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Second Years at Hogwarts

Title: Second Years at Hogwarts
by: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a second year at Hogwarts. Jun and the gang enjoyed their summer vacation at Sakurai's Villa. But an argument with Nino made Sho disappeared in the town nearby. The boys searched for Sho, but Jun and Aiba found him first, ganged up alone. Jun was about to help Sho, but Jun witness Sho unleash a fury of UtaMahou unlike he's ever felt. What's wrong with Sho? How does he know Rap Magic? What will Jun do?


Chapter 2 - Mahou Nensho

Jun and Aiba managed to carry Sho back to the Sakurai Villa where Ohno and Nino were already there waiting. Of course Ohno was worried, but Nino literally looked like he could care less. Jun ignored this for the matter since Sho was exhausted from singing...or rapping.

"What happened to him?" Ohno asked. They sat around Sho, who was sleeping peacefully on his bed.

"He was surrounded by these thugs, and then he sang UtaMahou," Jun explained. Ohno gasped.

"He used Rap Magic," Aiba corrected.

"He knows how to use Rap Magic?" Ohno said, his eyes wide open.

"I'm not surprised," Nino grunted. "All he does is stick his nose in a book."

"But even I needed lessons on UtaMahou when I first started," Ohno said. "It's really difficult to grasp if you don't get it. How can Sho learn by himself?"

"Oh-chan," Nino sighed, placing his hand on Ohno's shoulder. "There's a difference between your intellect and Sho's. Don't be so hard on him."

Ohno pouted.

"Still," Jun said. "It took a lot out of him." He rubbed his chest where he felt his heart burned not too long ago. "And me as well."

"Sho can be a bit...agitated sometimes," Aiba defended. "We should let him sleep. He'll be fine tomorrow, I hope."

Jun couldn't sleep that night. All he could think of was Sho's powerful words streaming from his lips on that basketball court. He couldn't remember them word for word, but Jun felt his heart swell three times with a fierce passion. It was different than the time he listened with Ohno's UtaMahou. Ohno was a calming and emotionally feeling.

Sho's UtaMahou was burning with effort and energy. Jun never felt so alive that time...

Jun rolled around in his bed until he heard something just outside his room. He tried to drown out the noise, but then he heard someone say Sho's name.

"How is he?" A man whispered.

"The boys said he's doing fine," an old woman answered, possibly the head maid. "Young Master Sho was singing UtaMahou to defend himself."

"He performed magic in front of Muggles?" The man whispered a little louder, but angry.

"I'm afraid so, Master."

"I see...that idiot son of mine always adds more to my plate."

"How was the meeting, Master?"

"Awful. All cases lead to smuggling illegal powdered Dragons Blood. The drug only causes disorder in Peru. It wears me down to think there are addicts in Japan as well. I have to oversee the Aurors work too."

There was a long pause before the man spoke again but a more calmer voice.

"...where is my wife?" The man said.

"She is still in Japan working at the University," she replied.

"I see...and my daughter?"

"An owl arrived this afternoon and reported she is doing well...but she hasn't woken up."

Jun frowned slightly. Something seemed odd with that statement...

"Thank you."

Jun quietly tiptoed across his room and peeked out the door. It was dark, but he saw a man walking down the hall. Jun could tell the man looked tired, not because it was late at night, but from work.

Jun suspected it was Sho's father.

*       *       *

"You should eat something," Ohno begged, still holding the spoon to Sho.

"I'm not hungry," Sho grunted. "Leave me alone."

"We're here to help you, Sho-chan," Aiba said. "Just tell us what you need."

"I'm not a child!" Sho yelled.

"If you keep acting like that, then we will treat you like a child," Nino glared.

"Nino..." Jun hushed, but Sho glared right back.

"I didn't meant for this to happen!" Sho said. "Those thugs came at me. I had no idea what I was doing. I just got so...frustrated."

"So you know how to use UtaMahou?" Jun asked.

"I've only read the books from last year when Ohno was taking the class," Sho explained. "I was bored during the time when he was in the hospital wing. I couldn't help myself with a little reading."

"But that was Rap Magic," Aiba said. "How did you do that?"

