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First Years at Hogwarts

 Title: First Year at Hogwarts
By: arashforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a first year at Hogwarts. After 5 agonizing months, Nino has finally opened up and got along with the others. But how long will he hold up? Will Nino pull another move on Jun? What will Matsujun do?

A/N: ah, it's good to have short nails. easy to type ^^ after the confusing pairing jumbles, it's time to get back to story plot. and more hogwarts feel, with a chance of arashi rabu showers i know i'm weird ^^


Important note before you read. I purposely sped time and skipped christmas. gomen! i know it would be nice reading about arashi giving christmas presents and seeing ohno's practice training, but i decide to skip all that. so please don't complain! ><

Chapter 11 - Water Spirits

"Go Ohno! Go! Go! Go!" Jun shouted in the wind.

It was a beautiful day in January, and it was Ohno's third match as a Chaser—this time going against Hufflepuffs. Jun wore gold and red to support his Gryffindor team while the other side of the stands wore a splash of Hufflepuff colors. It was a cold day, but the sun was warm and there wasn't a single breeze.

"Ohno zooms by Hufflepuff Chaser Okada Junichi," the annoucer, Sakurai Sho narrated. "A nice dodge from that Bludger! He makes his way towards the goal! Can he make it?! HE SCORES!!"

The Gryffindors went wild as they screamed and cheered. The score was an amazing 80-70 to Gryffindors. The Hufflepuffs were putting up a good fight, but Ohno was amazing in the air.

"Ohno is so strong!" Ryo yelled so Jun could hear him. "He must be the only first year in Gryffindor ever able to play!"

"And Tegoshi Yuya catches the Quaffle and speeds toward the goal!" Sho announced. "Nice pass between Chasers there, and-"

"Ooooh!" The crowd moaned as a zooming Bludger slugged Tegoshi.

"Nice aim there, Taichi-san!" Sho called.

The game continued with high tension until the score was 150-140 to Hufflepuffs. It was neck in neck throughout the game, and Jun was on the edge of his seat. He gazed up at the Gryffindor Seeker, Oguri Shun, circling the field like a hawk. Suddenly, Shun dived towards a shining ball at the far corner of the field.

"Oguri spots the Golden Snitch! Look at him go!" Sho cried, and everyone's eyes were on Shun and the Hufflepuff Seeker was right on his tail. Then, Shun pulled up with something clutched in his fist.

"And he caught the Snitch!!" Sho roared along with the Gryffindors. "The Gryffindor wins! 290-150 love! Gryffindor wins!!"

Jun threw his cap in the air like the others in celebrations. He looked across the field and saw Ohno clapping and high-five his teammates. On the other side of the stands, Jun saw Aiba nodding his head in respect. Nino smirked as well, but the other Slytherins had a sour look since they never supported either houses.

"You the man, Ohno!" Jun cheered, but then his smile began to fade.

"What's wrong with Ohno?" Ryo asked, also looking worried.

Ohno looked slump on his broomstick as if he was too exhausted. Jun watched closely as Ohno's teammates nudge him a little, and Ohno sat up straight again but with drooped shoulders.

"I guess he's just tired," Jun reassured Ryo. "I mean, it was a pretty intense game."

The Gryffindors retreated to their common room to celebrate their victory. Some of the older students stole Fire Whiskey and someone played music. The center of the common room became a dance floor, and a few older students showed off their sick DansuMahou moves—intoxicating others who watch to dance as well.

Jun had to wrench his eyes away from the crowd or he'll dance too. He managed to find Ohno within the crowd and dragged him out the common room for fresh air.

"It's like a club party in there," Jun gasped as Ohno slump down, regaining his mind after the DansuMahou spell.

"Wow..." Ohno mumbled. "I can't wait to take DansuMahou..."

"Come on, Ohno. We promised the others we'd meet each other by the lake to finish our project," Jun said and lifted Ohno to his feet.

It's been a month since they were assigned to do their project in Charms. Professor Yamamoto explained that this project must take time since it takes a lot of thought in finding spirits. Jun, Sho, and Ohno were assigned to find Water Spirits, and with a stroke of luck, Aiba and Nino were also partner together to find traces of Water Spirits.

"This is a stupid assignment," Ohno complained as they walked down towards the lake. "No one needs Spirit Magic. They're just something to look at."

"The sooner we get this project over with, the better," Jun agreed.

Sho, Aiba, and Nino were already at the lake's edge—sitting peaceful on the grass with a few textbooks laid on the ground. Sho looked up and waved, but Aiba next to him pouted at them as they approach.

"You're late," Aiba barked. "Just because you have to party after the game, doesn't give you an excuse to be late."

"Oh lighten up, Aiba. Don't get grumpy just because your team couldn't make it to the finals," Ohno smirked. Nino laughed.

"Relax, Aiba. Let's get down to business," Jun said, sitting next to Aiba.

