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Play By Heart

Title: Play By Heart
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Romance/ Drama/ Angst/ AU/ Music
Rating: R
Pairings: Sakumiya (main)/ Jun x Kiko Mizuhara/ Aiba x Yuka/ Ohno x Minami Hinase (broken)
Summary: Nino is an autistic savant and a brilliant violinist. The only hard part for him and his sister, who takes care of him, is finding a consistent and patient piano accompanist for Nino's solo performances. One day, Nino's sister finds Sakurai Sho, a man with a mysterious past but gifted in music. Together, the two musicians must learn to communicate with other, live with each other, and possible love each other.
Warnings: It's rated R for: sensual scenes (softporn), parenting struggles, sexual assault, divorce, character deaths, and mental disorders/illnesses.

Author Notes: a long chapter to make up the previous one. also, take note of the warnings once again. Enjoy!
Music reference: Mozart - Sonata for Piano and Violin in E Minor K. 304 (1st movement)

Chapter 12 - Duet

They returned back to square one. Nino wouldn't make eye contact with Sho anymore, nor would he respond back to Sho's questions. He never carried on their conversation even if it was about music, and he never stayed in the same room with Sho longer than five minutes. He even stopped doing his daily chores or learning to cook meals. The violinist even resorted to playing in his room instead of the practice studio; the rejection utterly crushed Sho's ego.

But Sho did noticed subtle hints.

Nino couldn't ignore food for long. Sho became the sole cooker of the house again. But during meals, Sho spotted Nino blushing more than usual. He took that as a good sign, and Sho tried to be more cheerful. Maybe by forgetting about the kiss, they can go back to normal talking terms.

"The charity concert is coming soon," Sho spoke up during lunch. "Have you decided what piece you're planning to perform?"

But Nino kept his eyes lowered as if he wasn't paying attention to Sho. After living with Nino for nearly a year, Sho understood Nino's body gestures more. Even though the man wasn't looking at him, Sho detected the smallest twitches that meant Nino was listening. He probably had an answer in his head but won't speak it out loud. Judging from the slight pinch on his brow, Nino knew exactly what piece to play and that it was so obvious but Sho was too stupid enough to know. Sho could practically hear Nino's smug voice in his head.

Sho waited patiently, but Nino didn't answer as the long minutes dragged on. They sat in silence, munching on their cold noodles on a hot August day.

"I really like the Chopin concerto we're working on," Sho spoke up again. "You play it beautifully. I really love the music you make."

He heard Nino swallow loudly.

Sho rested his elbows on the table and leaned closer. "Will you show me how to play on the violin?"

Suddenly, Nino got up from his seat and hurried away, but Sho didn't chase after him. He heard Nino's bedroom door close from down the hallway, and Sho let out another defeated sigh. Did he offended him? Was his attempt to flirt so poorly done that Nino had to run away? Suddenly losing his appetite as well, Sho took the dishes away before leaning on the kitchen countertop with his head sunk low.

"I wish Sachi was here," Sho moaned to himself. But the grief settled back in, and Sho covered his eyes. "I wish I could talk to Mom..."

Suddenly, the phone rang. Sho dragged his feet and picked up the receiver.

"Ninomiya's residence," Sho answered dully.


His heart stopped.

"M-mai?!" Sho pressed his back against the wall just to support his shaking knees. "Mai, did you find this number?"

" was in Mom's cellphone," his sister answered, her voice calm and timid. "D-dad asked me to call all her contacts to let them know..."

Sho finally let out his breath that he held in for so long. "Oh...that's right. I used this phone to call her once. But...I got a call from the doctor and...he told me already..."


There was an awkward silence. Sho hadn't heard from his family since his arrest. Only his mother ever bothered to visit him in prison or call him after his release. The rest of his family were ashamed of him, or Sho assumed they did. He never heard a word from his brother, his sister, or his father. Sho tried calling Shun once, but he was immediately disconnected.

And now, more than three years later by accident, he finally hears Mai's voice again.