"I don't know!" Sho yelled. "It just happened, okay!"

"Yeah? So why are you still angry?" Nino questioned.

"Because I used magic!" Sho yelled again. "Now I have to face the Ministry and go to trial and all this hassle..."

"Why should you worry? Your father is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. He can pull a few strings."

Sho remained quiet. Ohno waved the spoon of porridge, and Sho gave in. He opened his mouth as Ohno baby-fed him. Sho looked like an angry kid with puffy cheeks, and Aiba had to cover his mouth from smiling.

"Where is your father anyway?" Jun wondered. "I heard him last night."

"He's here?!" Sho asked, looking totally different. Jun was surprised. One minute, Sho was angry and now he looked scared.

"Uhhh...yeah," Jun shrugged.

Sho immediately threw the covers off, causing Ohno to spill his porridge, and dashed for the door. The boys followed Sho running down the hallways until he burst through double doors.

"How is she?!" Sho demanded, striding in an office.

Jun and the others stopped at the doorway as if they knew by nature they weren't allowed in without permission. Jun watched Sho slammed his hands on his father's desk, who was sitting on a winged chair.

Sho's father was surprisingly handsome, which Jun suspected where Sho got his looks from. His hair was neatly combed back and a single streak of gray shining in the light. Jun would have suspected Sho's father was a boss of a yakuza gang. Normally, wizards wore robes for work, but Sho's father wore a Muggle's business suit, just like Professor Naruse Ryo.

"Sho, can't this wait until later?" He spoke, his voice seeping with authority.

"How is Mai?" Sho asked again.

"Mai?" Jun whispered. Aiba whispered in his ear.

"His sister."

"How is she? She's still in Japan right?" Sho asked, getting more paranoid.

"Calm yourself, Sho," His father commanded. Sho gulped. "I checked with her yesterday before I came. She's doing fine."

Somehow, Jun knew he was lying...

Sho looked more relaxed and straighten his back from leaning on the desk. His arms dangled on his side like a lifeless doll. Jun and the others could only watch until Sho finally turned around.

"Sho," his father called. "I heard what happened yesterday with you downtown."

Sho didn't say anything.

"I already sent an owl to the Prime Minister and explained what happened. You're not in trouble...but you must stay in this house until you leave to school. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Father," Sho mumbled.

Sho walked out the office, and the doors magically closed behind them. Sho ignored the others staring at him as he dragged his feet back to his room.

"Sho-chan," Aiba said, "what was all that about? What happened to Mai-chan?"

"Mai...she's your sister, right?" Nino asked as Sho crawled back into his bed.

"How old is your sister again? Seven?" Aiba thought.

"Mai..." Sho sighed, looking more calmer. "She just started showing signs of magic...but just a few weeks ago...I don't know what happened. She just burst of magic. An attack of some sort. The Healers say it's Mahou Nensho."

Aiba and Ohno both gasped. Nino's eyes widen, but Jun was confused about what all this meant. He let Sho continue.

"My parents tried to restrain her, but in the end she became unconscious. She was sent to the Nippon Majo Hospital. I don't know what's happening to her," Sho sighed, hugging his knees, unable to look at his friends.

Jun looked at the others and knew this was a time to leave Sho alone. Quietly, they left the room, but Aiba remained since Sho asked him to stay. It was understandable since Aiba have known Sho and Mai for a long time.

But Jun, Nino, and Ohno waited outside until Sho would feel better. Jun was burning to ask a question, but he knew it must be a heavy topic.

But he had to know!

"What did he mean..." Jun started. " exploding with magic?"

Nino and Ohno glanced at each other like parents wondering if they should tell that Santa Claus isn't real. Jun felt irritated.

"There is a condition called Mahou Nensho," Nino explained. "It's a rare condition, and it only happens with young witches and wizards."

"Mahou Nensho literally means Magic Burning. What happens is that the witch or wizard can't control the magic burning in them and so magic is force out against their will. Some cases they would 'explode' with magic," Ohno said.

"That's...that's horrible!" Jun said, totally horrified. "It sounds like some sort of seizure or something."

