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First Year at Hogwarts

Title: First Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a first year at Hogwarts. The gang was assigned to find traces of Water Spirits left. After fixing the incantations to summon Water Spirits, Ohno sings the spell in UtaMahou. It turns out he over-worked himself yet again. What will happened to Ohno? Is his singing power to strong? What will Jun do next?
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Chapter 12 - Gillyweed



"Hey, get a hold of yourself, Ohno!"

"Open your eyes!"

The boys tried their best to wake up Ohno, but even with Sho's complex spells that Jun never knew, Ohno still didn't wake up. Ohno breathed regularly as if he was sleeping, but he wouldn't respond to their calls.

"What's with these blue lights?" Nino hissed in irritation. "Get away from him!"

"Wait a minute, Nino," Sho said, grabbing Nino's arm from waving at the blue lights. "I think they're trying to help him."

"Help him?"

They stood back as they let millions of tiny blue lights engulf Ohno. Jun worried that someone in the castle would see the light like a second sun, but soon enough the light faded away and Ohno sat up with a look of awe.

"Oh-chan!" Nino cried and hugged him first. Jun sighed with relief.

"Are you okay?" Aiba asked, already feeling Ohno's forehead.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine," Ohno said, slowly standing up.

"You sure?" Sho asked. "You looked like you saw a ghost."

"Perhaps you sang too much UtaMahou again," Jun suggested.

"No it's not that," Ohno said, rubbing his chest as if his heart burned. "I...I think there's something down there," Ohno turned and stared at the lake.

"What do you mean? Of course there are living things down there," Sho said, raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah, like the Giant Squid everyone talks about," Aiba said.

"No, not like that," Ohno said with a serious look in his eyes. "I heard a voice calling me."

"When?" Nino asked, his forehead wrinkled.

"When I was singing UtaMahou," Ohno explained. "I heard it calling me, and I passed out. And...I think I heard a Water Spirit talking to me."

"What did they say?" Jun said, almost whispering.

Ohno leaned in close as if he was scared.

" 'Set me free from my watery prison.' "Ohno recited.

Jun immediately felt a chill run down his spine as if something was said that should be left unspoken. Nino and Sho looked pale as well, and Aiba looked just as scared as Ohno.

"What does that mean?" Aiba whispered, also looking out to the vast lake.

"You don't think someone's trap down there?" Sho questioned.

"Then we should find out!" Ohno said, suddenly looking pumped. "We have to help it!"

"No way, Ohno! Hearing voices is not a good sign. Maybe you should leave this one out," Sho said.

"How can I ignore it?!" Ohno yelled. "I've been having these strange feelings ever since we started this dumb project! Something has been tugging my soul to do this and now you're telling me I should forget it?!"

"I'm concern about your health!" Sho yelled back. "This is the second time you collapse while singing UtaMahou, and I won't stand by and let you hurt yourself again."

"I'm with smart-stockings here," Nino said. "I worry about you, Ohno. After what Headmaster Johnny said about UtaMahou...I don't want you to over-sing yourself that...your soul gets pulled apart."

"I don't have to sing UtaMahou," Ohno tried to reason them. "I just want to know what's down there and-"

"There's no way first years like us can do that," Aiba cut in. "Unless you know how to Transfigure yourself or do a Bubble-Head Charm, then maybe you can. But we don't learn that until we're seniors."

"Plus there are creatures down there that can kill you, Ohno!" Jun added. "You have no way of defending yourself."

Ohno just stared back at the four boys ganging on him. He sighed.

"Fine," Ohno mumbled.

"Thank you." Nino sighed.

"I'll just have to do it myself," Ohno finished and walked back towards the castle.

*     *    *

It's been two weeks since the five of them found the Water Spirits and Ohno's desperation to find a way to sink into the lake. Ohno was back to being in his little world again, but he would occasionally talk to them. Other than the usual classes, Quidditch practices, and meals, Ohno has been reading through tons of books that surprised Sho.

"I feel like he's reading more than me," Sho admitted.

Ohno, Sho, Aiba, Nino, and Jun were in the library again to finish up Transfiguration homework. However, Ohno was nearly buried in pile of books relating to water. The others watched Ohno read with his glasses—since he was farsighted—and then Ohno picked up another book.