Sho's jaw clutched slightly as he swallowed a hard lump. "It's good to hear from you."

"...yeah. You too," she uttered quietly. He heard the smallest sounds of snuffling at the other end.

"Mai, let me talk to Dad."

"H-he's not at home."

Her sniffs became louder, and Sho could feel his throat tightening. He started blinking rapidly and inhaled deeply through his mouth since his nose was burning. "I'm sorry that I wasn't there...for Mom. Please tell Dad for me."

"Sho...why did Mom put this number as Ninomiya?" Mai asked, her voice sounding a little stronger. "Are you living with someone?"

Somehow, her intonation made him feel nervous. "Y-yeah. I am...I'm living with the violinist Ninomiya Kazunari. I'm his new piano accompanist and we work together now."

It suddenly became very quiet at Mai's end, not even a single snuffle.

Worried that she might hung up on him, Sho quickened his speech. "Mai, I'm not a criminal anymore. I am not proud of what I did, and I've paid for it. I had no one else after that. Mom was the only one there for me. None of my friends stayed. You, Shun, and Dad don't even want to talk to me, but I missed you guys so much! Please let me come see you again!"

There was a definite click, and the dead ringtone echoed in his ear. Shock slammed into him hard, but it was soon replaced with anger. Sho slammed the receiver down and felt his hands shaking. His only wish was for someone to listen to him, to understand him, to want him. Now with his mother gone, no one in his family will ever talk to him again. He tried, even begged, to reach to his sister when he finally had the opportunity, but he was still rejected. Even Nino was ignoring him.

No one wanted him. The world seemed a lot lonelier, and Sho wanted to do nothing but release his boiling rage. And it sounded like a good idea.

He strolled into the living room and threw the pillows off the couch as well as flipping the coffee table. A bowl of tangerines flew off the table and clattered loudly against the wall. He picked up a tangerine and hurled it across the room. It knocked over a small flower vase, and it shattered to pieces on the floor. The loud noise snapped Sho into attention, and he sank to his knees. He gazed down at his trembling hands, and he deeply regretted his short burst of anger.

Sho heard someone gasp behind him, and he whirled around to find Nino gawking at the scene with horrified eyes. The broken vase must have called Nino to the living room. Sho saw the disapproving look in Nino's eyes, and Sho's heart sank even lower.

"Nino," Sho quickly stood up, worried he lost Nino's trust completely. "Nino, please wait-"

But the genius violinist hurried back to his room. This time Sho followed, but Nino slammed the door at Sho's face and locked it as well. Sho closed his eyes, feeling the guilt sinking deeper in his chest, and he gently pressed his forehead against Nino's door.

"Nino...I'm sorry," Sho said. "I promise I'll clean that up. I didn't mean...I didn't want you to see...if I said something to offend you, I didn't mean to. Please...don't you shut me out too."

But he didn't hear a response. Most likely Nino curled himself under the blankets again, but these doors weren't sound proof. Since their kiss, they've never talked about it. Sho's original idea was to smile it off and forget about it, but Nino was clearly still conscious around him. Then, Sho made a small attempt to flirt, but it only made Nino retreat again. Now, Nino might be scared of Sho's old temperament, and the last thing Sho wanted was for his old habits to resurface again.

The only option left for Sho was to open up honestly. The last advice he received from his mother. He'll have to tackle one issue at a time. Starting with the first problem.

"Nino, you don't have to open the door. But please hear me out." Sho took a deep quiet breath to calm his nerves. "That time when we were in the practice room, I really don't know what came over me. I was grateful for what you were trying to do. You want to cheer me up, right? No one has ever done that for me in a long time. Somehow, seeing your effort made me very happy. So much that...I wanted to..."

Sho's face was blushing. He couldn't even say the word "kiss."

"I just want you to know," Sho carried on, "that our time spent together has really changed me. I didn't even know how to cook until I started living with you. And I have learned so much within that practice room. It's much has happened. I never thought in a million years Sachi would want me to play the piano for you, but she connected me to you."

