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First Years at Hogwarts

 Title: First Years at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Frinedship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a first year at Hogwarts. Ohno pleaded for his friends help after he claims to hear voices coming from the lake.  Jun watches Ohno research for a way to sink underwater until he finally hatch a plan. After a daring scheme to steal from Naruse's office, the boys have gillyweeds in there possession. Will Ohno really sink into the lake to find what's calling him? Will Jun and the others follow?

Climax!! and at such an unlucky number lucky!!

Chapter 13 - The Water Talisman.

"We got the gillyweeds, now what?" Aiba said, looking down at the fresh, green, wet rubber balls in Ohno's bag.

"We're going down to the lake, duh!" Ohno said smiling, but Sho didn't look so happy.

"I don't know," Sho said, crossing his arms.

"You agreed to help me, Sho!"

"Yes I did. But I'm worried what we might find. We don't even know what's down there. What if something happens?"

"You worry too much, SakuSho," Nino said, teasing again.

"I'm serious, NinoKaz!" Sho fired back. "I read that gillyweeds can only last a good hour before the user goes back to its original state. What are we gonna do if we're at the bottom of the lake and our time runs out?"

No one answered to that question. Jun wanted to defend Ohno, but Sho had a point. How were they going to defend themselves down there? What if they run out of time?

"I know!" Aiba blurted out, reaching into his bag. "I've always wanted to try it."

"Oh no, Aiba. Not one of your experiments, is it?"

"Tada!" Aiba smiling brightly, pulling out a handful of green peppers. "I call them my Breathable Air Pocket Peppers."

"They look like regular peppers to me," Jun said, picking up one and examining closely.

"So you think. But I practiced and perfected them so they can hold a large amount of air inside them," Aiba said.

"And your point is?" Nino asked.

"Idiot! When the gillyweeds wears off, we can breath through these!"

Aiba picked one pepper and bit a tiny whole on it. Immediately, air starting blowing out for an extensive time. Jun thought it was similar to an oxygen tank for divers in the Muggle world.

"How long do they last?" Sho asked.

"About ten minutes. I made a whole bucket full in my dorm. We can use those," Aiba said. "How about it?"

Ohno head-locked Aiba under his arm and ruffed his brown hair like a bully.

"You're such a genius!!" Ohno laughed as Aiba managed to escape Ohno's grip.

"Ok, that solves our breathing problem. But what about the creatures that live in the lake? Not to mention what we'll find when Ohno follows that voice," Sho said, still being a party pooper.

"Look, I think we'll be fine," Jun said, calming Sho. "You are very skilled at spells, maybe way more advanced than any of us. I see you in classes. And Ohno can sing with UtaMahou. Right, Ohno?"

"Yeah. I may have passed out, but that's because I was overdoing myself. In class, I do know how to control my voice power. The professor even taught us a neat sonic boom, and it's real easy. I can teach you guys."

"Teaching UtaMahou outside class hours is prohibited," Sho started. "We need supervis-"

"Great idea, Oh-chan!" Nino interrupted perfectly. "That way we can defend ourselves down in the lake. Does it take long to learn?"

"You have to be a brainless giant not to get it," Ohno smirked. "How about it Sho? Care to learn a little UtaMahou tonight?"


"Yes, tonight. Or Naruse will find out who took his gillyweeds," Ohno said. "He has his ways...believe me."

"I'm in. I've always wanted to try out my Peppers in real situations instead of a bathtub." Aiba smirked.

"I'm in too. I'll have an adventure with Ohno any day," Nino smiled, wrapping his arm around his old childhood friend.

"Me too. I want to learn a little UtaMahou," Jun said, and Ohno nodded back.

Then, everyone's eyes were on Sho. They knew Sho was a strict person and always follow the rules, and Jun respects Sho for being righteous, smart, and wise for a young age. But even Jun knows in the Muggle world that rules were meant to be broken.

Sho sighed deeply, watching his friends waiting for his answer. He crossed his arms.

"This better take less than an hour. I have a test tomorrow morning," Sho said.

The other four boys grabbed Sho in a tight hug.

"Alright Sho!"

"I knew you were a team player."

"You actually have guts, SakuSho."

"Thank you Sho," Ohno smiled. "Everyone in."

Ohno had his fist in the center. Nino clasped his hand over Ohno, followed by Aiba, then Jun and Sho.

"First, we head to our dorms so no one would suspect us. At midnight, we meet at the lake," Ohno said, staring deeply in each pair of eyes. "I don't know what's causing me to hear that voice down there. But I can't ignore it. I'm glad you guys will follow me. I won't let you down."

"OH!" They cheered.

