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First Years at Hogwarts

 Title: First Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Fantasy/ Friendship/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a first year at Hogwarts. It turns out Nino is bisexual and kissed Jun, and Ohno saw it all! Now, Ohno is ignoring Jun. So our frustrated Jun tries to befriend with Ohno again, but as he wonders the hallways, he find Sho and Ohno lock lips. What's gotta in to them? What will the others think? What will Jun do?

A/N: i don't want to stray away from the magical world of Hogwarts...but this is an arashi fanfic! you all come here to read the arashi rabu! so what should i do?! add more Hogwarts feeling?! or focus more on the hot arashi rabu rabu goods! XD
...i can here you yelling "ARASHI RABU RABU GOODS!!"


Chapter 9 - He Said This. He Did That.

"Hey, Sho!" Aiba yelled. But nothing was getting through.

The UtaMahou that hypnotized Ohno and Sho was overpowering, and Jun started to feel the effects of the song too even with his ears covered shut.

"We have to find the source!" Jun said to Aiba, and they walked further down the hall.

He tried to ignore the uncomfortable sight of Ohno and Sho eating each other's faces, but his eyes kept darting towards them. He felt something burning inside that made him feel awkward. Jun also didn't like the way Sho touched and practically caressed Ohno like he was the love of his life.

Finally, Jun found a classroom door slightly open and kicked it. The UtaMahou stopped as Jun stared in shock at the surprised student inside.

"Oguri Shun?!" Jun gasped in shock.

"E-eh?! You heard me?!" He said, completely surprised.

"You were lucky I had my ears covered," Jun said.

"No one else was listening, right?" Shun looked worried as he quickly left the room to see his damage.


Jun followed Shun out the door, hoping that Ohno and Sho had snapped out of their spell. Luckily, Ohno and Sho weren't holding each other. They sat on the floor completely at a daze and staring at each other like they were strangers. Ohno lightly touched his lips.

"Were you guys here the whole time?" Shun asked. Ohno and Sho looked up at the prefect like lost children.

"Uuhhh," Ohno mumbled, then he saw Jun was right behind Shun.

Ohno's face turn red in a second. He quickly stood up and walked away as Jun watched him disappear. Aiba knelt down next to Sho who still looked confused about what happened. Sho touched his lips as well.

"I'm so sorry!" Shun rambled on. "I should have checked to make sure the door was closed. Or maybe I should have sang in the dungeon. Well, I'm not really good at UtaMahou anyway. I just take it because it's a requirement to understand Act-"

"Where did Ohno go?" Sho asked.

"He just walked away," Jun replied. Aiba looked more worried for his childhood friend and helped Sho get back on his feet, but Sho looked like he didn't noticed Aiba's presence.

"Come on, Sho," Aiba reassured him. "Let's head over to the library and rest a bit."

Jun watched Aiba wrapped his arm around Sho's droopy shoulders. Jun felt extremely uncomfortable at what he saw earlier. Ohno is Jun's first wizard friend, and Sho is like an older brother. He couldn't help but feel betrayed and a slight hint of jealousy.

'Jealous?' Jun jolted. He thought deeply until he realized...

'Who am I jealous at?'

*            *            *

Jun watched Sho eating at breakfast the next morning. Sho acted his usual self with his Ravenclaw friends with Ikuta Toma and Inoue Mao laughing with him. Aiba would look back at Sho from his table and then back at Ohno and Jun before shrugging his shoulders.

It was extremely awkward during Charms and Transfigurations that day. Since the school was already four months into the school term, the students already had their own spots to sit, so the four of them had to sit next to each other as Sho, Jun, Aiba, and Ohno.

They sat in the library quietly, but Jun and Aiba tried to get them back to normal terms.

"H-hey, Sho," Jun cracked a smile. "I don't understand this assignment. Can you help me?"

Sho just glanced down at Jun's scroll and pointed at a short paragraph.

"That's wrong," he said bluntly.

But Jun saw Sho quickly glanced up to peek at Ohno, and then went back to his homework. Aiba tried his best as well as he nudged Ohno.

"Ne, Ohno." Aiba said. "You want to go to the lake and try fishing with our wands? I wanted to experiment which Bertie Bot's Every Flavor Beans is a good lure."

"Hmmm," Ohno mumbled.

Finally, Aiba snapped.

"Mou! I can't take this anymore!" Aiba yelled.

"Be quiet!" The librarian yelled back. "You four. Out! NOW!!"

The four of them started to pack their things. Both Sho and Ohno looked irritated.

"Great," Sho grunted when they were outside, but Aiba wasn't finished with what he started.

"I'm tired of you two ignoring each other!" Aiba continued. Jun joined Aiba's side. "It was an accident! You two just happened to be there at the same time, and who would have thought that Oguri Shun would sing a love song."

Sho and Ohno side glanced at each other, blushed, and then looked away. Aiba sighed and calmed his voice down.

"Look, I know it is....embarrassing to think about it, but you guys didn't mean too," Aiba said. "Now come on! Grow up!"

"Yeah!" Jun nodded. "It could have been worse! Think about that."