Still no sounds from Nino.

"When Sachi died, I saw how vulnerable you were," Sho continued. "I was so overwhelmed, but you needed me. I couldn't just...leave you alone! You needed me, Nino. That's why I stayed. And I think the longer I stayed...I must have-"

The doorbell rang.

Sho lifted his head up, wondering if he imagined it, but then someone knocked on the door. Sho glanced back at Nino's bedroom door, hoping the genius savant would answer him, but the door remained closed. Nino was just like the rest of them. Shutting Sho out and ignoring him. The world was indeed lonely. Sho sighed heavily before turning around and heading for the front door.

He wasn't expecting to see the man from the hospital at the door step...


Ohno frowned at him. "Are you...Sakurai Sho?"

The man blinked a few times, startled to see him, and nodded awkwardly. "Y-yes. Can I help you?"

Ohno inhaled sharply and felt his brow furrowed even deeper. Sho opened the door wider and stepped outside. The man was handsome. He was taller than Ohno, and he had a lean body. His lips were luscious, his hair was flowing, and his eyes were bright and intelligent.

So this was him. The man whom Minami cheated with. And he was living with the famous violinist Ninomiya?! The man must be rolling with money. Yet he had the gull to wear only loose jeans and a fitting white T-shirt as if to show off his pecks. No wonder Minami was attracted to him. Their small encounter at the hospital was short, but it was enough for both of them to recognize each other's faces. The more Ohno stared at him, the more he hated him. The nervous flicker seemed present in Sho's eyes, and that's when Ohno knew—this man knew who he was.

Ohno reeled his arm back and landed his fist hard against Sho's jaw.

Sho stumbled slightly from the impact. His eyes scrunched shut, and his mouth gaped open slightly slack-jawed. Ohno didn't hit hard enough, but he felt his knuckles aching from the contact. At least the man will suffer a bruise later. Sho regained his balance with his eyes cast down as if already accepted his mild punishment.

Finally, Sho glanced up and stared hard at Ohno. He almost expect Sho to throw back a punch, but instead the man bowed his head to Ohno.

Sho straightened up but kept his hard face. "Would that be all...Ohno Satoshi?"

Ohno huffed. There was no need to ask how Sho knew his name. Minami must have told him, but that didn't meant it irritated Ohno. For a split second, Ohno wondered if the man ever laughed at him with Minami in secret. Most certainly they did, but Ohno closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

When Ohno opened his eyes, his frown lessened. "There's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to come out and say it...I need you to come to the lab with me to get a DNA test."

He saw the apple of Sho's throat bobbled up and back down. "What for?"

"...Minami became pregnant back then. And I need to know of us is the father," Ohno answered sternly.

Sho slowly lost his hard look, and his expression became softer to a worried gaze. Ohno watched as the man bit his lower lip, his eyes darting back into the house, and rubbing the back of his neck.

"I-I don't...I mean, I don't think I can-"

"You don't have to do anything," Ohno quickly added. "You don't have to take responsibility over Kenta. Minami already has custody over him. I just...I need to know for myself."

Then, it became Ohno's turn to bow his head to Sho.

"Please," Ohno muttered. "Please come to the lab with me."

He only wanted to know if Kenta was his real son; the final aching thorn can finally be removed from Ohno's heart if he had this knowledge. But the times he spent with his ex-wife compare to her lover was slim to none, and so was the likelihood of Ohno being the biological father. But the circumstances differ depending on the real father. If Sho was the father, then Ohno will finally move on with his life.

But if Sho wasn't, then Ohno will fight tooth and nail to get Kenta back...

"Alright," Sho finally answered.

Ohno lifted his head up. Sho slipped on his sandals and closed the door behind him. Ohno couldn't help himself but reach out and shook Sho's hands.

"Thank you."