*       *       *

It must have be the longest evening Jun has ever experience. Ohno and Jun waited in the Gryffindor common room for the other dorm mates to retire to their beds. It was 10:45 and there was still a crowd. Jun read through his textbooks, hoping that some of the spells will be helpful when they head for the lake.

Ohno sat on a chair with his eyes closed. Jun watched Ohno in the orange glow of the fire. It was an amazing stroke of luck that Jun first became friends with Ohno. Jun could have easily been friends with someone else and maybe he never had to be in this mess.

"I'm glad I got to meet Ohno," Jun thought, smiling to himself.

Finally, Jun watched a tired 5th year head upstairs. The common room was finally empty but the two first years. It was 11:50.

"Ohno! It's time," Jun whispered, shaking Ohno.

"I'm awake," Ohno replied, his eyes snapped opened. "I was just thinking."

"About the voice? Can you still hear it?"

"Yes," Ohno stood up, his eyes gazing at a far away place. "I will finally know what's calling me."

"We're with you, Ohno," Jun said. Ohno smiled again at Jun.

"Thank you."

*    *    *

"About time!" Nino hissed, as Aiba and Sho raced down the lawn to join with them. "What took you so long, handsome?"

"Sorry, I made extra just in case," Aiba panted, pulling out bags of Breathable Air Pocket Peppers. "Here. We each carry our own sack."

Jun took on sack of peppers and tied the string to his belt. The others did the same.

"We each get six peppers. At least sixty minutes, and if you need more...well, let's not think that," Aiba smiled nervously.

"Now that we're all here. I'll teach you a simple sonic boom," Ohno said.

He took a deep breath and held it. He pointed at a small rock on the ground, indicating he was going to attack that. He puffed out a quiet yell, and Jun watched the rock break into pieces.

"Wow!" Jun gasped.

"I used only a little because I didn't want anyone to hear us from the castle," Ohno explained. "Basically, a sonic boom is a scream. Just focus your energy on whatever you want to reach and scream. You'll naturally sonic boom at that direction."

"Got it," Nino nodded.

"That's it?" Sho said, completely flabbergasted.

"That's it."

"No incantations? No spell? No anything? Just huff and blow?!"

"How else did the Big Bad Wolf blow down those piggy houses?" Ohno questioned back, as he pulled out the gillyweeds.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Sho sighed.

Ohno handed one gillyweed to everyone. Jun stared down at the slimy green ball in disgusted. It was cold and wet, and he didn't want to know what it tastes like.

"Ok you guys. Let's go," Ohno said.

They took off their shoes and socks and waded into the lake.

"Ah! It's cold!" AIba winced, as well as the others.

"Ah! This is the worse!" Sho complained. Nino had a stiff face, but he held his tongue.

"It's fine, guys. On the count of three," Ohno led. "One...Two...Three!"

Jun stuffed the gillyweed into his mouth and chewed non-stop. It was rubbery and slimy, just as Jun expected it to be. It took forever to tenderize it enough for Jun to swallow. Jun waited for something to happen.

Suddenly, he felt like someone blocked off his air ways. He clasped his throat trying to breathe air by pure instinct. His hands traveled around his neck, and he felt two slits of gills behind his ears.

Jun dived into the lake and took a huge gulp of water. His head cleared as the water passed through his gills. He glanced down at his hands and found his fingers and toes webbed. He also noticed the water wasn't as cold when he entered, rather it was cool and refreshing like normal body temperature.

Jun looked around and saw the others also underwater, getting used too their new features. Ohno gave the thumbs up and waved his arm, signalling to follow him.

They swam down deeper into the lake with Ohno in the lead. Jun tried to stay away from the seaweeds that swayed gracefully in the water because Jun read somewhere that creatures tend to live within the forest of seaweeds.

It seemed almost forever since they started swimming farther and farther down. The endless black background awaited in front of them with Ohno's wand light barely making pass ten feet in front of them.

Jun started to wonder if Ohno really knows where he was going...?

'No! I believe in Ohno. I trust him,' Jun forced himself to think positively.

'Is it worth it?' Jun's other conscious spoke. 'It is really worth going all this trouble to follow a guy down the lake?'

Jun started to swim slower, allowing the others to swim ahead, but Nino looked back, excepting Jun to keep up. Jun just stared back at Nino, giving the look that didn't need words.

'Should we turn back?'

Nino looked angrily at Jun, swam to his side and pulled his arm. Jun let Nino dragged him deeper and deeper with the others. Jun's mind was somewhere else as Nino pulled him until he realized that Nino wasn't holding him.

Jun turned around and his eyes widen in fear.

