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Sayonara, Arashi (Fanfic)

Title: Sayonara, Arashi

By: arashiforyou (also on my vox account ArashiLovesYou)

Genre: Drama, Friendship

Pairings: Slight Yama (OhnoxSho) (blue and red makes purple ^_^)

Summary: It's been 60 years since Arashi debuted in Hawaii. The all knew what was gonna happen when President Johnny himself asked all the members to see him in his office alone. They knew...and they were ready. It's been fun...

Author's Note: I was inspired to do this story when I saw somewhere, if Arashi had a 30th anniversary. I forgot where I saw that, but it got me thinking, what if Arashi lasts longer? How will it all end? Sad, I know, but one day. And this is what I thought of. Enjoy!


Sayonara, Arashi

"Ohno-san." His manager called.

"Yes?" Ohno turned around and watched his manager and long-time partner approach him. He sighed heavily, and placed his hand on Ohno's shoulder. "What is it?"

"Mr.Johnny called," he simply replied. "In fact, he called all Arashi members to see him at his office."

Ohno just looked into his manager's eyes before he asked.


He only nodded in reply. There was a long silence, but Ohno smiled, spreading wrinkles across his face.

"Okay, I'll see you later." He said, and walked off, but he could hear his manager sniffing.

It's been 60 years since Arashi debuted in Hawaii. They have long stopped performing live concerts when they all turned in their mid 40s. Since then, they've appeared in more movies, dramas, and tv shows. They stopped releasing new singles when they were in their late 50s.

As Ohno Satoshi, leader of Arashi, walked up the stairs towards Johnny-san's office, he recalls all his memories he had with those four bakas. He never thought he shed more tears nor share more laughters in his life with those four guys. They've all grown so much, and became so well known not only in Japan, but all over the world.

Ohno opened the door and walked in Johnny's office. The rest of the members were already there. Sakurai Sho, sporting the best gray hair out of all the others. Aiba Masaki, who had the least wrinkles than the others. Ninomiya Kazunari, who was still as short as Ohno. And Matsumoto Jun, walking in a cane and smiling the best smile of all.

"Hey there, Satoshi." Johnny smiled. "Now you're all here, please take a seat."

They all didn't say a word as they sat down in five chairs facing Johnny's desk. They waited for him to speak, and Arashi had patiences. Over 60 years of experience with Johnny and his son, they knew him like the back of their hand.

"I've been blissed to have such a wonderful group in this company and been together for so long too." Johnny said. "I've watched you grow and developed so much."

Ohno gave a weak and tired smile.

"You all have been through so much laughter, sadness, and happiness than I've ever seen in the showbiz. My father and I are the proudest president in the business."

Sho, Ninomiya, and Matsujun gave a small chuckle.

"But now I'm afraid...the time has come." Johnny said, no longer smiling. "You've long stopped releasing new singles. You've grown old and coming close to retirement."

Ohno just blinked. A slow blink.

"It is time...Arashi disband." Johnny stated.

Silence. But not an awkward silence. It was a silence that was perfect; a time of relaxtion has come. Ohno looked at his fellow members. They all had satisfied faces, and Ohno spoke first.

"It was a good 60 years." Ohno said.

Johnny nodded as well, smiling.

"I always knew this day will come. But I had always envisioned that it be someone who wanted to go solo." Ohno turned to look at his bandmates. 

They smiled back.

"But we stayed together. We've really...caused a storm around the world, ne?" Ohno said.

Aiba laughed.

"I'm glad to hear that. Especially from the leader." Johnny said. "Now, let's talk one last time about business. Arashi's last appearance together..."

After the meeting with Johnny, the news spread like wild fire. The newspaper was covered with pictures of Arashi, old and new. The radio was busy answering requests of Arashi songs from long time ago. Ohno and his fellow members appeared in tv shows giving their final interviews. 

The last bang before Arashi left the world. It was the last thing they can do for their fans all over the world. However, all the publicity doesn't compare to the final moment in their private dress rooms.

It was Aiba's idea to have a private party with just close friends and family in the dress room they always go in Tokyo Dome when they held concerts. It's the best idea Aiba ever came up with. The night grew on, and slowly, friends and family gave their congrads and left for home until it was only the five of them left.

It was quiet.

Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Matsumoto Jun were thinking the same thing. The moment they left that door, it'll be the moment they left Arashi. After watching old videos of them and quiet conversations, it was only Ohno and Sho left in the room.

"Ohno-kun," Sho spoke.


"I'm glad it's just the two of us left." Sho confessed. Ohno smiled.

"Me too."

"Ohno, I just want to say, and I know that you've been told this millions of times...but you are the best leader Arashi could ever have." Sho said.

Ohno didn't say anything but stare at the empty room.

"I believe that it was you, Ohno, that kept us together. You've always been there for us and we always took you for granted. Ohno-kun..."

Ohno looked at Sho, feeling tears coming. But Sho was already crying.

"Arigatou...." Sho gasped, sucking in his lips like he always do when he cries.

Ohno felt a tear slide down his old, wrinkled face. He stood up from his seat and hugged Sho, smiling.

"You're welcome...Sho-kun." Ohno said, with a steady voice. Just like a leader should and always had been.

After Sho finally cleared his throat, he smirked.

"But, I don't intend to be the next person to leave this room." Sho said, with a determined look on his face. Ohno laughed.

"Ok then...let's janken for it." Ohno suggested. It was Sho's turn to laugh.

"Just like before?"

"Just like before." Ohno said, knowing he meant the day he was decided leader.

They brought their fist in front.

"Ready?" Ohno asked. Sho nodded.

" 'Rock is first, janken pon!' " They said.

Sho was rock.

Ohno was.....paper.

"Just like before." Sho sighed.

"Seems that way." Ohno nodded.

"As expected of Riida, ne?" Sho said, but got teary again. "Take care Satoshi!" And hugged him even tighter.

"Come on, Sho. You're 77. You're too old to cry." Ohno sniffed.

"But you're crying too." Sho commented.

"Baka," Ohno laughed.

Sho gather his things and held the doorknob before he look back.

"Sayonara...Riida." Sho said, and walked out the door.

Ohno looked around the lonely room. So many memories held in this room he'll never forget. The couch he sleeps on, or the mirror he watched Ninomiya dances in front of, or Aiba bringing good food to eat. Slowly, Ohno felt more tears welling up until he could no longer held them in.

He loves Arashi, he loves everyone from his members to his fans. He loves it so much.

Finally, he gather his things as well. He took one last look at room. His hand on the light switch.

"Sayonara...Arashi." He whispered, turning the lights off, and walked out the door.


"Darling, wake up. Someone's here to see you." He heard his wife called.

"Grandpa, wake up. Wake up, wake up!" His grandkids came running in and jumping on his bed.

"Okay, I'm up." He smiled, and pretended to be a monster chasing his grandkids.

He walked into his kitchen to find his loving family eating breakfast together.

"Dad, someone's here I think you should see." His son came and nodded down the hall towards the living room.

Still in his pajamas, he entered the room and gasp.

"Yo!" Ninomiya called.

"About time you woke up." Matsumoto said.

"Didn't you get my call?" Aiba asked, smiling.

"Why so shocked, Ohno?" Sho asked.

"You guys..." Ohno was speechless.

"What? You thought just because Arashi left the world, we wouldn't see each other again, did you?" Sho smiled.

"You guys..." Ohno smiled.

"Come on, get ready. We're going fishing." Matsumoto said.

"I rented us a boat, let's go." Aiba said.

Ohno may love Arashi, but not as much as he loves his friends more than just a group. And that's what counts...

The End


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