"It's been two weeks," Aiba sighed. "You think he'd find something by now."

"What he's looking for is something to help him breathe underwater," Sho explained. "But even if he does find a way, he doesn't really know what's under there."

"Can he even swim?" Aiba asked. Nino shrugged.

"You guys, I feel sorry for him," Jun said, rubbing his eyes. "Maybe we should help him out."

The others just exchange glances, wondering if they all were thinking the same thing. It's futile.

"We can discuss this after Potions," Sho said, packing his things. "Let's go, Ohno."

"Wait!" Ohno hushed, flipping pages back and forth. "I'm on to something here."

"We better go now, or we'll be late. I don't want to lose another 50 points," Sho said, and left the library without waiting.

Nino, Sho, Jun, and Ohno headed for Potions while Aiba had free time to hang out with his Hufflepuff mates. As usual, Nino goes off his way to join with his Slytherin cronies. No one knows that Nino is hanging out with Sho, Jun, Aiba, or Ohno. However, they don't mind since Nino's Slytherin friends wouldn't understand.

Professor Naruse Ryo entered the classroom as usual to begin the lecture. He'd glared at all the students but would smile sweetly to the girls who would giggled behind their hands. Jun couldn't help but wonder if Naruse put on a new lip balm since they looked so shiny.

A new assignment was written on the blackboard, and the students got to work in making a remedy for common poisons. Jun tried his best to get the instructions right, but Ohno had barely started when Naruse was back to his usual harassment.

"Your pot is not lit, Ohno," Naruse said, bored. "You failed to follow the first instruction: 'Lit the pot first, and cut the frog legs into squares.' That's five points from Gryffindor."

The Gryffindors groaned as they lost more points. Ravenclaws were giving looks of pity while the Slytherins smirked. Nino sometimes smirk with them, but after a while Nino got bored with Naruse's cruel tease.

"Let's see," Jun mumbled to himself, reading the board.

He grabbed the next ingredient, which looked like wet rat tails, and started chopping, but Ohno's eyes were drawn to what Jun was chopping. His eyes were round with shock and his mouth hung open.

"What is that?" Ohno whispered to Jun.

"'s gillyweed," Jun simply said. But Ohno snatched the weeds from Jun's hand. "Ohno?"

"This is it!" Ohno exclaimed. "I read it in books, but I never thought I could find it here. That means Naruse has a whole stack of them!"

"Ohno, be quiet. He'll hear you," Jun hushed, watching Naruse from the Slytherin tables. "So what is it?"

"Gillyweed lets the user grow gills and webbed fingers," Ohno explained. "In short, I can breathe and swim underwater with this."

"Seriously?!" Jun gasped, amazed that Ohno knows such a thing.

"Where does he keep it?" Ohno glanced around the classroom and noticed the cupboards for the students use.

Ohno quickly got up and searched, but he returned empty handed.

"They're all gone," Ohno grunted. "Everyone in class has one."

"I'm sure Naruse has a separate stash for his other classes." Jun said.

"I think so too," Ohno nodded. "Okay then. We have no choice but to steal one."

"What? Now?"

"No, idiot! Naruse will see us," Ohno rubbed his chin. "We'll have to wait until he's out of the dungeons, and we'll sneak into his office."

"You're crazy!" Jun whispered, as Naruse got closer. "Someone will see us."

"I guess we'll ask for the others help then," Ohno shrugged. "I have a plan. Trust me."

"I'd prefer Aiba's experiments than your plans, Ohno." Jun mumbled.

*      *     *

"Are you out of your spiky-headed mind?!" Sho yelled. The five of the them were hanging out in the courtyard. It was February but despite being the winter season, it was a nice and cool day outside.

"You want to infiltrate Professor Naruse's office?!" Aiba asked again.

"Yes. It's the only way I can get my hands on those gillyweeds," Ohno nodded with determination.

"Ohno, will you just forget this. Hearing voices is never a good thing. Plus you don't know what's down there in the lake," Sho argued. "Just let this go. We got a good grade for the Charms project."

"This isn't about the project, Sho!" Ohno fought back. "I have to know what's down there. It's been calling me, I know it is. Just help me with this and I won't bother you again."

