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[Series List]
Series List

Play By Heart (Complete)
Pairings: Sakumiya, Jun x Kiko Mizuhara, Aiba x Yuka, Ohno x Minami (broken)
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/ Drama/ Angst/ AU/ Music
Summary: Nino is an autistic savant and a brilliant violinist. The only hard part for him and his sister, who takes care of him, is keeping a consistent and patient piano accompanist for Nino's performances. One day, Nino's sister finds Sakurai Sho, a man with a mysterious past but gifted in music. Together, the two musicians must learn to communicate with each other, live with each other, and possibly love each other.
Warnings: It’s rated R for: sensual scenes (softporn), parenting struggles, sexual assault, divorce, character deaths, and mental disorders/illnesses.
Chapter 1 - Da Capo
Chapter 2 - Allegro
Chapter 3 - Decrescendo
Chapter 4 - Andante
Chapter 5 - Adagio
Chapter 6 - Verismo
Chapter 7 - Caesura
Chapter 8 - Lament
Chapter 9 - Mesto
Chapter 10 - Nocturne
Chapter 11 - Prelude
Chapter 12 - Duet
Chapter 13 - Flat
Chapter 14 - Tremelo
Chapter 15 - Sonata Final Chapter

Hard Shoes (Complete)
Pairings: Ohmiya, (some Sakumiya)
Rating: PG13
Genre: AU/ Drama/ Romance/ Dancing
Summary: Ohno is a professional ballroom dancer. He teaches at his own dance studio, but it's in danger of going out of business. The only way he can restore it is by winning at a dance competition, but his long-time partner bailed out on him. One day, Ohno comes across Nino, a street performer who has the making of becoming a great dancer. The only problem is that Ohno has to teach Nino how to do ballroom dance. It's a story about trust, equality, and learning to walk in another person's hard shoes.
Chapter 1 - Ball Change
Chapter 2 - Sugar Push
Chapter 3 - Spotting
Chapter 4 - Close Position
Chapter 5 - Backleading
Chapter 6 - Contra Dance
Chapter 7 - Ballet d'action
Chapter 8 - Shadow Position
Chapter 9 - Freestyle
Chapter 10 - Coda Final Chapter

My American Daughter (Complete)
Pairings: Ohno and Kawashima Umika (it's not romance. It's a family relationship)
Rating: PG
Genre: Family/ Drama
Summary: Ohno decides to adopt a child as a promise for his deceased wife. He filled out the forms to adopt a Japanese child from America only to realize he adopted a 17 year old and not a 7 year old!
Chapter 1 - Meet My Daughter
Chapter 2 - Trust Me
Chapter 3 - You Never Leave Home
Chapter 4 - This is Your Home
Chapter 5 - The Best Dad Ever Final Chapter

Akuma kara Tenshi E ~ From Demons to Angels (RE-EDITING. LINKS WILL NOT WORK)
Pairing: Naruse x Shiori, Sakumoto, Sakumiya, little Ohmiya
Rating: PG13 - NC17
Genre Supernatural / Mystery / Romance
Summary: Naruse and Serizawa are back but as Angels. They decided to see Shiori one last time, but they witness her having another vision. Someone is impersonating Amano Makoto's murders. The same express delivery, the same red letters and tarot cards. The same method. Who is behind all this?
Warnings: This story contains rape, violence, blood, character deaths, and murder.
Chapter 1 - The Target
Chapter 2 - The First Victim
Chapter 3 - Angel Lore
Chapter 4 - Sacrifice For Knowledge
Chapter 5 - Pride and Lust
Chapter 6 - The Lovers
Chapter 7 - Rain Maker
Chapter 8 - From Demons to Angels Final Chapter

First Year at Hogwarts (Complete)
Pairing: Varies
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
General Summary: Matsujun is a first year at Hogwarts.
Chapter 1 - Sorting
Chapter 2 - First Day
Chapter 3 - Professor naruse Ryo
Chapter 4 - UtaMahou
Chapter 5 - Halloween Night
Chapter 6 - Childhood Promise
Chapter 7 - Friends and Rivals
Chapter 8 - A Kiss
Chapter 9 - He Said This. He Did That
Chapter 10 - He Is My Friend
Chapter 11 - Water Spirits
Chapter 12 - Gillyweed
Chapter 13 - The Water Talisman
Chapter 14 - The Start of Something Great Final Chapter