He hasn't heard a word from Sho since he left his door. Nino laid in his bed and let his mind wonder back to music. It was his only escape and his only safe haven. He could easily hear the music playing inside his head, and his fingers tapped against his pillow in their correct set order. First finger, third finger, second, shift position, first, second, first, fourth, shift back down, third, half-step second back, first, open, third, fourth.

After a while, Nino had to physically hear the music, so he got up from bed. Thankfully, he kept his violin in his room. If he stepped outside where Sho might be lurking around, he'll distort his concentration. Although Nino could ignore him, sometimes Sho's words gets a reaction out of him. And it messes with his music playing. He wanted to be left alone with just his violin.

Nino closed his eyes and let his bow touch the string. His room didn't have the best acoustics as the practice room, but the melody was enough to calm his mind from Sho. The notes came across Nino's mind a second earlier, and he translated them to his fingers in perfect time. Everything was precise, accurate, and carefully articulated.

Music made sense. Sho doesn't.

Then, Nino saw an image of Sho's lips behind the music notes. Nino's fingers began to flutter, and his bow arm swung faster. His heart started to beat stronger, and Nino's brow knitted in frustration. A flash of Sho's neck and collarbone appeared in his mind, and the music notes became harder to see. Nino groaned as he tried to concentrate.

But soon, images of Sho's smile and bright eyes filled his mind. The music notes disappeared, and Nino couldn't play a decent melody. It scattered everywhere. There was no music in his room. Just pointless and tuneless noise.

Nino lowered his violin and set it down in his case. He rubbed his head, trying to block out Sho from his mind. But the memory of that kiss came back, and Nino let out a discomfort moan. The sketchy music was making him disoriented, and his mind slowly became one cloud of confusion. He really liked Sho, but deep down he didn't know what these feelings meant.

Every time he's around Sho, Nino felt anxious. The music notes that normally appear in Nino's head seem to disappear. All he could see was Sho, and Nino wasn't sure if he hated it or not. When he was with Sachi, he never had this problem. Nino loved his sister, but she didn't distract him from his concentration. Things changed when Sho came into his life. Everything has become one big scramble, and Nino had a hard time sorting through it all. Without music, there was no order. With no order, he couldn't think properly. When he can't think properly, he panics and gets nervous breakdowns...

Time was hard to calculate when the music wasn't in order. Thirty minutes could have passed or even maybe two hours, but eventually his stomach started to hurt. Asking for food would mean leaving the safety of his room, and Nino didn't want to leave. Maybe Sho will deliver food at his door like before, but the pianist never came. Finally, his stomach was really hurting, so Nino unlocked his door.

The first thing he noticed was that the house was dark. Sho hasn't turned on the lights, but Nino turned on the light switch in the living room.

It was empty.

Nino didn't put much thought to the empty living space—nor the mess Sho made earlier—and headed for the kitchen. He found only three rice crackers left, and he ate them with water. He wanted to make something, but there was hardly any food in the refrigerator. Maybe Sho was in his room and will come out to cook later. But the quietness bothered Nino greatly. While ignoring the mess, he returned to the living room and began flickering through TV channels.

Then, Nino found a familiar variety program, but he frowned at it. This variety show only comes on late after Nino ate dinner. But he hasn't eaten dinner yet. Confused with the timing, Nino got up and headed down the hall. Sho's bedroom door was open and dark inside. When Nino entered and switched the lights on, the room was empty.

The house was really...too quiet...

"S-sho?" Nino called out.

He walked faster to the practice room, but there was no one. Nino hurried back to the kitchen, but it was still empty. Nino's heartbeat began to pound faster. His music notes began shaking in his head. It was nauseating, and Nino's breathing became harsh and forced. If he could just find Sho, everything will go back to order. It must!

Nino searched every room of the house, but Sho was nowhere to be found. The music notes vibrated viciously in his mind. Nino began panting as he pulled the cushions from the couch, threw his music book collection down, and upturned every chair. Sho must be here. He can't be gone like Sachi. Sho must be here!

Nino was all alone.