"Fine," Aiba sighed. "But I still don't get why we have to be near the lake."

"Okay," Sho said, rubbing hands and looked eager to start working.

"Teach us, 'sensei', what should we do?" Nino teased since Sho was always the one having to explain things in extreme detail.

"We have to find traces of Water Spirit. To do that we have to work out a good incantation to lure that magic out," Sho started, flipping pages of his textbooks.

"Make our own words?" Ohno said, tilting his head like a puppy.

"Yup. Just like how UtaMahou does it. Only we don't need our singing power to do that," Sho nodded.

Jun picked up a book and read a passage out loud. " 'Water Spirits gives off life and healing. They are one of the five elemental Nature Spirits to roam the wizarding world until the Spirit Hunt in 1470 which lead to their extinction. Water Spirits can be traced throughout any masses of water. Since life must live on water, it is the most easiest to find out of the other five elements-' "

"Sounds like we got this in the bag," Ohno stretched.

Jun continued to read. " '-but it's the most mysterious.' "


" 'To see a glimpse of a Water Spirit, one must incant a series of words relating to life, healing, and mystery.' " Jun finished.

"You've read that hundred times already," Nino complained. "And we can't think of a single incantation to fit those three words."

"What does it mean mysterious?" Jun thought. "It's pretty straight forward. Water gives life. What's so mysterious about it?"

"Think about it like water's personality traits," Sho said, being brainy again. "The ocean can be calming, but it can also be fierce and take a life. The ocean can be two-faced and unpredictable."

"Maybe because water is always changing," Aiba suggested. "Like a storm always change. It rains, then it becomes rivers or floods, and changes into tsunamis or hurricanes."

"When I think of mysterious, I think of dreams," Jun added. "To me, dreams are mysterious."

"Since we're dealing with a spirit magic, maybe it has feelings," Nino joined in. He picked up a stone and threw into the lake, and the five boys watched the ripples spread out. "Maybe the Water Spirits were emotional."

"Ohno, you're taking UtaMahou," Jun said. "How do you come up with words to make UtaMahou?"

Ohno looked confused at first, as if he didn't know the answer himself. He just shrugged and scratched the back of his head.

"Well, Professor Masahiko Kondo told us that the words to perform a good UtaMahou must come from the heart," Ohno said, nodding his head. Nino agreed as well.

"Let's brainstorm!" Nino smiled, pulling out rolls of parchment and quills. "It'll be like writing lyrics."

And so, the five young boys got to work to express the three key words: life, healing, and mystery. There was a calming and joyful atmosphere around then as they talked, discussed, and laughed about the best incantations. Jun realized that Nino has a brilliant mind and knows a way with using words. Of course, Ohno knew this, but it also surprised Sho and Aiba.

"Okay, how's this?" Nino passed the parchment to Ohno. "What do you think?"

" 'Someday's separation...dream, surely...resounding like glass...' " Ohno mumbled to himself, but he looked frustrated with a heavy wrinkle on his forehead.

"Something wrong with it?" Jun asked, surprised that Ohno would question Nino's word choice.

"It's alright...but I don't know," Ohno confessed. "I feel like it's missing something."

"You're kidding," Nino moaned, laying down on the grass. "I gave it my all."

"Can I take this copy with me tonight?" Ohno asked. "I want to try this on my own if you guys don't mind."

"Uh...sure I guess," Sho shrugged.

"It's getting late anyways. We should head back before we get yelled at," Aiba said and stretched his long legs when standing up.

Jun and Ohno returned to the Gryffindor common room and finished up any last minute assignments that was due the next day. The room soon dwindled in numbers until only Jun and Ohno were left alone. Jun sighed and stared at Ohno who was still re-reading Nino's words on the parchment.

"You seem really into it," Jun smirked. Ohno looked up as if he just realized Jun was there.

"I'll tell you something, Matsujun."

"Not you too," Jun complained.

"What? Matsujun is a cute name," Ohno pouted. "Anyways, I can't shake the feeling like this project is more meaningful than I thought it would be."

"How so?" Jun asked, tilting his head.

"The past month we've worked on finding the right words to find Water Spirits. But sometimes I feel something tugging at me whenever we say the right if somethings calling me," Ohno said, looking serious.

"What words did we used?"

"Like this one here...'someday's separation and someday's meeting.'...It's a weird feeling," Ohno explained.

"How?" Jun asked. Ohno just scratched his head in frustration.

"I don't know! As if my soul is tugging at me."

Jun felt his heart skip a beat. He was thinking of a different time when he thought Ohno's soul was pulled apart...

"Sometimes when I think of it, I get exhausted," Ohno said. Jun gasped.

"Like today? At the Quidditch match. I saw you looked kinda slumped on your broomstick," Jun pointed out.

"Oh that," Ohno sighed. "I wasn't thinking about the project at the time, but I was more exhausted than I usually was during matches."

"Maybe you should take a break from this," Jun said, pulling the parchment away from him. "I can look at it."

