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Victory is Ours!!

Title: Victory is Ours
By: arashiforyou (also in my vox account ArashiLovesYou)

Genre: Comedy
Mostly Sakuraiba (Aiba's POV)
Summary: The Battle of Pop voting rounds is finally over. Aiba thought he was the only one keeping check, but the members have a few confessions...

Author's Note: So this is my predictions about the final winner in Battle of Pop in Channel V, so don't take any offense Kat-tun fans. But when you look at the numbers....^_^

Victory is Ours

"Oh! No way!" I gasped, staring at my computer late at night. I couldn't help myself, grinning ear to ear. "Yattaaa~!"
After long and tiring weeks, the Battle of Pop voting rounds was over. The last two standing are Kat-tun very own Arashi! I snickered to myself since I secretly voted for my group every day. I wondered if the other members know about this website.

What if they found out I did this? Would they think I'm some baka as usual? Would they thank me? Am I cheating just for voting myself?

"Whooaa!~" I jumped. My cellphone blazed loudly it's alarm system I set up last night...

Last night...?

"Eh?!" I yelled looking at the clock. "It's already 4am? I stayed up all night?! And today's the recordings for Wednesday's shows!"

As I got ready, I heard my cellphone ringing again. This time, it was playing Sho's solo song.

"Hmm, why's Sho calling at this time?" I said, and answered. "Hello?"

"Morning!" Sho yelled at the other end? "You awake?"

"More than awake. Why you calling at this hour?" I replied.

"I'm gonna pick you up. That ok?" He asked. I choked on air.

"Eh? I thought everyone was suppose to meet at the studio."

"Yeah, but I just asked my manager if it's ok. You don't mind right?" He asked. I chuckled.

"So it's really your manager picking me up." I smiled.

"Yeah, but I'll be in the car too." He said. I can practically hear him pout.

"Ok, ok. I'll see you later than."

"OK!" He yelled, being to energetic.

It wasn't less than 20 minutes when Sho called saying he was here. I walked down the stairs of my apartment and saw the gray van with tinted windows. Sho already opened the door for me.

"Morning." I greeted to the manager.

"Are you psyched?!" Sho asked, wearing his usual sunglasses.

"I didn't get any sleep last night. Why are you so pumped?" I asked, feeling a yawn coming.

"I'll tell you later. I want to wait until we're with everyone." Sho said, still smiling.

"Then why'd you pick me up? I could've called my manager to pick me up." I asked. Sho pouted.

"I just want to see your cute face first." He said, lightly pitching my cheek. I brushed him off.

" there a camera in here or something? You don't act this giddy unless it's for show." I said, now trying to put a smile on in case there was a hidden camera.

"No, I'm just super excited today." He said.

Finally, we arrived at the studio and rode the elevator to our floor. We entered the dressing room and found Ohno, Nino, and Matsujun already there. A few make-up artist and stylist were already seting them up for today's photo shoot.

"Wow, when did you guys get here? It's only 4:45." I asked, putting my bag on the table.

"I was here...around 4:10 ish." Ohno replied.

"I came with Nino later." Matsujun said.

"Anyways, you guys. I have exciting news." Sho said. "...I-"

"Come on everybody! Let's get this done now." The photographer ordered, cutting Sho off.

We all got made up and put on the Arashi Challenge Week T-shirt's and lab coats. After a few shots, they asked us to do individual shots. We all ate breakfast while the other was taking pictures.

"Sho, what's this big news you want to share?" Nino asked while we watch Matsujun make head shots.

"Well, I believe it's something that'll impact all of us." Sho commented, smiling.

"Us as a group?" Ohno asked.

"You have ketchup on your chin, Riida." Nino said, wiping the mess off his face.

"Stop that." Ohno moaned, giggling.

"Hey, focus you two." Sho said. "This is very serious."

"What is it then?" I asked.


"Sho! You're turn." The photograhper called and Sho left.