" Sho! SHO!"

He can't leave him! Sachi left him. Nino can't be alone. What will he do? What can he do?! He wasn't ready to be a full-fledged independent adult yet. He was hungry. He was scared. His head wouldn't stop spinning with distorted music, and his breathing became heavy and panicky.

"SHOOO!" Nino cried.

Maybe he was outside. Yes! He must be outside. And Nino bolted out the front door and down the street...


They said it'll take at least two days before results will show. Ohno promised he'll call Sho when the DNA test results came in, and if he was the real father. Sho touched his jaw where Ohno punched and felt a dull pain. Ohno never apologize for it, but Sho expected nothing less. If he wanted to, Ohno could have continued using him as a punching bag and Sho wouldn't fight back.

But in the time he spent with Ohno that afternoon, there was no threat fuming between them. They were both surprisingly calm around each other. Ohno was nothing what Sho presumed him to be. Minami had always talked about how her husband was always aloof and never around for her. Sho assumed that meant the man never cared for his wife or loved her. But almost everything Minami told Sho about Ohno was wrong. The man did had a heart and cared deeply for this boy named Kenta. Perhaps he was just like Sho. Three years ago, they were both different men...

When Sho arrived back home, he saw the front door was wide open.

Sho's heart sank at the sight and dashed inside. The house was a wreck. The practice room was completely trashed with the music CDs, books, and albums scattered across the floor. Sho ran down the hall and found the living room in even worse condition. It was as if someone torn through the place in search for something.

"Nino?" Sho called out and headed for the man's room.

But it was empty and upheaved.


He checked the other rooms, but they were also empty in a chaotic mess. Did someone break and enter? There was no sign of broken glass or a window shattered. Did Nino opened the door to a stranger and got kidnapped? Sho's heartbeat pounded harder in his chest as the fear started sinking in deeper.

Sho ran out the door and down the street. It was dark outside, but Sho kept his eyes peeled for any sign of Nino. He really wished Nino carried a cell phone with him, but that was not an option. If Sho couldn't find him, he'll have to call the police. But police officers made Sho nervous.

Sho cupped his hands around his mouth. "NINO!"

He hurried towards the nearby park.  There weren't that many people at this time of hour, so there was no one for Sho to ask if they saw someone. Then, Sho stopped running to catch his breath. He hunched over with his hands on his knees. At least there was more light here with the street lamps. Sho tried to scan the area, but only the Ferris wheel illuminated the most light.

The Ferris wheel...

"Nino..." Sho moaned, and he jogged towards the giant wheel.

The Ferris wheel was no longer in operation in the late hour, but the lights were still on display. There were more people here, and Sho tried to ask a few bystanders. No one seemed to have seen a pale man with dark hair. Sho wiped the sweat from his brow and continued his search.

Then, Sho heard the faint sound of a music box playing in the background. He turned around and saw a street performer turning the handle of a large music box that had a rather carnival-like tune. Others gathered around the entertainer to watch his partner's tap dancing, but Sho spotted one hunched-back man who focused solely on the music...

"Nino!" Sho called out.

He saw the man's head perked up and turned around. Nino gasped when he saw who called him, and Sho could have sworn he saw a joyous glint in the man's eyes. But Nino's lip trembled and started dashing towards Sho. He colliding into him with his arms wrapped tightly around Sho's neck.

Without even hesitating, Sho brought his arms around and hugged Nino back.

But Nino's grip was stronger, and the man didn't seem to have any intention of letting go. Something could have seriously happened to Nino. That fear was a small pit in his stomach now, but Sho squeezed him tighter with his brows pitched together. He brought his hand to Nino's head to hold him closer and basked in the man's warmth. His violinist was safe...

"I'm sorry, Nino," Sho uttered. "I should have told you where I was going."

"You scared me," Nino said, his voice slightly muffled.

"I didn't mean to," Sho sighed, stroking Nino's hair and gazing up at the Ferris wheel. "I went out on an errand. I didn't want to see me."

