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First Years at Hogwarts

 Title: First Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Matsujun is a first year at Hogwarts. Ohno and Sho have been ignoring each other after their embarrassing moment. Jun can't stand the separation and decides to get back to good terms with Ohno. As they joked about Ohno kissing Sho, Nino overhears them in complete shock. How will Ohno explain himself to Nino? What will Jun do?

A/N: (seems like i always have an author's note) i hope the rollor coaster of pairings was fun, cuz i plan to finish this confusion once and for all!....or am i? o_O

DOZOU!!~ (toodaloo mothaf***ka!) XDD

Chapter 10 - He is My Friend

"Ohno?" Nino said, his forehead wrinkled. "Did you...kissed Sho?"

"Ah-ah-ah-ah," Ohno stuttered. Jun thought fast.

"It was a joke!" Jun said, standing in front of Ohno. "We were only joking!"

"Really?" Nino squinted his eyes at Jun, but he kept a cool face.

"Yeah! We gave Sho some Fire Whiskey as a joke, and he got really drunk that he almost kissed Ohno...but he really didn't!" Jun briefly explained.

'Why am I defending Ohno?' Jun thought.

"It is true, Ohno?" Nino asked.

Ohno just nodded, and at that moment the bell rang.

"Oh, hear that! It's time to go to class! See ya later!" Ohno blurted out and ran down the corridor, leaving Jun behind.

"I'm sorry about that. But, uh, you have nothing to worry about," Jun said, and started to follow Ohno, but Nino grabbed his arm.

"Is everything really alright?" Nino asked, his eyes staring deep into Jun's.

"Everything is f-fine. Stop staring at me like that," Jun said, feeling uncomfortable, but Nino forced Jun to face him.

"Look...I know we haven't really talked in a while, but I haven't seen Satoshi since ever! And he has been ignoring me for a long time and I don't know why," Nino said.

'He looks really worried,' Jun thought, staring into Nino's wiry eyes.

"Please...tell me what I can do to help Ohno," Nino said and bit his lip as if trying to suppress tears from leaking. "He's my friend."

Jun was overwhelmed. He always thought Nino was a selfish brat and deserved to be punished after what he did to Aiba. But whenever Jun finds himself alone with him, he sees another side to Nino. Perhaps there is more to someone from Slytherin than they let on.

"Ohno and Sho...are kinda on a stand-off situation," Jun managed to word out.

"So they did kiss!" Nino concluded, gripping onto Jun even harder. "Then what happened?"

"Well, it was an accident!" Jun explained. "Someone was singing a love UtaMahou and they were within hearing range. And it just...happened. It's embarrassing for them."

Jun lowered his head as he replayed the scene in his head. Suddenly, he felt a burning sensation coming from his stomach. He realized that he was jealous...but to who? Ohno or Sho?

'This is ridiculous ! I'm not jealous of them!' Jun thought angrily.

Suddenly, Jun felt a pair of soft lips land on his cheek. He looked up and place his hand over where he was kissed. Jun was completely shocked.

"You look worried too," Nino smirked. "Ohno is a dear friend to me." Nino leaned close and whispered into his ear. "But I haven't forgotten our kiss."

Jun felt his face turned red on the spot as he watched Nino walked away to class. Jun was unable to move,. He felt so many emotions, he thought he would explode.

*        *        *

"Today, we will be starting a new project for class," Professor Yamamoto said. The entire moaned and grumbled quietly. "Consider this as a test to see how well you can handle UtaMahou for those interested in taking it next year."

Then, the class listened closely. Professor Yamamoto smirked.

"This project will let me know how much you've learned these past five months in Charms: the basics of incantations, and its origins. I hope you all paid attention in your History of Magic Well, wizards originally drew their magic through objects with magical properties such as swords, staffs, orbs, and magical animals. Most of the time...spirits. Does anyone know which spirits have the most magical power?"

"Professor?" Sho shot his hand. "You don't mean the Ancient Spirits, do you?"

"That's exactly what I mean. Ten points to Ravenclaw. For those who don't know the Ancient Spirits, also known as Nature Spirits, are the origins of magical creatures. They no longer exist, so history told. But if you look closely, you can find traces of their magic that they left behind in this world. Can anyone tell me where you can find these traces?"

Inoue Mao shot her hand up before Sho did.