However, that got both Sho and Ohno annoyed and they walked away in different direction. Aiba rolled his eyes at Jun who rubbed the back of his head in shame.

"That didn't came out right, huh," Jun smirked, but Aiba lightly smacked his head.

"Idiot! We'll never get them forget at this rate," Aiba sighed.

"I'll go talk to Ohno again," Jun said, and followed Ohno while Aiba chased after Sho.

Jun figured that Ohno might hang out at the Gryffindor common room, but then he thought it was best to give Ohno some space until he could talk to him. The situation was getting complicated, and it all started because Ohno wanted Nino to be friends with them.

If Nino hadn't surprised Jun with that kiss, then Ohno wouldn't have witnessed it. And that wouldn't have led to Ohno ignoring Nino and Jun for some reason. Why would Ohno avoid Jun?

And because Jun wants to confront Ohno, instead he found Ohno and Sho in a trance with UtaMahou. Now Ohno is ignoring Sho, Jun, and Nino.

"Aaaargh!!" Jun screamed in frustration.

"Matsumoto?" A voice called around the corner. Jun turned around and saw Ikuta Toma, surprised.


"What's wrong?" He asked, looked concerned. Jun sighed.

"It's nothing."

"That scream didn't sound like nothing," Toma said, his eyebrow raised.

Jun didn't want to involve other people in the situation. Since they never told anyone when Nino kissed Jun, it was only fair to keep this a secret too. But Jun was really lost and confused.

"How can you make someone forget something and just let it go? How can you make someone talk to you again?" Jun asked bluntly. Toma shrugged.

"I would just apologize," he said.

"I don't think there was anyone at fault," Jun said.

"Well, I don't think it's a matter of who's at fault, but because you aren't talking to each should apologize," Toma said. "After all, you're still friends, right?"

Jun felt a little at ease. That's true.

"I suppose," Jun sighed, smiling at Toma. "Thanks."

Jun noticed that Toma was sweaty and wore Quidditch attire. He nodded to Jun as he pulled out a water bottle from his bag. Jun figured that  Toma was an athletic person.

"You're in the Ravenclaw Quidditch team?" Jun asked, conversationally.

"Yeah. I just came back from my practice. I'm a Chaser," Toma smiled, drinking his water again.

"Really? That's great news, Toma-kun!" Someone said behind Jun.

Toma immediately spitted his water away and choked. Horikita Maki smiled as she approached Toma.

"Ma-Ma-Maki-chan!" Toma gasped, blushing. Jun couldn't help but giggle. "Hey, how's it going?"

"I'm doing good. I didn't get into the Hufflepuff team," Horikita smiled. "But I wonder if Oguri is in the Gryffindor Team."

Toma's shoulder droop slightly.

"Ah, Oguri-san. You idolize him, ne," Toma nodded. Jun felt pity for him.

"I have go find Ohno. I'll see you at Potions, Toma," Jun interrupted. But Toma made a look that said 'Don't leave me!'

Jun looked all over the castle as much as he knows, but he still couldn't find Ohno. He decided to try going out to the castle grounds. It was a cool and calm day for winter. Jun's eyes wondered over the scenery until he spotted the lake that spreads over the far side of the school.

He walked towards the lake, and then he found Ohno sitting on the grassy edge of the lake—staring at the water. Jun walked up to Ohno and made enough noise to tell Ohno that he arrived. He sat next to Ohno who didn't move a muscle.

"It's pretty," Jun said, looking at the water. "They say there's a giant squad in there, and that the bottom goes way under the school."


"Ohno," Jun sighed. "I don't know what else to say, but...I'm sorry."


"Well, we haven't exactly talked in a long time since you saw me and know," Jun said, rubbing his neck. "And I don't truly understand your relationship with Nino, but I want you to know that you're my first wizard friend. I don't want it to be like this."

Jun waited for a long time for Ohno to speak. Finally, Jun felt Ohno patted his back and followed by a laugh. Jun was confused at first why Ohno was laughing, but he laughed as well.

The two good friends walked back towards the castle.

"What would have happened if you didn't come?" Ohno wondered openly. "You're right. It would've been worse. I could have ended up in bed with Sho."

They both roared with laughter.

"Was Sho a good kisser?" Jun joked, but Ohno made a face as if he was making a serious thought.

"His lips were very soft," he laughed as they climbed the stairs. Jun was dying of laughter.

"You looked like you enjoyed it," Jun mocked.

"Jealous?" Ohno teased.

"Maybe," Jun teased back. "I bet I could kiss Sho anytime and he would say I was better than you."

"You kissed Sakurai?" Someone spoke in front of them. Jun felt his heart dropped.

"Nino," Ohno whispered.

They were silent. Jun bit his lip and side glanced at Ohno. Both were not sure how to explain since the look on Nino's face was clear as crystal—a look of confusion and hurt.

ending here ><

hahaha! juntoshi is back, but now we still need to fix the ohmiya.
oh, you like the little toma and maki thing XDD
i did that in honor of hana kimi. hahaha

To Chapter 10


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