They pulled away from their embrace, but Sho held Nino's face in his hands to make sure the man faced him and saw his seriousness.

"I promise I won't do anything like that again," Sho nodded.

Nino gave him a shy smile that Sho found absolutely adorable. He placed his arms around Nino's small shoulders, and they walked back home.


Sho ordered food out since it was already too late to cook dinner. Plus, Sho was tired from all that running and panicking. Nino didn't seem to mind having sushi delivery despite the expensive price, and they ate their meal in the midst of a messy living room.

"We gotta clean this up, Nino," Sho sighed with his hands on his hips.

"I was searching for Sho," Nino said as if he was proud of himself.

Sho chuckled. "Do I look like I could fit under the couch?"

Nino waved his fingers close to his head. "Without the music, I can't think straight."

"Oh really?" Sho raised his eyebrow, not really sure what Nino meant with that. "There was no music, and you decided to trash the house. And now?"

"The music is in order."

"So let's put things in order," Sho nodded.

At least Nino didn't do massive damage. Things were easily placed back in their rightful place, and there was no need to bring out a broom or a vacuum (except for Sho's broken vase). Together, they cleaned the living room. It was the first time Sho saw Nino actually do some real cleaning, and Sho hid his small chuckle. Watching Nino's body in motion other than violin playing was interesting.

They moved on to the practice room where it took a lot more work. Because Nino was peculiar of its order, Sho followed Nino's instructions on where things needed to be placed. The higher shelves could only be reached by a step ladder, and he allowed Nino to do the honors.

"Tchaikovsky is above Bach. But Beethoven is higher because he's a higher B note," Nino explained. "Everyone else is in alphabet."

"Right," Sho nodded. He had no clue what Nino meant, but he gathered all of the Beethoven music compilations.

It was a wide stack, so Sho passed them to Nino a few at a time. Nino stood on his tiptoes to reach the highest shelf. He leaned far across to insert the first set of books. After Sho handed the next batch of music books, he went back to gather more.

He heard a loud scrap of the wooden step ladder, and Sho whirled around. Nino was on the verge of tipping over.


Sho quickly dashed forward just in time before Nino hit the floor. The step ladder collapsed onto its side, and the music scores scattered once again on the floor. Nino's face was incredible close to Sho, and they paused in their awkward stance with Nino slightly leaning forward and Sho's arms around his waist.

The butterflies came back in Sho's gut as they stood up straight. Nino's eyes didn't turn away and stared deep into Sho's gaze. How strange. Only a year ago, Sho was annoyed that he had to work with an uptight autistic man. But now he would run after him. His whole world seemed to be about this one man in front of him, and it all started in this very room.

Sho lowered his head and brought his lips against Nino. It was only a gentle press, and he inhaled Nino's scent before closing his lips around Nino's mouth again. He heard Nino let out an uncertain moan, and Sho opened his eyes. He withdrew his head away slightly. He still kept his hands on Nino's hips, but neither one of them back away any further. Their faces were only centimeters away from each other.

Nino made no sudden moves, and Sho felt his heart slightly sink with disappointment. He turned his head away, but then he felt a pair of warm lips touch the corner of his mouth. Sho quickly gazed down at Nino. His face blushed deeply, and Nino slowly brought his hands up Sho's chest and snaked around his neck.

Then, Nino glanced down at Sho's parted lips and took them for his own.

This...this was it! Nino was finally giving him a response, and he wasn't shying away. Sho inhaled sharply and pulled Nino closer. He heard Nino whimper at Sho's quick movements, but the violinist didn't back away. In fact, his tongue entered Sho's mouth. Sho groaned deeply as he felt the urge to taste more. His kisses began to trail away from Nino's lips and along the man's jaw. Sho nuzzled with his nose and pressed his lips against the crook of Nino's neck.

"S-sho..." Nino gasped.