Something got a hold of Nino within the seaweeds and dragged him down. Jun saw a ghastly hand grabbing Nino's ankle, which looked strangely like a human's hand.

'Everte Statum!' Jun mouthed, but only a bubble came out his mouth.

But his wand responded as a jet of bubbles exploded out his wand and hit the creature grabbing Nino. He swam away and turned around to see what grabbed him. The creature emerge from its hiding place.

It was a merman. But this wasn't the mermen or mermaids Jun had imagine. It was muscular with grayish skin color and threatening with his trident spear. His eyes glared yellow like hawk eyes and his hair was long and green. Soon a whole squadron of guard mermen arose from the seaweeds. Jun and Nino were so tiny compare to the large build half man, half fish people.

Suddenly, one of the mermen was shot back. Jun whirled around and saw Ohno, Aiba, and Sho swimming towards them. Sho and Aiba had their wands out, but Ohno's mouth opened and projected his sonic boom.

Jun heard the faintest scream echo in the water from Ohno, but the water rippled from his mouth and hit square on the guards. Sho fired some more offensive spells with Aiba next to him.

'Swim!' Aiba mouthed, and the five of them swam away from the mermen as fast as they could.

But Jun knew they were right behind them. As a team, Jun and Nino fired back "Everte Statum"s and Sho would fire complex spells that Jun suspect was "Relashio." Ohno had to stay in the lead to follow the 'voice' only he can hear.

'They won't go away!' Jun thought, feeling irritated. 'They're so annoying! Those pests!'

"GO AWAY!!" Jun screamed.

He felt his whole body shook. Like his very core vibrated, and his heart burned. However, he didn't felt any pain. In fact, he was exhilarating with power. He could feel his lungs and his throat vibrating his annoyance and irritation from the persuading mermen.

Jun's first UtaMahou sonic boom attacked all the five mermen square in the head, giving them a leading get away. Jun gulped another mouthful of water to let oxygen fill his head again after such an experience.

NIno patted Jun's shoulder, giving the thumbs up. But they didn't stop swimming, in fear they'll still catch up.

Then, Ohno stopped and hovered where he was. Sho, Aiba. Nino, and Jun waited for him to do something until they saw what Ohno was gaping at.

There in the middle of a bottomless abyss, an old sunken ship balance on a rock, barely about to fall into the pit. It was a haunting sight, but Jun figured this was the place. Ohno nodded and swam ahead, and the others followed.

It was scarier up close. It was like a classic pirate ship, except it was abnormally large. Jun was unsure of entering, so was everyone else but Ohno. In the end, they followed Ohno since they knew they couldn't leave him alone.

There was a large hole on the deck and Ohno dived right in. Suddenly, Jun felt a pressure on his chest. He knew it was magic, but it wasn't hurting him. He glanced at the others, and they had the same reaction.

There is something down there...

They must have passed a dozen levels on the ship. Jun started wondering what caused such a large hole on a massive ship. Then, Jun heard it.
" I dream on kitto!"

Jun's eyes widen. He could hear the voice singing! It was the same song as Ohno's! In the distance, Jun saw something glowing blue. Finally, they reached the bottom of the ship.

The blue glow came from a strange looking talisman of some kind. It was the shape of a giant teardrop, almost the same size as a Jun's palm. The boys watched it glow softly in blue light, making its surrounding so dark, Jun could barely see what's around them.

Ohno slowly reach out his hand, wanting to touch it. But Sho quickly grabbed his wrist with the look on his eyes that said 'Don't touch it! You don't know what it is!'

Ohno softly brushed Sho's hand away.

"Trust me." Was Ohno's response in his eyes.

Jun wasn't too sure about this either, but he watched Ohno lightly touched the blue talisman. Nothing happened as Ohno held the teardrop crystal in his hand.

Then, the song stopped.

It was an uncomfortable silence. The song was like a lullaby, but now there was nothing but dead silence.

So Jun thought...

He knew they weren't alone in the darkness of the water. Jun swung his wand around, hoping the light from his wand would show the intruder, but then Jun heard...or rather felt a rumble beneath them.

Jun slowly pointed his wand light down below their feet, terrified. He finally knew where they were.

There in the light of five wands was a large beck. The mouth of a giant squid. The home of the Kraken.

Instantly, Ohno, Sho, Aiba, Nino, and Jun swam with their lives to the surface of the ship. Jun was too terrified to produce his sonic boom, and the others didn't bother firing offense spells. This creature has been living here for centuries, and a bunch of first years was no match. Jun could hear the monster crashing behind them, tried to gobble them up, but thankfully the ships floors delayed it.

This gave them a head start as they swam frantically away from the ship. Jun glanced over his shoulder and saw the giant squid demolish the ship to pieces in order to escape, and it speed towards them. Jun could practically see the teeth of its mouth.


