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First Years at Hogwarts

 Title: First Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Fantasy/ Friendship/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a first year. Sho and Aiba found out that Ohno and Nino are childhood friends, and they don't like that. For some reason, Jun wants to get along with Nino. Ohno decides to come up with a plan for everyone to know the real Nino. Will it work out? Can Sho and Aiba forgive Nino?

A/N: prepare yourself for some serious pairing mess ups! examples: juntoshi x ohmiya x matsumiya X sakumiya x sakuaiba x sakumoto( all get the drift. ><


Chapter 8 - A Kiss

"This was your big plan?" Jun questioned Ohno.

"You don't like it?" Ohno pouted. "I think it's pretty ingenious," he smirked proudly.

"Ingeniously insane!" Jun exclaimed. "Why am do I have to wear this in the first place?!"

Jun wore a long brown wig, and Ohno touched up Jun with makeup he "borrowed" from a seventh year Gryffindor. Jun also wore feminine robes that was shorter than Jun's original robes. From a distances, he did looked like a girl.

"It's to get Nino's attention," Ohno explained, fixing Jun's wig on the right places. "He falls in love very easily. You're so pretty, he'll definitely fall for you."

"And why would we want that?" Jun asked, getting irritated.

"Just flirt with him a bit and try to talk with him about Sho. Then, I'll come with the real Sho, and I'll introduce him to Nino."

"That is the most lamest of all lame plans ever! I'm surprised at you Ohno!" Jun yelled.

"Come on! Girls don't yell like that," Ohno mocked. "Make your voice higher."

"Remind me why we're doing this in the first place?!"

Suddenly, Ohno's smile disappeared. He stop fiddling with Jun's wig and stared into his eyes with a very sorrowful look. Ohno sighed heavily.

"I want Nino to make friends," Ohno confessed. "I know he seems like a brat to you guys, but if you really got to know him...well, he's not so bad after all."

Jun felt slightly at ease from Ohno's explanation.

"I believe you," Jun said. "I did talked with him once. And he talked a great deal about you. If you can be friends with him...maybe I can too," Jun smiled.

"Thanks. It means a lot," Ohno said, patting Jun's shoulder.

"But I still don't understand why I have to disguised myself as a girl," Jun remarked, irritated again.

"It's just a distraction until I come with Sho," Ohno said, pushing Jun down the dungeon corridors. "Nino should be walking here around this time. I'll see you later."

"Wait! What do I say?"

"Anything. Something nice about Sho," Ohno said, retreating. "And be sure to act girly!"

And Jun was alone. He clicked his tongue in annoyance, but he'll work with Ohno. He really wants to know the real Nino as well. Jun gazed at his reflection on a window and felt a little proud of himself. The make-up Ohno "borrowed"  must have been magic makeup to make him look more feminine.

Since Jun is short for his age, he could pass as a female. He just needs to work on his voice. He tried clearing his throat but then he heard footsteps in the distances.

Jun's immediate instincts was to run and hide, but before he could reach a decision, he heard someone yell at him.

"Hey, what are you doing here?"


Jun turned and really felt like running as an older Slytherin walked towards him. He was tall and muscular. Jun recognized him from the Quidditch tryouts for Slytherin. He looked very intimidating.

"What are you doing here? Are you lost?" He asked, almost kindly. Jun was shocked, then he realized he wasn't wearing his robes with his Gryffindor insignia. They were just plain robes.

"U-ummm." Jun's voice cracked, but he forced to raise his voice. "Y-yes. I'm a first year. I've never been this deep in the dungeon."

"You're a Slytherin, aren't you?" He teased. "Haven't you learned by now?"

"U-uhhh, I forget very easily," Jun moaned, trying his best to act girly. He twirl his hair around his finger, pouting.

"That's okay," the older boy said. "How about...I take you somewhere?"

Suddenly, Jun knew he was in danger. The older boy leaned dangerous close until he grabbed Jun's shoulders. Jun tried to push him away, but the Slytherin was too strong for Jun, even if he really is a boy himself.

"You're a feisty one," the older boy smirked. "Don't worry. I'll be gentle."


"Petrificus Totalus!" Jun heard someone yell.

The older Slytherin snapped his arms to his side and fell flat on his face—unable to move. Jun stared in shock at the unmoving body that he didn't see someone grabbed his hand and ran down the corridor. Jun let the stranger lead him away from the dungeons until they were well away up three floors.

Then, Jun gasped as his rescuer turned around to face him.

