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Four Times Ohno Makes Drunk Calls, One Time Nino Did Too

Title: Four Times Ohno Makes Drunk Calls, One Time Nino Did Too
By: arashiforyou
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: Humor/ Slight Angst at the end
Rating: PG13
Summary: Ohno makes drunk calls to Nino four times in a row, and Nino has to sit through each call listening to different types of "drunk-Ohno". Then one night, Ohno gets a drunk call from Nino...
Author Notes: For Dia (sexual-savanna) as a Christmas gift!

First Call

Nino was on his computer, waiting on queue for the next raid, when his phone buzzed in a new text message. Aiba invited him for drinks if he was available. Although it was tempting to see who will hold their liquor the longest, Nino texted back saying he'll join another day—some satisfaction can be found through less harmful ways, killing NPCs for instance. Almost immediately after his response, Aiba texted back saying he'll bring Ohno along if Nino will come.

His heart lurched slighty. He stared at the message until his phone's backlight faded to a dimmer lighting. Nino sighed through his nose and texted back. "I'm okay. You guys go ahead and have fun."

Without looking back, he set his phone down and resumed his game. Aiba didn't bother him since then, and Nino managed to knock out two good raids and a couple of dungeons before he was ready to call it a night. He glanced at the clock and read it was past midnight. Knowing Aiba, he was probably still out drinking but on his last leg. Before, they would stay up well pass four in the morning and still shout out unintelligent words. Nowadays, their age has honed down on them. Lately, Nino would get sleepy earlier than before.

Nino shut off his computer, yawned and stretched,and went to wash his face and brush his teeth. While he rinsed out his mouth, he heard his phone ringing from down the hall. Nino quickly dried his hands and face before heading back to the living room. No one really calls Nino late at night unless it was an emergency. But when he saw Ohno's name on the screen, Nino froze for a few seconds.


" this Nino?"

Nino frowned. "Who else would answer? This is my phone."

"Oooh, Ninooo!" Ohno howled at the other end, his voice slurred and obviously drunk. "Nino! How's it going?"

"Uuuh...I'm about to go to sleep," Nino answered bluntly. He didn't want to deal with a drunk Ohno now. Drunk calls are the worst...

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Nino....Nino...mmm," Ohno kept giggling at the other end. "It's so good to hear your voice...aaah, Nino...can you sing me something?"

"What?!" Nino groaned. "Ohno, I'm tired."

"Oh! Oh, oh, oh, wait! I have to tell you something," Ohno said loudily with pure blissful joy. "There's a movie called Diarrhea," Ohno was a fit of giggles while Nino's expression was on the "zero-fucks given" meter. "But it got they had to release it early!"

He heard pounding and obnoxious laughter at the other end of the phone. Clearly Ohno and Aiba were having a good time sharing poop jokes into the late hours of the night. Maybe if Nino was also intoxicated and not sleepy, he'd join in on the jokes as well—Nino has a few favorite poop jokes too. Tonight, he just wasn't in the mood.

"Aaaaaah! Nino! Nino!" Ohno continued laughing between breaths. "What did the maxipad say to the fart?"


Instead of saying, Ohno sang. "You are the wind beneath my wings!"

Nino hung up.

Second Call

Recording ended on a good note, and Nino was satisfied with the results. His new mixing board proved to be a smart investment, and his music compilations were turning out nicely. He was just about to send the sample to the producer when his phone went off. Nino's eyebrows shot up and he saw Jun inviting him to hang out with his friends. Jun never invites any of the members to his outings—always making the excuse that they'll reject him in the end.

Originally, Nino did hoped Jun would one day invite him for dinner. But Nino was so deep into his recording and music mixing, he didn't want to lose his vibe. Regretfully, Nino had to decline the offer. Jun replied back with more understanding feelings than Aiba did.

But in less than two minutes, Nino got another text from Jun: "Ohno asked me to invite you. That's why."

Nino could only glare at his phone screen. What's that suppose to mean?! Why is Ohno with Jun now?!

Nino tried to ignore it, but he slowly started losing his inspiration while working. Out of frustration, he reverted back to his gaming with a rather vigorous gusto—killing every player he came across on the field. After a good burn out, Nino relaxed until he phone rang again.

"Hey, Nino," Ohno mumbled into the phone, drunk once again. "I've...I've been drinking...thinking a lot lately..."

"No shit," Nino said, rolling his eyes.

"And I've been thinking," Ohno hiccupped, "if it's possible...that the impossible is possible?"

Great. Now he's dealing with Philosophical-Drunk-Ohno.

"Ohno, I don't-"

"And even if that was true," Ohno continued ranting, "then who's to say that what can't be done...hasn't be done because it was never done before! So therefore, any beliefs that what's impossible is only impossible because it's never been done before...and we can only make those assumptions based on what is possible because they've been done before...Nino, do you think I should write a book?"

Nino massaged the space between his eyebrows. "I think it's impossible for me to sit through another of your theories."

"But it's possible."

Nino hung up yet again.

Third Call

Nino was already sleeping when his phone buzzed again. He knew Ohno was out drinking with Sho. They boasted about going to see a show after work, and Ohno kept bugging him to join as well. Though Nino refused yet again for his own personal reasons...

Nino still had his eyes shut, though with his brow furrowed, and he reached for his phone. The bright screen made his frown deepen.