"How are you going to get into Naruse's office? The guy is in the dungeons, like, 24/7," Nino said.

"Except for dinner hour," Ohno pointed. "He never misses dinner. That's the time I'll go."

"He looks like a fast eater, though," Jun said, crossing his arms. "Both literally and figuratively."

"That's why I need one of you guys to keep an eye on him for me. I have it all planned out," Ohno said. "Aiba will stay in the Great Hall during dinner. The moment Naruse looks like he's done eating, Aiba will leave the Great Hall, signaling Sho, who is just outside, and heads towards the dungeon to warn Nino.

"And it's fine for Nino to hang out around Slytherin territory, so no one will suspect him. He'll stay around outside Naruse's office while Jun and I search for the gillyweeds."

The four boys were silent when Ohno finished his preposterous plan. Sho looked fed up with the idea, so was Jun and Nino. But Aiba had a little smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

"That's a good plan," Aiba admitted. "I'm in. Just because I hate Naruse."

"Fine, I'm in too," Nino nodded. "If you think something's that important in the lake to pull off this scheme...than it must be worth it."

"Alright...I'm in," Jun sighed. "Since you'll bug me to do it anyways."

The others waited for Sho's reply. It must have been forever until Ohno pulled off his best puppy-eyed look to persuade Sho.

"Mou!" Sho huffed. "I'm in!"

*       *       *
Dinner hour came earlier than they thought. Ohno, Sho, Aiba, Nino, and Jun waited just outside the Great Hall in a secluded corner where no one would really suspect them. However, the five boys kept an eye out for Professor Naruse to enter the Great Hall. It was a good half hour until Nino nudged Ohno's stomach.

Naruse walked gracefully across the floor toward the doors of the Great Hall. He was talking friendly with the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and he didn't even looked twice towards the boys' direction.

"Okay, we split here," Ohno whispered and the five boys dispersed.

Aiba headed inside the Great Hall to keep an eye on Naruse. Sho remained outside waiting for Aiba to walk out to signal Naruse's leave. Nino, Ohno, and Jun headed down the dungeon until Nino had to split off.

"Be careful," Nino whispered before he wondered around the corridors of the dungeon. Nino's job was too make sure no student would walk near Naruse's office and spot Ohno and Jun.

Ohno and Jun slipped inside Naruse's office and immediately began their search. Ohno tried looking through all his cabinets while Jun searched his desk. Ten minutes have passed already.

"Found it yet?" Ohno breathed, looking frantically through the numerous jars of objects. "It's gotta be here."

"Nothing," Jun sighed.

Suddenly, Jun came across a locked drawer. He pulled out his wand and chanted, "Alohomora." But the drawer was still locked. He pushed aside the piles of papers on his desk in search of a key of some kind. While he pushed papers around, he paused and stared down at a picture.

It was a kind of diagram that Jun didn't understand, but his eyes were drawn to the circle with five stars. He read them clearly.

Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Metal.

"What is this?" Jun mumbled to himself, about to read the small side-notes.

"Jun! I found it!" Ohno interrupted. He pointed at the jar hidden behind in the very back of a cabinet.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Jun and Ohno stopped breathing for a good three seconds until they gave each other the same look.

It was Nino's signal that Naruse was on his way back.

"Damn, he eats fast," Ohno cursed, and quickly grabbed a hand-full of gillyweeds into his bag.

"Let's go!" Jun whispered, and they both dash down the corridors while peeking carefully around corners until they can sprint again.

It was torture running through the maze of hallways and the echo of footsteps drawing nearly. Finally, Jun and Ohno made it out the dungeons and rejoined with Sho, Aiba, and Nino at the library.

"Well?" Sho asked, reading Jun and Ohno's breathless faces. "Did the plan work?"

Ohno just opened his bag as the others peer inside. There were five slimy, wet gillyweeds.

"Mission complete," Ohno grinned.

The boys cheered, quietly, in the library and gave each other high-fives and short hugs. Jun joined in their success, but his mind was on something else.

'What was that blueprint on Naruse's desk?' Jun pondered. 'If only I had more time to look at it...'
(exhales) god, my back hurts! and my arm hurts! sorry, you don't want to hear me complain.

the story is turning! we might be close to the climax!

To Chapter 13 -


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