"Are you okay?" Nino said, panting. Jun was speechless for a few seconds, but he found his voice.

"Y-yes." Jun squealed. Nino smiled.

"That's good."

Jun felt his face flushed. This was the first time he saw Nino smiled with kindness and not with smug. If Jun didn't know Nino was a Slytherin, he would have thought Nino had a nice smile.

"That guy is such an idiot," Nino smiled, leaning against the wall. "He doesn't even know how to hit on a girl right."

'He's...kinda cool,' Jun thought, watching Nino lazily rest his head on the wall.

"And can you believe that guy is actually the Slytherin's Quidditch Captain? I could hex myself," Nino chuckled.

'What's wrong with me?!' Jun thought, a little panicky. 'Why is my heart fluttering?!'

"Be sure you don't go down in the dungeons by yourself," Nino suggested, lightly scratching his cheek. "If you don't want to run into him again. Make sure you have your friends with you."

'Is this why Ohno is friends with him?' Jun wondered.

"What's wrong? Say something," Nino half smiled. "Why are staring at me like that?"

Jun wasn't sure what ran through his head either. Maybe he blamed the magic makeup for making him feminine, or maybe he blamed Nino for looking so cool. Whatever it was, Jun realized that Nino stood only a foot away. Nino's eyes looked soft, and Jun felt his face burning again.

Suddenly, Nino reached out his hand and touched Jun's wig.


But too late. Nino yanked the wig off and stared hard at Jun. He couldn't even bring himself to look back at Nino who was towering over him. Nino pulled out his wand and lightly flicked it—lifting the makeup away from Jun's face.

"Is this a habit of yours?" Nino asked coolly. "Dressing up as a girl?"

"N-no! I-"

"I'll let you know a little secret," Nino whispered, leaning in real close. His face looked angry. "I'm actually bi."

Suddenly, Nino crashed his lips onto Jun, surprising him beyond measure. He tried to push him away, but Nino suddenly had his arms securely around Jun—not releasing him for a minute. Jun suddenly wished he was dealing with the older Slytherin down in the dungeon.

'H-he's bad,' Jun thought, slowly relaxing.


Nino snapped away and glanced up the stairs. There was Ohno and Sho staring in total shock. Ohno had a more confused and hurt look while Sho had a more completely horrified look.


But Ohno turned around and ran away.

"Ohno, wait!" Nino dashed up the stairs and ran after Ohno. Jun sat on the floor—still in shock of what happened.

"Matsumoto..." Sho approached. "W-what was that?"

"I like to know too," Jun mumbled.

*          *           *

Jun could barely pay attention in Potions class. He constantly glanced over at the Slytherin table, but Nino stared right back at him. Ohno didn't say a word to Jun all day, and Sho looks back and forth between the two tables.

Jun was so self-conscious during class, he accidentally poured Koi Fish Eggs into his Anti-Cough Potion, causing an explosion of purple juice all over him. As well as Ohno and Nishikido who sat next to him.

Professor Naruse was there in front of Jun when the smoke cleared.

"Even a Squib knows not to add Koi Fish Eggs in anything but Anti-Cough Potions," Naruse sneered. "Twenty-five points from Gryffindor."

Jun just glared up at his Professor.

"And clean up this mess immediately. Or it'll be another thirty points for lack of responsibility..." Naruse glanced down at Ohno, half covered in purple glue, before he walked back to his desk.

"Are you okay, Matsumoto?" Nishikido Ryo asked, immediately helping Jun cleaning the mess. "You seem kinda out of it today."

"Y-yeah..." Jun mumbled, glancing again at Nino, not surprised to see him staring back.

He looked away for the rest of the class.

Ohno continued being silent all day, even through Transfiguration with duel class with Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Sho, Aiba, Jun and Ohno sat together in the very back of the class, but Ohno rested his head on the table and stared off somewhere else. Sho had already filled in what happened with Aiba, but luckily they didn't say anything to anyone else.

"I just don't get it," Aiba whispered as Professor Domyouji lectured. "He finds out you were a boy, and...well-"

"He said it himself...he's gay...bisexual really," Jun grunted, embarrassed that he had to tell the same thing to Aiba over and over.

"But then that means...Ohno knows," Aiba suggested. Jun felt a twitch in his brow.

"You don't think..." Sho wondered off. The three boys glanced at Ohno who still had a dreaming face.

"You can't know for sure that Ohno is...well, gay," Aiba whispered. "So what if Nino is gay. That doesn't mean Ohno is too."