His mind geared into an instinctive and lustful mood, a setting Sho haven't touched in years. His hands pushed up Nino's shirt and savored the soft skin under his fingertips. His thumb was about to pass over a nipple, but he stopped. Sho paused from his neck kisses and quickly pulled his hand back. He gazed down at Nino, slightly panting and feeling his face growing hot. No doubt the man looked beautiful and alluring to Sho all flustered, but he wanted to do this right. He will not make the same mistake three years ago...

"Nino," Sho gulped. "Are...are you sure you're okay with this? I...I mean, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. And I just...umm, I would never-"

"Sho," Nino silenced him. He brought his hand to cup Sho's cheek. "I...I want feel Sho's music."

He blinked. "What?"

Nino blushed even harder. "Whenever you touch me, new music plays in my head. It's nothing like the day-to-day music that I'm used to. My order. But this..." Nino lowered his eyes to Sho's chest before gazing back up. "I want to feel it...hear it...please."

If that was how Nino saw things, then Sho had no problem with it. He gently held Nino's hand and grinned back. "If I do have a certain music within me, I definitely want to share it with you...Nino."

In truth, Sho didn't know what "music" Nino was talking about. But Sho did know their physical skinship would bring about a new connection between them. The violinist could finally see his raw emotions and how much he craved for this sensation. Sho pulled Nino for another kiss and brought Nino's hips closer. He felt Nino drawing in deeply and combing through his hair, and Sho let out a small moan. His fingers gradually unbuttoned Nino's shirt, and his hands glided over Nino's bare shoulders until the shirt fell gracefully on the floor.

Sho pulled his T-shirt over his head, and their lips quickly rejoined rather feverishly after the split second of separation. Nino's chest rose and fell as he brought his hand up along Sho's bare abdomen. They broke their kiss to catch their breath, but they played and teased each other with subtle brushes of their lips. Their noses gently bumped against each other, and Sho would tug at Nino's bottom lip with his teeth. Nino's hand continued to slowly feel up Sho's chest and thumbed over Sho's nipples back and forth. The playfulness brought a smirk to Sho's lips, but he held Nino's hand and lowered it down. Their held each other's gaze—Nino was written with anticipation as well as nervousness.

Sho unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned, and unzipped his jeans. He saw Nino swallow nervously, and Sho felt hesitant.

"Nino, we don't have to do this if you feel uncomfortable," he quickly uttered. "I don't want to...disrupt your music order."

The savant violinist lowered his gaze. "No...I'm ready. me."

Sho smiled and tugged at Nino's arm. "Here...lie down next to me."

They eased themselves down on the floor, despite the littered music books and CDs everywhere, and laid on their side. Sho waited until Nino brought his hands up to Sho's chest. Nino's fingers padded around Sho's skin, feeling, massaging, and tracing along muscle lines. Sho lazily draped his arm over Nino's narrow hip, and Nino's hand trailed farther down to Sho's briefs.

He watched Nino gulped a few times and his mouth parted open with his eyes focusing only on Sho's crotch area. Finally, his hand rubbed against Sho's bulge over the underwear fabric. Sho let out a small hiss and pulled himself closer to Nino's hand. A warm sensation began building up inside Sho as Nino felt around the shape with his short hand. Sho quickly gazed up and saw Nino's parted lips and concentrated brow.

Sho reached up and smoothed his thumb over Nino's cheek. "Relax...go ahead."

But the violinist was still holding back, and Sho's craving grew stronger. It seemed like Nino had spent time with his favorite men's magazine but never knew the practice. Not wanting to wait any longer, Sho pushed down his briefs to expose himself—tucking the elastic band underneath the sack—and guided Nino's hand to touch him again. Nino's face blushed even deeper as Sho felt Nino's hand touch his bare skin.

"Pull it up..." Sho moaned, his hand over Nino's. "Yeah...yeah, like that...hold it tighter...tighter...yes, ah, yes just like that...aahh, Nino."