Second Year at Hogwarts (Complete)
Pairing: Varies
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
General Summary: Matsujun is a second year at Hogwarts.
Chapter 1 - Glowing Red Eyes
Chapter 2 - Mahou Nensho
Chapter 3 - On Aboard The Hogwarts Express
Chapter 4 - The First UtaMahou Class
Chapter 5 - Starting With A Lick
Chapter 6 - The Duel
Chapter 7 - Sho's Story
Chapter 8 - You're Pathetic
Chapter 9 - The Dreadful Letter
Chapter 10 - Journey To Mauna Loa
Chapter 11 - The Fire Talisman Final Chapter

Third Year at Hogwarts (Complete)
Pairing: Varies
Genre: Frienship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
General Summary: Matsujun is a third year at Hogwarts.
Chapter 1 - Reunite At Diagon Alley
Chapter 2 - Johnny's Elites
Chapter 3 - New Students, New Classes, New Drama
Chapter 4 - The Tarot Cards
Chapter 5 - Planning
Chapter 6 - The Polyjuice Potion
Chapter 7 - In The Moonlight
Chapter 8 - Tailing The Traitor
Chapter 9 - Taking Flight
Chapter 10 - Double Battlefield
Chapter 11 - The Deal
Chapter 12 - Friendship and Love Final Chapter

Fourth Year at Hogwarts (Complete)
Pairing: Varies
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
General Summary: Matsujun is a fourth year at Hogwarts.
Chapter 1 - Nightmares
Chapter 2 - He Speaks
Chapter 3 - Crucio
Chapter 4 - DansuMahou
Chapter 5 - Four-Point Pentagram
Chapter 6 - Traces of The Past
Chapter 7 - Nino's memories
Chapter 8 - Dear Snow Dance
Chapter 9 - Arriving at Angkor Wat
Chapter 10 - The Return
Chapter 11 - I'm Awake Final Chapter

Fifth Year at Hogwarts (Complete)
Pairings: Varies
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
General Summary: Matsujun is the Metal Vocal Wizard
Chapter 1 - Growing Fear
Chapter 2 - Sudden Attack
Chapter 3 - Ogura's Shelter
Chapter 4 - Kidnapped
Chapter 5 - We Shall Go To The New World
Chapter 6 - Open Your Eyes
Chapter 7 - Shine Like The Sun
Chapter 8 - In Its Nature
Chapter 9 - Other Worlds After Death
Chapter 10 - Enjoy Paradise
Chapter 11 - We make Storm
Chapter 12 - Naruse's Reason
Chapter 13 - Arashi Final Chapter

[Multi-Part List (Less than 5 parts)]

Multi-Part List (Less Than 5 parts)

Vocaloid Love (Author Recommended!)
2 parts!
Pairings: Sakumoto (main)/ Sakurai Sho x Ikuta Toma (one-sided)/ Ohba (friendship)
Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance/ Hurt+Comfort/ some comedy
Summary: Johnny & Associates created a new service for their fans: an 24-hour call service of highly advanced vocaloids that sounds identical to their idols. Business begins booming. Fans are estatic with the new fan service (not to mention the extra cash for the company). One day, Sho got a little curious and gave a call to a vocaloid Jun. But he's slowly becoming too attached.
Notes: For astrangerenters in the arashi_exchange 2015 event.
Part 1
Part 2

View Count
2 parts!
Pairings: None (but some implied Sakumiya and Ohmiya)
Rating: R
Genre: Suspense/ Mystery
Summary: Jun meets a mysterious man at a bar and signs a contract to live in a share house, but what Jun doesn't know is that he signed his life away to a death game. Now, Jun and nine other contestants must survive a cruel game that is streamed live for internet users all around the world. Their means of survival: don't lose viewers.
Notes: For the je_trick_or_fic event. Based on the event where internet users played Pokemon Red
Part 1
Part 2

"Show" Business
2 parts!
Pairings: Sho x Arashi (Part 1: Sakumiya, Sakumoto. Part 2: Yama, and Sakuraiba)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut/ AU
Summary: Kitagawa Johnny imposed a new agency law on his idols: no sexual intercourse with others whatsoever. Naturally, all the Johnny's members were furious, but they're completely helpless now as they're being carefully monitored. Sakurai Sho couldn't stand for such a senseless rule, so he offered his service to his colleagues in a secret business...for a price.
Notes: For steffilinos in the kitto_slutparty fic exchange.

