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Four Times Nino Asks for Nude Pics, One Time Ohno Did

Title: Four Times Nino Asks for Nude Pics, One Time Ohno Did
By: arashiforyou
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: Humor/ Smut
Rating: NC17
Summary: After being committed into a relationship, Nino tries to take it up a notch and asks Ohno for nude pics. Only Nino never realized how dense Ohno can be.
Author Notes: For Dia (sexual-savanna) as a Christmas gift!

First Pic

Nino was too lazy to get up, drive to Ohno's apartment, and have sex there. But Nino's flare was too strong tonight even if it was past ten at night. He just wanted to see Ohno so much, especially since they've been dating for the past month. They've already slept with each other, but Nino wanted some memorabilia.

He took out his phone and started texting. But he paused, thinking of the best possible lines that made even Nino laugh.

"Hey Handsome. Send me some pictures of that disco stick," Nino giggled as he pushed the send button.

A minute later, he got a respond back. "Do selfie sticks count?" Ohno attached a picture of himself, with a confused expression, and holding a selfie stick that Jun gave him as a "haha" birthday present.

But Nino wasn't too upset. Perhaps he was too coded with his words. "Not that! Send me your hot rod." Nino leaned back on his couch, confident Ohno got the message.

Not too soon afterwards, Ohno sent a message back. "Oh, you know I got a new fishing rod! It's so cool, right! It's kinda sexy too." Ohno snapped a picture of his red fishing rod next to his new fishing gear.

Nino just stared dumbfounded at Ohno's message. "Yeah...nice rod."

Second Pic

Nino was too embarrassed to explain himself at work to Ohno. Thankfully, Ohno didn't ask too much about it, and they happily had dinner at a restaurant afterwards. But due to scheduling, Ohno had to leave for a late-night drama shooting—the best times for a night scene shot just HAD to be when everyone is asleep.

Still, Nino waited, and hoped that a tired Ohno might lead to an irritated but "gets-the-point" Ohno.

He texted. "Great work today! You deserve it. Head on home, strip off your clothes, and call it a day."

Nino was patient, especially since it was well past midnight. And Ohno never fails to reply back. "I'm at home, and my clothes are off."

But no pictures were attached. It's time to be bold.

"Send me nudes?"

A minute passed, and he gets a picture of Ohno the dark and barely visible. Nonetheless, there was an outline of his body. But Ohno's lighting was so terrible, and Nino's horny meter went down.

Nino groaned but texted back. "Good night."

Third Pic

"I want a picture of your dick," Nino texted with a determined mindset. But he typed too fast, and auto-correct changed the meaning of his message.

"My duck?" Ohno replied back. "I have leftover duck in the fridge..."

"I want to see your ASS!"

"Donkeys aren't the best house pets. You know that, Nino!" Ohno sent a picture of his television that just so happen to show a cartoon donkey on-screen.

Nino was in rage. Now he thinks he can be a smart-ass?!

"Send me a dick pic. Your penis!"

The response time took a good ten minutes. Nino was sure Ohno understood what he meant then and was getting ready for the best shot. When his phone finally buzzed, Nino eagerly opened up his message and downloaded a large photo file.

It was an accurate drawing of a man's penis and scrotum. Ohno even took the time to draw additional sketches of the different erection stages. The first one was titled "Limp and Cold". The second one was titled "Compass Arrow". And the final full length penis drawing was named "Tokyo's Tower". Ohno added an arrow pointing to the ejaculation squirts as "fireworks".

Nino texted back. "Fuck you."

Fourth Pic

Nino scrubbed himself clean and trimmed himself before getting into the most comfortable position. He adjusted the lighting in his room, and worked himself up until he stood to his fullest length. He quickly reached for his phone and snapped a picture. He sent the photo to Ohno and waited while taking a few more shots in case Ohno asks for more.

"I sent you nudes. Send me some of yours," Nino texted his message.