"What?" He grunted.

There was no answer, but Nino heard scuffling and hurried feet. Someone was panting at the other end, and Nino heard the faintest voice.

"Hello?" Nino grumbled a little louder.

"Nino...I'm, uh...I'm a little bit in trouble," Ohno panted.

Nino opened his eyes more. "What trouble?"

"We found some skateboards by the dumpster," Ohno began explaining. "And Sho thought it would be funny if I rode one down the stairs. No one was looking. I'm on it now, but I can't...WHOA!"

NIno heard a loud cluttering at the other end. Someone fell and crashed. In the background, Nino could have sworn he heard Sho laughing his ass off.

"What's going on?" Nino asked. "You're not being a reckless drunk, are you?"

But Ohno just end up laughing. "The cat darted out of no where!" Nino heard Ohno wincing. "Shit, I think I busted me butt."

"To bad it wasn't me," Nino muttered.


"Good night, Ohno." And Nino hung up.

Fourth Call

Ohno was slightly hungover the next day, and Nino wasn't sorry. What idiot would steal thrown out skateboards and cruise around at night? Drunkards who call their friends late at night for a live report would. But that wasn't the only thing bothering Nino...

Later that night, while Nino was relaxing on his couch, his phone went off once more. He held his phone and stared at Ohno's name on the screen rather half-heartedly. Maybe he shouldn't answer the phone this time. Ohno will just be drunk again. With three nights in a row already, what's stopping Ohno for going a fourth drunk call? Although, none of the other members tried inviting him for a drink with Ohno. Surely...this time...


"Hey...Nino," Ohno moaned at the other end. "Nino...Nino..."

Ohno's voice was quivering, and then Nino heard the ever distinguishable sob. "Ohno? What's wrong?"

"I just... oh, Nino. I love Arashi so much!" Ohno wailed into the phone.

"Oh my god," Nino said out loud, pitching the bridge of his nose.

But Sad-Drunk-Ohno continued crying. "I'm so happy we're all in this together! I'm so glad I met all of you...aaah, Arashi is the greatest! I don't ever want to leave you guys!"

"No one is leaving anyone," Nino sighed, as Ohno continued sobbing. "Please stop..."

"I could have, though," Ohno suddenly spoke up. "I could have left. But I kept thinking about Arashi, and the staff, and the fans...and you."

Nino's stomach flipped. He slowly leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees as he listened closely.

"You made work so much fun," Ohno carried on. "And you helped me grow closer to the others. You're so naturally likable, and I felt close at home with you around. You're're like family. You're my friend. My brother. My comrade. My Nino."

Nino sucked in his lips, his eyes lowered and his head bowed down.

Ohno kept ranting how much he loved Arashi, and Nino never hung up until Ohno fell asleep...

First Call

Ohno never remembers the nights before whenever he drank heavily. Aiba, Jun, and Sho would tell him tidbits on what happened during their drinking sessions, but Ohno couldn't recall them like they did. Apparently, Ohno gets hopelessly drunk and cause them a lot of trouble. But for the sake of laughs, they recorded a lot of his drunk talks and played it back for him the next day. Ohno couldn't remember ever saying those words and just laughed it off.

However, the fourth night he got drunk, no one recorded his drunk adventures. He couldn't remember a single thing he did after a few glasses of wine. All that he could recall was that he went home and read his old journals with a drink. But that one drink turned into a whole bottle, and Ohno woke up lying on the floor of his living room with the world's worst headache. He vowed to not drink for at least a month.

When work was over, Ohno headed home and started working on his next sculpting piece. He was just finished brainstorming when he realized it was late at night. After cleaning up his mess, his phone rang.

He was surprised to see who called him.

"Hello? Nino?"


"Sorry?" Ohno frowned slightly, but smirked anyway. Nino sounded drunk. This could be amusing.

"Four nights...four nights in a row! You called me," Nino began ranting in a low and slurred voice. "Your DAMN annoying drunk calls, I swear, if you call me one more time..."

"Aha, Nino. You're calling me now," Ohno chuckled as he sat down on his chair. "And I called you last night? I don't remember...sorry if I said anything weird."

"You shut up, you old fart, and listen!" Nino rambled. "You know damn well why...why is it that...wait...why...why is it...not me?"

Ohno's eyebrow twitched slightly, and his smile lessened. "What do you mean?"

"You never asked me first!" Nino moaned out louder. "Why did the other members had to ask me second? Why didn't you ask to drink with me first?!"

"Well...Nino, I-"

"What the hell does that mean!? 'You're like family'...what the fuck does that mean...?" Suddenly, Nino's voice became softer, and Ohno lost his smile and he listened closely. "Who said I wanted to be family? Why does it have to be like family? Why do you always tell me these things?! I've waited...for so long...and yet, I always pick up your phone calls...but I wanted...why...why can't we..." Nino sighed heavily, "I'm tired, Satoshi..."

"...why are you tired?" Ohno asked softly.

"I'm tired of waiting."

Ohno couldn't move. His jaw was stuck, and his eyes stared forward at his wall as he heard the quiet sobs from the other end.

"Please don't call me anymore," Nino uttered. Ohno couldn't even croak a word until he heard the phone line went silent. Shocked, Ohno tried calling back.

But Nino never picked up.


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