Men of Truth
3 parts!
Pairings: Ohno/Sho/Nino (partnership), Sakumiya, JunBa (partnership)
Rating: PG13 (with optional NC17 scene)
Genre: AU/ Drama/ Crossover
Summary: An AU wherein Naruse, Yoshimoto, and Kagura are in cohoots while Shuntaro and Yoshitaro are set to investigate.
Note: Based on this fanart from Tumblr. A major Jdrama/movie crossover from: Maou, Kazoku Game, MikeHolmes, Platina Data, and Lucky Seven. Posted for bigbang_je.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Swan Prince (Author Recommended!)
4 parts!
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: PG (with optional NC17 scenes)
Genre: AU/ Romance
Summary: In an AU setting, Yamada Taro and Mimura Takuya are in fact princes of a faraway land. Unbeknownst to them, a powerful sorcerer kidnapped Mimura and changed him into a swan. Only the power of everlasting love can break the spell.
Note: Based on The Swan Princess
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The Other Arashi (Author Recommended!)
2 Parts!
Pairings: General
Rating: PG13
Genre: Horror
Summary: The agency decided to make Arashi's next PV at a secluded mansion in the mountains that had the perfect setting. Arashi has to stay for three days at the mansion, but Jun discovers horrifying secrets about the place.
Note: Based on the book/movie Coraline
Part 1
Part 2

The Temptation of Dark Hearts
2 Parts!
Pairings: Sakumiya
Rating: R
Genre: Mystery/ Romance/ Slight Fantasy
Summary:  Nino is married and a loyal detective for his country. His wittiness and great sense of logic help him solve any case, until he was invited to play a game with Sakurai Sho.
Note: For jadeswallow in theninoexchange
Part 1
Part 2

The Black Wolf (Author Recommended!)
4 Parts!
Pairing: Ohno/Jun Ohno/Nino
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/ Suspense
Summary: A young and talented dancer auditioned to a popular stageplay and became the lead role. But the demanding part slowly took its toll, bringing the dancer in touch with his dark side and destroying his life.
Note: Based on the movie "Black Swan"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

It's Not The Same Without Him
2 Parts!
Pairing: Ohno/Arashi
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Angst/ Drama
General Summary: The greatest dancer and singer Johnny's ever gone.
WARNING: Death Fic
Part 1
Part 2

The 5 Arashi Princesses
3 Parts!
Pairing: Hints of Ohmiya/ Sakuraiba/ ShunxJun
Rating: G
Genre: Humor/ TV Show
General Summary: A crack fic. A new Arashi no Shukudai-kun episode with guest...Oguri Shun!! Arashi tries a new trick to eat. A new yoga lesson. And Arashi dressed up as famous Disney princesses!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

[Oneshot List]

One-Shot List

Inner Demons
Pairing: Ohmiya (not romantic)
Rating: R
Summary: Nino had gone missing and was later found dead. While filming the final episode of his new drama, Ohno is determined to find out who killed his best friend.
Note: For je_trick_or_fic

Sleep Paralysis
Pairing: Sakumiya, some Sakumoto
Genre: Horror
Rating: NC17
Summary: Nino has been hallucinating before he falls asleep, and his nightmares are growing more vivid and frightening. One night, he dreamt of a man staring at him from the foot of his bed drawing closer and closer. However, it wasn't a dream at all. Whatever you do, don't open your eyes.
Note: For je_trick_or_fic event. This fic can be disturbing and gruesome. Has character deaths. Not for the faint of heart.

My Guardian Angel (Author Recommended!)
Pairings: Yamada Taro x Mimura (Sakumiya)
Genre: Romance/ Fantasy/ Angst
Rating: PG13
Summary:  A year has passed since Yamada Taro and Mimura Takuya graduated from high school. Nothing has changed for Taro, except that demons are after him. Mimura must protect him with the help a few new awaken powers, but something happened between them that has made things awkward, and Mimura can't understand why.
Note: For murrponchan in the ninoexchange

Pairings: Ohno and ghosts/ Ohmiya
Genre: Humor/ General
Rating: PG
Summary: The reason why Ohno appeared fearless in the Haunted House episodes is not because he was sleepy. He's not afraid because he sees ghosts on a daily basis.
Note: Inspired by a Tumblr confession post