Ohno replied. "Why the fuck would you send me that?! Put that thing away or birds would think it's a worm!"

Nino could feel himself going limp, his brow deeply furrowed. "This WORM has WORMED its way into a certain SHITHOLE just a few days ago!"

"Oh, yeah! I also remember the worm went to sleep less than ten minutes later."

Nino sat up, completely fed up. "You can go fuck yourself!"

"Gladly!" Ohno added a laughing emoji, but Nino flopped back onto his bed, screaming into his pillow.

First Pic

Nino was still angry for Ohno insulting him, but he still reached for his phone when he heard it buzz again. It has been two hours since Nino sent his own nude pictures, and he already showered and put clothes on. But he was surprised when Ohno sent an attached video.

"Sorry it took me so long," Ohno's message read. "I wanted to make sure it was good since you told me to go fuck myself."

Nino downloaded the video and played it back. At first, Nino only saw Ohno's bare chest taking up the whole view—he was setting up his phone so it wouldn't move. Then, Ohno stepped back a bit to show his face as well as his naked body.

"Oh my god," Nino gasped, his eyes widen as Ohno sat down on his couch.

Nino watched Ohno grasped himself and started pulling up and down the foreskin. Already, Nino's blood began rushing as Ohno pumped faster. Ohno kept his eyes on the camera, and Nino was conflicted whether he should stare at the growing erection or Ohno's delightful blushing face. Eventually, Ohno lowered his gaze and concentrated on his own jerking off. His sighs and moans grew louder, and Nino started masturbating himself too.

The first clear liquid leaked out from Ohno's tip, and he started slowing down his pace.

"No, don't stop," Nino complained, rubbing himself.

Then, Ohno stood up and walked out of the shot. Nino went still and waited for Ohno to appear again. He was greeted with Ohno's erection up close to the camera. Ohno made a few strokes in front of the camera, and Nino smirked when he heard Ohno's groans again. But it was short-lived as Ohno returned back to the couch, this time with a new toy. A large purple dildo.

"I've had this for a long time," Ohno spoke to the camera. "Before you and I got together, I've been using this."

"Ohno, you gay fucktard," Nino chuckled, but his mouth stayed partially open as he continued to watch.

Ohno leaned back on his couch and pulled his knees up to reveal a small hole to the camera. Nino's face was burning at this point as he watched Ohno prep himself up. The camera didn't pick up the finer sound effects, but the visuals were more enough to get Nino pumping himself again. Ohno began blushing again as if he suddenly remembered he was being recorded. But Nino kept his eyes focused on Ohno's fingers worked his way inside and padding around his hole.

Finally, the moment arrived and Ohno reached for his precious toy. Ohno seemed familiar with it, so the going as a lot faster than Nino thought. Ohno's face turned more red, and his moans reached the camera mic. Nino was utterly speechless. The toy was way thicker and longer than Nino, and yet Ohno took the entirety of the dildo to the very base on the first go. Nino's mouth hanged open as he watched Ohno slowly pull out only to push it back in. Ohno rolled his head back, exposing his reddened neck, as he continued to push in and out in his slow agonizing pace.

Then, Ohno started moving faster, and Nino's eyebrows rose higher at the sight. Who would have thought his boyfriend would make an excellent pornstar. Ohno turned his gaze back to the camera, but with a fierce and passionate stare. His rear lifted high for a better view with one hand busy on the purple toy and the other on his erection. Ohno kept moaning out Nino's name, making Nino's heart beat faster. At last, Ohno scrunched his eyes shut as he squirted onto his chest. The white fluid spilled over Ohno's hand and down his abdomen. Ohno's panting slowed down, but he kept the dildo inside.

Then the video ended.

"Awww!" Nino complained. He suspected Ohno edited the ending so he wouldn't have to see Ohno's awkward walk towards the camera to turn it off.

Nonetheless, Nino typed back a message at lightening speed.

"You have to try that on me."


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