Suddenly, Jun was no longer surrounded in watery darkness, but a heavenly blue light. The Kraken winced away from such brightness and fled away from the light down to the dark abyss until it finally disappeared.

Jun whirled around in shock and saw Ohno's entire body engulfed in blue light. It was like he was a different being. His hair burned white, and his eyes were shining white. Jun could only gasp at the angel in blue silhouette until Jun noticed a teardrop shape between his collarbones.

'He didn't...' Jun thought, but then his mind was on other things.

'Water?!' He tasted. He looked at his fingers, and that's what they were. Fingers!

The gillyweed's effect was up. He immediately grabbed a pepper from his sack and sucked the air. They only had little time before they lost their air.

Ohno didn't looked like he was affected by the water as he gracefully led them to the surface in his blue body. Jun held the pepper desperately to his lips. He could feel the coldness of the lake again, and it was harder to swim without the webbed hands and feet.

"We didn't thought this through!" Jun panicked. "Sho was right! We should have planned more."

But all Jun and the others could do was swim for their lives. Jun noticed that he was spending his peppers faster than the others. Was he panicking too much? Did the peppers didn't have enough air for him?

Jun was down to his last pepper, but Jun could see a glimpse of light from the surface. They were close, and all they could do was push forward. Ohno was still glowing like an angel, but he didn't even looked back at his friends.

Suddenly, Jun finished his last pepper, and they were still far away from the surface.

"I'm not gonna make it..." Jun thought, seeing black spots in his vision.

He hovered in the water, slowly passing out. Then, a gush of air filled his lungs. Jun opened his eyes and was confused at what he saw.


Then his eyes widen in shock. Nino's lips pressed firmly on Jun's, passing oxygen to Jun. Nino pulled away, and grabbed Jun's arm again to keep swimming. Nino sucked air from his last pepper and threw it away. He leaned closer to Jun again.

Jun hesitated again, but Nino grabbed Jun's head and forced his lips on his again. Jun breathed in the air Nino passed, this time, closing his eyes in embarrassment. But Jun's mind was on Nino's soft lips, until he felt Nino tugging him again to swim.

Jun could see the surface rippling...


Jun gasp a lungful of fresh air. Sho, Aiba, and Nino popped out of the water, gasping and coughing water. They swam towards the edge until they finally reached the sandy banks, still coughing and hacking with sore throats. Jun lied down with his eyes closed on the soft warm sand even though it was a winter night. Compare to the lake, this was paradise.

"Thank heavens," Jun sighed. He opened his eyes and saw Nino smirked down at him, his hair dripping water.

Jun didn't know what to say. Nino saved Jun's life, and he couldn't help but think that Nino looked saintly with a blue halo behind him.


"Ohno!" Sho gasped.

Ohno was still in his glowing blue body, hovering over the lake. Jun got to his feet immediately and watched Ohno slowly descend down until his feet touched the surface. He walked gracefully on the surface of the water, slowly approaching them.

"You guys..." Aiba whispered. "I don't think that's our Ohno Satoshi..."

Jun thought so too. There was something weird going on, but there was nothing they could do.

Finally, Ohno was right in front of them on the sand.

"Thank you...four more." The voice echoed, as if a hundred voices was speaking in sync.

Then, to Jun's surprise, Ohno stopped glowing, and swayed on the spot.

"Ohno!" They gasped.

Aiba was the closest to catch him before Ohno collapsed. The last thing Jun saw was the teardrop shape talisman on Ohno's chest fading away as if it dissolved into his skin.

"It's alright. He's breathing," Aiba reassured them, watching Ohno's chest rising and falling.

"Thank goodness..." Nino gasped, rubbing his eyes.

"Ohno," Sho also breathed out a sigh of relief.

Jun knelt down next to Ohno, lightly brushing his wet bangs from his face.

"Ohno-kun...just what are you?" Jun said.
Waaah! how was it?
Intense?! XDD

oh my gosh, side story here. this is just random whatever but...according to an interview with ohno, he uses twitter?! Ha! i just think that's so cute. ><
i want to follow him, but he says he doesn't get twitter. XD
plus, i don't think he's the type to update every 5 minutes. ><

*sigh* well, the story is coming to a close. so you must be thinking, 'what about the other elements?!' that's why this story is called "First Years at Hogwarts" i plan to make a "Second Years at Hogwarts" and so on.
i guess you're saying "You're crazy! you plan to make 7 stories!??!" well, not 7, there's only 5 of them. so i don't know. it might not be that long. ^^

To Chapter 14 - Final Chapter

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