"In the five popular elements," Mao replied. "Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Metal."

"Excellent. Another ten points to Ravenclaw," Professor Yamamoto smiled. "And that is what our projects will be. I have paired everyone into groups of three and your job is to search for the small traces of spirit magic using basic incantations."

"Are you serious?" Ohno blurted out loud.

"It is your job to come up of a good incantation to find these traces. Using what you learned about basic incantations, this shouldn't be a problem. For more information, you can ask me or look in your textbook on chapter twenty-eight through thirty. Now pay attention as I'll announce who will be together."

Everyone moaned and grumbled again, but Jun couldn't help but feel on edge about this project. The mention of the five elements again seem to tug his soul, and he wanted to find out more about it.

'The wizarding world sure seem to base everything around these five elements,' Jun thought. 'What's so special about it? I thought it was just for the Vocal Wizards...'

"Nishikido Ryo, Inoue Mao, and Matsumoto Jun."

Jun looked over and saw Inoue Mao smiled back.

"Sakurai Sho, Ikuta Toma, and...Ohno Satoshi."

"Professor," Sho raised his hand again. "I don't think I can work in that group."

Professor Yamamoto looked surprised. Ohno leaned over to get a better look at Sho; his face was written with hurt. Jun felt annoyed by Sho's behavior.

"Is that so?" Professor Yamamoto nodded. "Well, I think this will be a good way to learn how to deal with others, Sakurai. How about I change Matsumoto with Ikuta so you can feel more comfortable."


"That is my final word, Sakurai."

Jun side glanced at Sho who slouched in his chair with his arms crossed. Jun looked over at Ohno who just shrugged at him but still looked hurt.

When class was over, Jun went straight up to Sho and glared at him.

"What's the matter with you?" Jun demanded, Ohno was far away as if too embarrassed to approach. "Can't you let it go? It was an accident, and Ohno is sorry!"

"You think I don't know that?!" Sho yelled back, but quickly restrained himself. "It's just...I can't get it out of my mind. It's hard to explain."

"Look, just come to the library after dinner and we can talk about this in private...I'll bring Ohno. You can bring Aiba if you want. We need to get this over with," Jun suggested. Sho looked uneasy with the idea, but he nodded before walking away.

"And bring your textbooks too so we can start that project," Jun called after him.

Later at dinner, Ohno and Jun ate happily with their housemates when the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, Kokubun Taichi, approached them. He sat next to Ohno and smiled.

"I've been looking for you all day, I have wonderful news to tell you, my friend," Taichi said.

"What?" Ohno asked, his cheeks full with food.

"You're the new Gryffindor Chaser. I've never seen such skill in a first year," He said, slapping Ohno's back hard, almost causing Ohno to spit his food.

"Really?!" Ohno chocked. "I'm on the team?"

"Practices are Saturday and Sunday mornings. I'll see you at the field," he said and went back to his friends. Ohno smiled at Jun.

"I'm on the team!" Ohno squealed, and Jun smiled with him.

"That's great! We can tell Aiba and Sho when we meet them," Jun smiled while Ohno's faded away. "Don't try to ignore this. You're going to talk with Sho and get this over with."

"...fine," Ohno pouted.

They left dinner early and headed towards the library, but Jun knew they weren't alone. He turned around the corridor and waited for someone to appear behind him. As he suspected, Nino appeared around the corner and was taken by surprise.

"You're following us?" Jun questioned, Ohno looked shocked too.

"Look, I-" Nino glanced up at Ohno and then looked back at Jun. "I want to help out whatever situation Ohno is in."

"Nino," Ohno mumbled, obviously touched.

"Okay, but we were going to meet up with Sho and Aiba. And I don't think they'd like to see you."

"Who cares. I'll deal with them. I want to come with you," Nino pleaded. Jun bit his lip but agreed.

However, at the library, Sho and Aiba had different opinions.

"Why is he here?" Aiba demanded.

The library wasn't as crowded during dinner time, so they didn't have to worry about the librarian kicking them out for talking to loud.

"You told him?" Sho yelled at Jun, obviously upset about it.

"Nino is just worried about Ohno and-" Jun tried to explained, but Sho didn't listen.

"I don't care! This has nothing to do with him," Sho glared at Nino. "Go away! Go back to snogging with that Erika chick."