"I don't know," Jun said, rubbing his chin. "They do seem pretty close." He remembered when he first saw them together in the third floor corridor practicing UtaMahou.

"Okay, look," Aiba cut in. "There's nothing wrong with being gay."

"Unless you're a guy and a gay guy comes up and kiss you and you're not into that," Sho replied, then glanced over a Jun. "You weren't...right?"

"U-uh. Of course, I didn't like it!" Jun defended himself, but his voice was too loud.

"What is it that you don't like, Matsumoto?" Professor Domyouji glared from the front of the class. "If you boys are done babbling, then perhaps you would like to be assigned three extra scrolls of the properties to transfigure flavored beverages into water for homework."

*      *     *

"Look, Ohno. I just want to know what's your relationship with Nino," Jun repeated.

They sat alone in the Gryffindor common room. It started out as a normal evening with them doing their extra Transfiguration homework, but Jun got irritated of the silence. They used to work together and laugh while studying, but now Ohno seemed to barely talk with him.

"What you saw was not what you think," Jun said, getting serious. "He surprised me. I didn't know!"

"I know," Ohno mumbled.

"So what is it?" Jun said, dropping his quill down in frustration. "Are you mad at me?"

"No. I'm not mad," Ohno mumbled.

"Then what is it? You're acting like you're...jealous," Jun said. Ohno suddenly packed his things into his bag.

"I need some time alone," he said quietly and walked out the common room.

'What is with him?' Jun thought. 'It's not my fault Nino came on to me'

Jun decided he would find Sho and Aiba to help him out with the situation, and he left the common room as well. It was past dinner hour, so there wasn't many students wondering in the corridors until curfew hits. Jun walked around the floors where Ravenclaws hang out—hoping to find Sho.

Jun walked briskly around the corner when he bumped into someone.


"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Jun replied, as rolls of parchment spilled on the floor. Jun's natural instinct was to pick them up. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine," said a female. Jun was too busy picking up the scrolls, he didn't look up.

"I'm sorry. I acted like I didn't care if I was in anyone's way."

"I'm sure you were going somewhere very important," she replied. Jun lightly chuckled.

"Not really," he said, and he finally looked up.

It was Inoue Mao. Jun sees her in Charms, Potions, and Transfiguration. He often sees her talking with Sho or Ikuta Toma, but he hardly been this close to her in person. He knew from a distance she looked cute, but being this close he realized she was very pretty.

"U-uh," she mumbled, looking uncomfortable by Jun's stare. "Thanks for your help."

She quickly turned away and Jun swore he saw a distinctive blush on her face. With a smirk he continued to walk down the corridor until he saw Aiba waving at him.

"Hey, Matsujun!" Aiba called.

"It's Matsumoto."

"Whatever. You know you like it," Aiba smiled. "Anyway, have you seen Sho? He said we were gonna do that Transfiguration homework together, but I can't find him. I want to prove it to him you can change any beverage into water with just using a Magic Water Filter."

"I actually wanted to find you two," Jun said, as they walked down the corridors. "I wanted to talk about Ohno."

"I figure you would. It's like he's ignoring you," Aiba nodded. "And not only that, but I-"

"Wait!" Jun hissed. "Do you hear that?"


But Jun already knew what it was, and he was feeling the symptoms ever so slightly.

"Quick! Cover your ears. It's UtaMahou again!" Jun said, as they both covered their ears. "It could be Ohno again. We have to find him."

Even though they have their ears covered shut, they could still hear a faint sound coming down the hall. Jun and Aiba raced down the corridor to find the source of the UtaMahou. Even with their ears covered, it wasn't doing much help.

" me sweet..."

"Look! There's Sho!" Aiba yelled through the UtaMahou.

All the way at the other end of the corridor, there was Sho who was obviously under the influence of the UtaMahou. He looked like he was in a faraway place, and he didn't even noticed Aiba or Jun at the other end of the hall. He lazily turned around and leaned his back on the wall.

"Ah!" Jun exclaimed.

Suddenly Ohno appeared too, also under the spell of the UtaMahou. Whatever the song was, it made Ohno and Sho acting very funny.

Then, Jun and Aiba watched as Ohno slowly approached the drowsy Sho. They leaned in so close, they almost looked like lovers. And then...

"Ah!" Both Aiba and Jun gasped as Ohno and Sho both kissed passionately.

so it begins!! XDDD
i'm so sorry it took me this long    m(_ _)m
the pairings have only just begun! ^^

To Chapter 9 -


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