"In a way, yes, but seizures are for Muggles. In the Wizarding world, we suffer unstoppable magic flow," Nino sighed, looking grave. "I never knew Sho was going through this."

"None of us did," Ohno reassured Nino.

"And I was so mean to him too," Nino said, looking sorry. "I should have just kept my mouth shut and tried to understand Sho."

"It's not your fault," Jun nodded. "Sho was putting a tough front to fool us."

Nino sniffed. "But still, I should say sorry."

"That can wait until later," Ohno rubbed Nino's back. "Aiba is with him now, so Sho will be fine. We can talk to him later."

Jun nodded. He's glad that Ohno had grown up so fast. All they could do now was wait for Sho to feel better, both physically and emotionally.

The rest of the day felt very gloomy. Even the sky of Hawaii looked gray and depressing. But there was a certain sense of calmness in the wind. Jun leaned over the balcony and gazing at the ocean breaking waves. His mind was on Sho and everything that happened.

"He'll be fine," Someone spoke behind him.

"Nino?" Jun turned around. "W-where's Ohno?"

"He's distracting himself with water," Nino waved his hand like it's nothing. He walked toward the balcony and leaned on the railings with Jun.

It was an awkward feeling, at least for Jun. The last time they were alone like this was when they talked in an abandon classroom, and Nino demanded what was Jun's answer.

Jun didn't know how to break the ice.

"Amazing," Nino spoke.

"Hmmm?" Jun choked a little.

"You can see Mauna Loa Volcano from here," Nino said, gazing up at a large mountain. "I heard it's still active, but it seems ridiculous if it hasn't erupted in years."

Jun still didn't know what to say.

"It kinda reminds me of Sho."


"Sho is like a volcano," Nino said. "He secretly hides behind a mask. He holds his anger inside, but when he can't stand it, he becomes a monster. It makes me wonder if he's broken hearts with that kinda personality."

"Uhhh," Jun mumbled, not sure where Nino was going with this. "He doesn't mean to be angry at others."

"Are you like that Jun?"

Jun and Nino stared at each. Now Jun had no excuse to look away.

"Do you hide behind a mask?" Nino said, looked mischievous. "What are you really thinking?"

That's when Jun knew where this was going...

"My mind is on Sho," Jun answered.

"And my mind is on you," Nino said, not even batting an eyelid. Jun gulped. "One day...I will make you mine."

"Why?" Jun asked.

"Why?" Nino asked back. "Do I need a reason?"

"Why me? Why not Ohno? What is it that you want from me?" Jun said, not realizing he was speaking his true feelings.

"I you," Nino shrugged. Jun narrowed his eyes with suspicion. Somehow...Jun felt disappointed for such a weak reason...

Nino slowly approached Jun, and Jun took a step back by instinct. Nino smirked at this action.

'You sadist!' Jun screamed in his head.

Jun found himself back to a wall and Nino dangerous close. Last year, Nino was taller, but now that Jun grew, they were about the same height. Jun felt a slight advantage at this point and he didn't felt helpless.

He's not helpless.

"Get away from me!" Jun shoved Nino away. He will defend himself from this creep!

Nino glared back.

"So you're heart is for Sho?" Nino sneered.

"He is my friend. I care for my friends," Jun said, slightly angry. "Can't we just stay that way? As friends?"

"That's not how I see it," Nino smirked, and walked away.

Jun watched him disappear before he grabbed his hair in frustration and banged his fists on the railing. He doesn't understand what Nino is asking for. He knows that Nino is bisexual and for some reason he likes Jun.

'I like Sho as a friend.' Jun told himself. '...Right?'
ooooh! jun is being unsure! XD
more matsumiya on the way, and sakumoto is in the making ><
how do you like the banner? it's by arashi3723. thank you again!! it's awesome. ^^
there's also a banner for First Year at Hogwarts too. just look at my master fic list and you'll see it. yeeeh! thank you again arashi3723!~

so i made sho little sister like ariana dumbledore, but she wasn't attacked like Ariana was. i made it seem like its a medical term in the wizarding world. i made the name Mahou Nensho using google translator. >< it took me a while to think of a suitable name. it's means magic burning or magic combustion. ^^

so, what do you think? ^^

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