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I'm an Ohno-aholic...

 Title: I'm an Ohno-aholic
Genre: Crack/Humor
Rating: PG until the end it gets a little higher ^^
Summary: The boys in Johnny Associates who suffers a terrible obsession gathers together to help each other overcome...Ohno-aholic.

A/N: just need a laugh? i thought this be a nice. ^^

I'm an Ohno-aholic...

"Nino, you don't look so good," Aiba said, lightly touching Nino's shoulder.

But Nino twitched at the slightest touch. His eyes were red from no sleep, and his face was paler than it ever was—if that was possible. Aiba noticed that Nino was shaking ever so slightly.

"No no no no," Nino repeated. "I'm fine. Fine...fine."

"Nino, you look like you haven't got any sleep, and your mind is losing it," Aiba said, raising his eyebrow.

"Am I? I am?" Nino twitched his eyelid.

"What's wrong? Something happened?" Aiba asked, looking concerned.

"It's's been five minutes," Nino mumbled, rubbing his hands.

"Five minutes since what?"

"Since...I've touched Ohno's butt," Nino confessed. Aiba's mouth dropped.

"Are you serious?!" Aiba said, shocked. "Can't you wait until the shooting is finished? Then, you can grab Ohno as much as you want."

"You don't understand, Aiba," Nino grunted, biting his fist. "If I don't have my fill, I think I'll go nuts."

Aiba watched in pity as Nino slowly lose himself. Arashi was taking photos for a new magazine, and it was Ohno's turn for a few solo shots. Just ten minutes ago, Nino looked happy and healthy, but now Aiba noticed the major change. He knew exactly what Nino was going through.

"Nino, this is a serious problem," Aiba said, reassuring Nino around his arm.

"It is? Is it?" Nino twitched, watching Ohno taking cool pictures.

"You're an Ohno-aholic," Aiba nodded.

"I am not! Not!"

"It's okay to admit you do," Aiba said and pulled out a card. "And you're not the only one. Johnny himself set up a little gathering for those who are Ohno-aholic."

Nino accepted the card but looked unsure. "I don't really need this."

"Yes you do," Aiba said. "You need help, and these people can help you. It did for me."

"You were an Ohno-aholic?" Nino asked, shocked.

"A long time ago. Sho came with me since he was an Ohno-aholic too. It really helps," Aiba smiled. "Just give it a try."

Nino still thought it was ridiculous, but he agreed. A week later, Nino headed for the building where the meeting took place. He was just outside the door and took a deep breath before he walked in. He was surprised at how many people came: Nakai, Chinen, Yamapi, Nishikido, Taichi, Tegoshi, Ikuta and especially one in particular...


"Nino!" Jun said, obviously taken by surprised as well.

"Ah, we have a new face," Nakai smirked. "Sit down, Ninomiya."

"Are you leading this session or something?" Nino asked.

"Yeah, I'll help you guys overcome your Ohno-aholic troubles. Since you're new, why don't you introduce yourself."

"But we work together. You guys know-"

"Introduce yourself!" Nakai blurted out.

"Fine..." Nino felt embarrassed, but he gave in. "Hi, my name is Ninomiya and...I'm an Ohno-aholic."

"Hi Ninomiya," everyone replied, making Nino go red.

"Hi, umm, and I'm new obviously. And it's been a day since I've touched Ohno's backside."

A quiet round of applause filled the room.

"It'll slowly fade away," Nakai nodded. "The desire to mess with Ohno."

"Yes, I'll do my best," Nino nodded.

"How about you, Matsujun?" Nakai pointed.

"H-hi. My name is Matsumoto and I'm an Ohno-aholic," Jun started.

"Hi Matsumoto."

"Yeah, hi. Uh...for me it's been three weeks since I've held hands with Ohno," Jun smiled, proud of himself. Nino's mouth hung open. He could never last that long, and he joined in with the round of applause.

"How does it make you feel not touching him for so long?" Nakai asked.

"I feel fine," Jun nodded. "I'm slowly becoming independent. So I'm glad to say I'm clearing my head."

More round of applause.

"Hi my name is Chinen."

"Hi Chinen."

"And it's been 5 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days since I've touched Ohno."



"How do you manage?"

"I think my head is very clear. I don't get so intoxicated by his influence, and I can focus on my work," Chinen smiled.

"This is all wonderful progress. Hopefully, Nino will also quit grabbing Ohno," Nakai said. "Now, let's go over the steps that helps us overcome Ohno addiction.

"First step is to admit we are powerless with Ohno."

"We are powerless of Ohno. We love Ohno," everyone recited.

"Second, we must believe we can overcome this obsession."

"There is a Power to overcome Ohno addiction."

"Next, once we know we can restrain ourselves from Ohno, we can focus on important matters."

"We can focus our efforts without Ohno's body."

"And the last step is walking away from Ohno's temptation."

"We will not be drawn to Ohno's lustful figure."

"Good everyone. That ends our meeting," Nakai said.

Everyone got up and chatted with each other while enjoying the refreshments that was served. Ikuta Toma walked towards Nino.

"Hey, I didn't think you'd come here," Toma smiled at his old friend.

"Maybe I should have come a long time ago," Nino said. "I feel at ease with others with the same problem as me."

"I know what you mean," Ikuta replied. "When Ohno and I worked for Maou, I was so hooked like a cocaine addict."

Nino laughed. "How long has it been for you?"

"It's been six months," Toma nodded.

"Six months!? How can you handle that long?!"

"The first week was hard. I won't lie," Toma nodded. "But in order to get by, I busy myself with work. And it slowly dies away."

"I hope this will help me," Nino sighed. Then, he felt Jun's hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Nino," Jun said. "You will be cured soon."

Nino sighed. "It's not my fault Ohno is so talented and skillful...and hot...and sexy...and soo soft..."

"Nino, no! Remember restrain yourself from temptations!" Jun said, shaking Nino's shoulders.

Just then, the door opened.

"Hey guys, what's with the sign with my name on it?" Ohno said, walking in without a clue.

The room went silent. All eyes were on Ohno, but the look in their eyes slowly turned from shock to lust.

"Uh, guys?" Ohno said, looking uncomfortable. "What's wrong? Why are you staring at me like that?"

"I...want...that...junk!" Nino huffed.

In an instant, the boys dashed toward the poor defenseless Ohno. Groping, exploring, caressing, pressing, pinching, sniffing, squeezing, clutching, licking, tasting, tickling, filling, and kissing every inch of poor Ohno.

LMAO!! i need a good laugh.
this was just a little break for me from the hogwarts story. now i can focus again.
i hope you liked it. ^^


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