Red String of Fate (Author Recommended!)
Pairings: Sakumoto
Genre: Romance/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Jun is having amazing realistic dreams of him and Sho as a teacher and a student. With such a luring and forbidden love blossoming in his sleep, it's tempting Jun to confess one more time.
Notes: Took part in arashi_exchange

Like Strangers
Pairings: Ohmiya
Genre: AU/ Drama/ Friendship
Rating: PG13
Summary: Nino meets his old childhood friend Ohno after so many years, but Ohno is keeping a dark secret from Nino.
Notes: for andreja1989

My Life is My Message (Author Recommended!)
Pairing: Sakumoto
Genre: AU/ Drama/ Romance/ Angst
Rating: PG
Summary: The year is 2017. Sakurai Sho is a famous novel writer and singer, and the youthful college student Jun is his biggest fan and apprentice. One day Sho asked him one favor, "You must stop me from writing." Suddenly, Jun is sent back in time to the year 2007. Whatever could Sho mean?
Notes: for ao_no_michi contest

I'm An Ohno-aholic...
Pairing: OhnoxEveryone that pairs with Ohno! XD
Genre: Crack/Humor
Rating: PG
Summary: The boys in Johnny Associates that suffers a terrible obsession, gathers together to help overcome...Ohno-aholic.

Getting Back At Nino
Pairing: Ohmiya, slight Sakuraiba
Genre: Horror/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Arashi is fed up with Nino and his pranks. It's pay back time! On Halloween night, they plan the ultimate scheme, but is there prank a bit too much?

Victory is Ours!!
Pairing: Sakuraiba, little Ohmiya
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG
Summary: The Battle of Pop semi-finale results are finally in! Aiba thought he was the only one keeping check, but the members have a few confessions.

Saynonara, Arashi
Pairing: ArashixArashi
Genre: Drama/ Friendship
Rating: PG
Summary: It has been 60 years since Arashi debut in Hawaii. They all knew what it meant when President Johnny Jr. himself called them to his office. They knew, and they were ready. It's been fun...

Drabble List

Latest Drabbles/ficlets can be found at my AO3 account

Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG13
Genre: Humor/ Slight Angst at the end
Summary: Ohno makes drunk calls to Nino four times in a row, and Nino has to sit through each call listening to different types of "drunk-Ohno". Then one night, Ohno gets a drunk call from Nino...
Author Notes: For Dia (sexual-savanna) as a Christmas gift!
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: NC17
Genre: Humor/ Smut
Summary: After being committed into a relationship, Nino tries to take it up a notch and asks Ohno for nude pics. Only Nino never realized how dense Ohno can be.
Author Notes: For Dia (sexual-savanna) as a Christmas gift!

Happy Birthday Aiba!
Parings: Varies with Aiba pairings
Rating: PG-PG13
Genre: Varies
General Summary: A 28 collection of drabbles in celebration of Aiba Masaki's 28th birthday.

Happy Birthday Ohno!
Pairings: Varies with Ohno pairings
Rating: PG-PG13
Genre: Varies
General Summary: A 30 collection of drabbles in celebration of Ohno Satoshi's 30th birthday

Happy Birthday Matsujun!
Pairings: Varies with Jun pairings
Genre: Varies
General Summary: A 27 collection of drabbles in celebration of Matsumoto Jun's 27th birthday.

Happy Birthday Nino!
Pairings: Varies with Nino pairings
Rating: PG-PG13
Genre: Varies
General Summary: A 27 collection of drabbles in celebration of Ninomiya Kazunari's 27th birthday,

Leaving Vancouver
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Genre: Drama
General Summary: Sho leaves for Japan after his work for Winter Olympics with fans cheering him on...

Happy Birthday Sho!
Pairings: Varies wtih Sho pairings
Rating: PG
Genre: Varies
General Summary: A 28(plus 4 extra) collection of drabbles in celebration of Sakurai Sho's 28th birthday.

Arashi with Inoue Mao
Pairings: Varies with Mao (because she goes well with them) ><
Rating: PG
Genre: Varies
General Summary: After watching Himitsu no Arashi and Arashi no Shukudai-kun with Inoue Mao, I got the urge to drabble Mao-chan with Arashi. They go together well!


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Dramatic Riida

Collab Work
Ohmiya - You Belong With Me (Punk Cover)

FanArt/Graphics List
For latest memes and graphics, check my tumblr tag arashi meme

Warning: These ones on LJ are shitty.
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