"I wonder what he's gonna say?" Ohno asked.

"It's probably about himself." Nino said, sounding bratty.

"Like something good happened to him?" Ohno asked.

"Maybe." Nino shrugged.

Suddenly, I started thinking of 'what if' ideas.

What if he's fired from News Zero? What if he's making a movie in America? What if he's moving? What if he's leaving Arashi? What if he's getting married?!

"No!" I yelled. Pieces of rice sprayed out my mouth.

"Hey! Watch it!" Nino said, wiping rice off his coat.

All day, Sho wasn't able to tell his good news because the universe always seems to cut him off at the wrong moments. We finished the recordings for Wednesday's shows and we finally got time to ourselves that night. We made reservations at a restaurant for a private room. Finally, Sho spoke.

"OK, I'll try this one last time." Sho started. I was fidgeting.

What if he has a major illness? What if he's having a kid? What if he wants to quit Arashi? What if he's going out with Nino?!

"You guys, you might not have been noticing this but...we are the finalists in the Battle of Pop!" Sho announced.

Awkward silence. My mouth was hanging, but as I looked at the others...they didn't look so shocked.

"Of course we knew that." Nino said, being bratty as always.

"Eh?!" Sho and I said.

"Yeah, I've been voting for us for weeks." Matsujun nodded.

"Me too." Ohno said.

"You all voted?" Sho asked.

"Wait." I finally spoke. "You guys all knew about the Battle of Pop going on the internet?" I asked.

"Of course we knew. Ohno showed it to me and I show it to Matsujun." Nino explained.

"I thought I was the only one." I mumbled. Then, I felt Sho's hand on my arm.

"I thought I was the only one too." Sho said.

"This is good, we all voted. And we're have the leading numbers. Those dumb Kat-tards have no chance with us." Nino smirked, sipping his beer.

"Are we allowed to vote for ourselves? I mean, I thought it was okay if one of us did it. That's why I did it. I never knew you guys would." I confessed.

"It's not like they'll know we voted. We made new email accounts just to vote." Matsujun said.

"You guys know what this means?" Sho said, getting excited again. "If we win, it means we've really reached out to fans outside Japan."

"Well, yeah. I know we have international fans." Nino said.

"Yeah, I do to. But I always thought it was America and other parts of Asia. But this really reached to people in South America and Africa, and maybe India too." Sho said.

"How you know?" Ohno asked. Sho looked alittle embarassed.

"I've...been surfing the internet at night..." Sho mumbled, rubbing his neck.

"For fanwork, right?" Matsujun smirked.

"It's amazing! They really love us. Especially those that makes fanvids." Sho said.

"Yeah, I look those up all the time." Ohno confessed.

"I've once read a few fanfictions too." Matsujun grinned.

"Eh? Why would you want to do a stupid thing like that? Those crazy fans writing fake stories about us that aren't even true?" Nino blurted out.

"No, they're pretty good....and kinda scary." Matsujun nodded.

"You all check those things?" I asked.

"Yeah, just to see if I'm popular." Ohno smiled. I chuckled.

"I'm so glad. I thought I was the only one. And I've felt like I was keeping a secret from you all." I confessed.

"What are you talking about? A lot of celebrites check out fanworks online. Whatever they find they keep it to themselves and not tell anyone they look at those things." Nino nodded.

It was a great night as usual. But since we had to wake up early again tomorrow, we retreated home. Sho's manager was kind enough to drop us all off at our place. I was the last one off.

"Thanks again." I said to his manager. I was about to close the door, when Sho jumped out the car.

"You know, I know how you felt. When you thought you were the only one looking up fanworks." Sho said. "Next time, I'll tell you what I feel...because you might feel the same way too."

"Oh come on, Sho." I smiled. "You think we'll win the Battle of Pop on November 1st?"

Sho wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Are you Arashi, or a rash? Of course we'll win!" Sho said.

I laughed.

Yeah, of course. Victory is ours before it started!

The End

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