"What do you have against me anyways?" Nino dared. "I can understand why Aiba is mad at me. But why you, Sakurai?"

"It's because you hurt Aiba at that flying lesson that I don't like you," Sho roared back. "I care about Aiba, and you think it's just a fun joke to hex his broom. You know, he has a scar for life now!"

"Sho, that's enough," Aiba mumbled, turning a little red.

"I'm the same as you then!" Nino yelled back. "Satoshi is my friend! And I care about him. I haven't properly talked with him since that incident on Halloween."

"Stop arguing!" Ohno yelled over them. "Or do you want me to sing UtaMahou again?"

They all remained quiet apart from Sho's and Nino's heavy breathing. They didn't want the same thing to happen with Ohno because his friends are fighting each other again. Ohno finally spoke.

"Okay...we are here, because I want to apologize to you all," Ohno confessed. The four boys looked up at Ohno, surprised. "This all started because of me and my behavior. One thing led to another and I couldn't control myself. I didn't know what to do, but I just want things to go back the way things were."

"Ohno," Jun sighed.

"I want to introduce Nino to you guys too," Ohno said, and then glanced at Aiba. "I know he hurt you, and it was cruel of him to do that. But I don't think he meant for you to get scarred."

"Is that so?" Aiba raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms. Nino jumped in.

"It was only a joke. It wasn't like I was controlling your broom at the time. I've done it lots of times with Ohno as a joke, but it never turned out as bad as yours," Nino bowed his head. "I'm...really sorry."

Aiba took a deep breath, trying to control his angry. But Jun respect Aiba for not bursting like an angry child, unlike Sho. Instead, Aiba looked cool and just nodded his head.

"Well, if you're friends with Ohno, and Jun thinks you're alright...that must mean you're an okay guy," Aiba smirked, and so did Nino.

"Sho," Ohno continued. "I'm sorry for what happened. It was an accident because of the UtaMahou. We both didn't mean for it to happened. Please forgive me."

"It's okay," Sho sighed. "I was at fault for ignoring you."

"Finally, Jun," Ohno turned to Jun. "When I saw you and Nino...I didn't know what to say. I started ignoring you too—which lead to my mistake with Sho—but if you hadn't talked to me at the lake, I probably would still be lost."

"'s okay," Jun smiled. Then Ohno pulled Jun into a tight hug.

"Yeah! Group hug!" Aiba yelped with joy and dragged everyone in a tight big hug.

"Aiba! Let go of me!" Jun gasped.

"Alright! Now that we're all friends, let's celebrate!" Aiba cheered. Sho playfully smacked his head.

"Idiot! We need to do our projects for Charms."

"You guys have that assignment too?" Nino asked, trying to make conversation with his new buddies.

"All first years have to do this dumb project," Sho said. "And I'm with Matsumoto and Ohno."

"That's convenient because I'm partners with Aiba," Nino pointed.

"Yeah, we were assigned to look up a spirit magic relating to Water," Aiba commented.

"Us too!" Jun smiled. "We have to search about Water."

"This is great! We can work together," Ohno clapped his hands.

"Wait a minute. We can't work together with another class. That's called cheating," Sho said, looking serious. Jun leaned over the table to whisper to Aiba.

"Do you always listen to what he says?" Jun asked, and he knew Sho could hear him.

"Of course not! Let's work together," Aiba smiled.

"Hey!" Sho complained.

They all laughed as the new friends got to work. Jun noticed that Ohno was laughing and enjoying himself for a long time. Aiba and Sho were teasing each other as usual. And the new member of the group, Ninomiya, looked shy at first but he would occasionally join in on the banter.

It was like they all knew each other for a long time.

YEAH!! they're all together! (thank god! i thought i never get them together XDD)

so, hope you like the emotion-roller-coaster ride ^^
you know, all the situations did draws back to Ohno's behavior. he does seem out of character, but this is when they were young and naive. so i figured that back then, ohno looked shy. now of course whenever he speaks he breaks the tension and laughs. ^^
so ohno has learned a lesson, and now he is the ohno we all know now. get it! (i hope so)

well, that was fun character development. now let's get back to story development!!
it's back to the magic! and now we're dealing with...the element water!
hmmm, i wonder who will be associated with water? (sarcastic here)

To Chapter 11 -


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