Sho closed his eyes and savored Nino's hand pulling up the skin of his growing erection. Sho started breathing heavier, and the warm knot was building up even stronger inside his chest. He clasped his hand over Nino's hand, indicating him to squeeze more as Sho let out another gasp.

"You''re so warm," Nino muttered.

"Come closer," Sho mumbled with hooded eyes. "I want to feel your warmth."

Sho brought his arms around Nino's waist to pull him in for another kiss, more hungrily and passionately. Nino crawled on top of him and shared back with the same intensity. He released his grip around Sho and returned back to trailing his hands over the pianist's chest. Sho slid his hands underneath Nino's sweatpants and groped at Nino's rear. The violinist let out a gasp but didn't part away. Sho continued to squeeze Nino's bottom before tucking his thumb under the waist band and pulling it down. Sho eyes trailed down to see Nino fully exposed body.

Nino's face was a bright shade of pink. "I'm...I'm not-"

Sho peeked his lips on Nino's nose and whispered. "You're beautiful."

Nino grinned back and sat up on Sho's lap.

With his eyes locked back on the man above him, Sho's hand slid down from Nino's hips and toward the man's groin. He cupped the rounded skin and watched Nino's mouth parted open in pleasure. Sho gave a tight squeeze at the violinist's erection, and Nino cringed into it. A throaty groan escaped Nino, and Sho pulled. He started slow to give Nino time to adjust. When he saw Nino's face relaxing, Sho pumped harder and faster. He never heard Nino make such noise, but it excited Sho. He wanted to expose the violinist more, feel more, and taste more.

In the ambient light of the practice room, their world reduced to just the littered music sheets, CDs of great composers, their instruments, and their bodies. Their warmth gradually build into an intense heat that Sho had never experienced before. It was so much more vibrant, moving, and meaningful. Their fingers locked together. Their moans echoed each other. Their salt trickled down their throats and lips, a sample of their first tasting. Sho could just consume Nino for hours; it was such a joy to hear the wails escape from the violinist. Nino's knitted brows remained tight, and Sho couldn't keep his mouth closed. And Sho finally heard the music escape from Nino's lips as their bodies merge.

"Sho...this...this music!" Nino cried out loud with his eyes shut tight. "Aaah!"

The pianist grunted a response. " feel so damn good...Nino!"

This was their music. It wasn't just the sighs and moans from their mouths or their bodies slapping together. Sho's heartbeat pounded in his ears. The blood rushed through his veins and warming his body. His muscles ached and the tension grew inside him, just like their music practice whenever they were reaching the climax. Sho glanced up at Nino and saw a mirrored expression gazing back. And in that moment, Sho didn't want this feeling to stop; he wanted this building crescendo to keep rising. He wanted to stay lost in the world that only Nino understood best and to wallow in it, burying deep in it. Sho wanted to keep climbing, making every part of him take a step closer to the very pinnacle of their piece.

"Sho...Aaah, Sho! SHO!"

He dug his nails into the pianist's skin. "Nino...Nino!"

Then, everything reached its peak, the final forte note, and Sho couldn't hold back. He let out a yell and released his load. Nino soon came afterwards, dripping down onto Sho's heated abdomen. Their bodies trembled in its intensity. Sho kept his eyes shut, lingering in the last few aching seconds. He could feel his neck vein pulsating. Then as quickly as it came, it vanished like a soft ending note of a musical piece. Nino lowered himself down onto Sho's chest, and he quickly went to sleep. Sho's eyes grew heavy. But with the last remaining energy left in him, he brushed aside a few bangs from Nino's forehead and wrapped his arms around the violinist's narrow shoulders. Their scent filled the room and clung onto their skin, but Sho didn't mind. Warm and content, Sho fell asleep with his precious violinist in his arms.

end of chapter

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it's rated R for softporn, aka, no penetration details :3
i didn't want to make this entire fic NC17 just because of one scene. even though it is implied they did had sex, i kept it rated R, so i hope this was satisfying enough
(or who knows, maybe i'll make full blown smut side chapter. no promises XD)


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