"Okay," Ohno yawned. "I'm gonna hit the sack. Goodnight."

"G'night," Jun replied.

Jun was all alone with only the sounds of the fire crackling. Jun glanced down at the parchment the five of them worked on. There were tons of scribbles and scratch-outs from the others, but Jun understood it. He took a sip of water from his goblet before he recited a few lines.

" 'Because the radiance is connected everywhere.'....'Down pouring forever into this heart.'....'Like ripples of water, repeating beautifully.' "

"I don't feel anything," Jun thought. "Maybe Ohno's over thinking this."

*         *         *

"I want to try singing this," Ohno blurted out


"Please! Let me sing this!" Ohno begged.

"It's just words! It's not like we've come up with a musical note to them," Nino said.

"Just let me do this!" Ohno pleaded, shaking Nino. "At the lake, tonight."

Nino glanced at Sho, Aiba, and Jun until Sho confronted Ohno.

"Will you come up with the musical note?" Sho asked. Ohno nodded.

"I've been thinking about it all night," Ohno confessed, surprising Jun.

"But that means you'll be singing UtaMahou," Aiba said, looking uncomfortable. "It'll make us all..weird, will it?"

"No, you don't have too," Ohno explained. "There's a spell where you won't be under the influence of UtaMahou. It was the first spell we learned in that class."

"It would have been helpful if you told us earlier," Sho grunted.

"So it's agreed then. Tonight by the lake," Ohno said, and dashed away to his UtaMahou class.

"I hope he knows what he's doing," Jun sighed. He felt someone's hand rest on his shoulder. Jun turned to find Nino smiling at him.

"Just trust him. I know he's a good singer," Nino said.

*      *      *

"Okay, no one is here but us, right?" Ohno asked, triple checking the area that no one would hear them.

"Everyone is inside the castle. Now hurry up, it's cold out here!" Sho yelled, slightly shivering in his heavy coat.

"Okay, get close together guys," Ohno ordered and pointed his wand at them. "Nancho!" (deafness)

Jun felt something stuff into his ear but when the feeling died away, he could still hear his surroundings. He looked at Sho, Aiba, and Nino who also touched his ears in wonder.

"You can still hear normally, but you'll be deaf to UtaMahou magic," Ohno nodded.

"Alright then, let's hear it," Nino smiled, almost excited.

"And sing towards the lake in case we do pick up Water Spirits," Sho pointed out.

" I go," Ohno took a deep breath before he started.

Then, Ohno Satoshi sang.
" itsuka no wakare itsuka no deai
kazoekirenai namida to takanari kasanete koko de mada matteru
-so I could, so I would, you know?-

kotoba wo koete kokoro no oku de
michi naru nani ka ga umare oto wo kanaderu tsutsumi komu youni
so I dream on kitto!"

"Whoa..." Jun gasped, watching Ohno sing his heart out.

"I never knew Ohno's voice sounded like that," Sho gasped as well. "He always had this winy childish voice."

"That's Satoshi's special ability," Nino nodded, proud of his childhood friend. "He can really make you move through his singing."

"He's using UtaMahou, right?" Aiba whispered, not to distract Ohno. "I wonder what it must be like hearing the real thing."

"Look!" Jun pointed at the lake.

There was a flicker of light shining on the surface of the lake—like fireflies. Jun and the others watched closely while Ohno kept singing. Sho stepped closer to the lake to examine closely, and then Ohno hit the high note.

"No way..." Jun whispered.

Millions, if not billions, of tiny blue lights floated above the lake. They shined brightly in the moonlight, and they gave off a warm radiance despite the cold night. Sho immediately pulled out his Magic Bottle and scooped a few tiny blue fireflies. However, these weren't ordinary fireflies; they almost looked like glowing snowflakes.

"So pretty," Aiba breathed, holding his hand out as a single light descend onto his open palm.

"So these are traces of Water Spirits," Jun said, watching the billions of tiny blue lights surround them until he heard something collapse next to him.

"Ohno!" Nino yelled, and ran to his side. "Hey! Oh-chan! Wake up!"

"Ohno!" The others raced to his side.

Ohno was unconscious yet again, but what got Jun's attention was the way the tiny lights surrounded Ohno until he was glowing brightly like a blue angel...
damn it! why is ohno so weak!?! GRRR! XDD

OHNO IS NOT WEAK! he's over-singing? you get the idea. hahaha!

yeah, he was singing 'Song For Me' ><

waaah!~ this was long. i hope you understand the whole water spirit magic thing. to sum it up: ancient spirits of the nature elements (water, fire, wind, earth, and metal) left the world with a few admirable traces of magic before they became extinct...these small spirit traces actually corresponds to the five elements of the Vocal Wizards. that was probably a no brainer. MORE SPOILERS...notice how the water spirit magic effects ohno a great deal. o_O

i hope you like it! ^^

To Chapter 12 -

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