. "And how hard is it to strangle someone with a wade of dental floss? Nino was with Sho that night, so it had to be him." Finally, Jun glanced at Ohno questionably. "Why are you here, Ohno?"

Ohno's face turned red. "I was given a petition."

Jun's brow furrowed. "Uh oh. W-what is it?"

"I...I have to...s-s-strip naked in front of everyone tonight," Ohno muttered. "And y-you have to...look."

Jun let out a small gasp. He made a quick glance at his miniature screen and only saw the comments flashing by. From what he read, Ohno had already met with the girls.

"I can't believe he's doing it! hahaha!"

"oh god, look at that bode! <<33"

"Can't wait when he meets up with Nino!!!"

"why isn't anyone jumping on him yet?! uuuugh!!"

"what is this guy thinking? XDD"

"Fine," Jun uttered. "Just...just make it quick."

"I can't," Ohno sighed. "The petition told me to do a slowly."

Now Jun felt his face grow hot. He gulped nervously as Ohno reached up for this top shirt button. Ohno lowered his eyes and slowly undid all the buttons. He exposed his bare chest and shrugged off his shirt. Jun's brow was stuck in a deep frown as Ohno slid his hand across his chest and down to his belt.

" you have to do that?" Jun asked.

"Ah, sorry," Ohno mumbled. "I've gotten used to it."

Ohno resumed back and unzipped his jeans. Jun sucked in his breath as Ohno tucked his thumbs over the front of his briefs and slowly pulled down. Jun watched Ohno rock his hips out of the jeans until he pulled his legs out and stood completely naked. Jun glanced down once and turned his head away. He couldn't believe Ohno's erection stood now of all times. Jun blushed hard, and his heart pounded fast against his chest.

"Okay, you're done. Now put your clothes back on," Jun said rapidly.

"...I'm really sorry for this," Ohno moaned and picked his clothes up.

"It can't be helped," Jun said. "You would have died if you didn't do it."

It annoyed Jun how Ohno put his clothes back on just as slow. For a moment, Jun thought he detected loneliness on Ohno's eyes.

"Good night, Jun," Ohno said and closed the door behind him.

Jun's heart was still beating hard, and there was no way he'll be able to sleep again tonight. He laid back down and rolled on his side. Jun's curiosity eroded away at his brain until he finally sat up and glanced at his tiny monitor screen.


"hot dog, man! get it boy!"

"Shit! ohno should have gone to nino first!"

"did you see the way nino lunged at him! XDD"

"so hot. i'm jacking off to this."

"Look at him fucking biting the pillow. haha! he can't take it!"

"UNF! that groan!"

"I can't tell if Nino wanted him so bad or Ohno. haha!"

"omg yes! now nino is topping him! yes! yes!"

"Look at Ohno's face! i'm dying!"

"HAHA! Nino is like 'i'm so winning!' XD"


The view count was over three million...


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