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Second Years at Hogwarts

Title: Second Year at Hogwarts
By: arashiforyou
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Matsujun is a second year at Hogwarts. Sho is recovering from his UtaMahou episode, but more emotional pressure weighs him down with news of his sister. Jun wishes to comfort Sho, but he was confronted by Nino yet again. Is Jun attraction to Sho more than a friend? What is Nino really planning? What will Jun do?


Chapter 3 - On Aboard the Hogwarts Express

Jun woke up the next morning with a sour taste in his mouth, even though he should feel excited since they were heading back to school today. He got dressed, packed his things, and headed downstairs towards the dining area where everyone was having breakfast.

Sho ate his cereal with Aiba, who was animatedly chatting next to him. Nino poked around his eggs but looked up when Jun entered the room. Jun did his best to avoid eye contact and sat next to Ohno, who was playing around with his glass of water and creating a mini whirlpool.

"Doesn't the Trace catch you doing that?" Sho asked Ohno, a little irritated.

"Well, I've been doing it since summer started and nothing happened," Ohno shrugged. "I don't think the Trace captures raw UtaMahou power like mine."

"The Trace?" Jun asked, openly.

"It's this Charm that's in every household," Sho immediately answered. "Any witch or wizard are under magic surveillance until they're seventeen."

"Oh," Jun nodded. "So that's what the school mentioned that we can't perform any magic, and why your father said you weren't in trouble for-"

Jun stopped himself. Sho already looked ashamed for remembering, but Aiba just coughed loudly and continued blabbering to lift the atmosphere. All morning, Sho and the others didn't mentioned about what happened the day before or anything related.

Jun watched Sho closely and noticed that he looked worried again. Possibly thinking of his sister, and possibly about what happened to him at that basketball court. Jun could still remember the imagine....the way Sho sang/rapped with anger.

'But where did that anger come from in the beginning?' Jun thought. 'Surely not because of a little argument from the beach with Nino.'

"Good morning, Master." The maids greeted as Sho's father walked in the dining room. He sat down on the head chair, and a plate was served immediately.

Jun and the other boys watched Sho and his father, but no one said a word. Jun wondered if they should leave, but no one moved a muscle.

"Are you all ready for the trip?" Sho's father asked. Sho barely looked up.

"Everything is packed," he replied.

"Nothing left behind?"

"Everything's checked."

"Very well."

Jun wished he could bite his nails to relieve his tension, but all he could do was watch. Ohno and Aiba looked scared too. Nino had an blank look on his face again, and only his eyes were moving back and forth.

"Are you heading back to Japan too?" Sho asked.

"I have business in New York," the Master answered. "Illegal wizard-duelings are taken root there and sponsored by an unknown Japanese group. I have to leave this evening-"

"What about Mai?!" Sho stood up abruptly. His chair fell back but he didn't care. And his father was unfazed.

"Calm yourself, Sho."

"Why aren't you going back to Japan?!" Sho demanded again. "Mom can't handle her all alone."

"Your mother is doing just fine. And the Healers are with Mai around the clock," Sho's father replied, finally making eye contact with Sho. "Restrain yourself, Sho!"

Sho's face slowly turned red, but he didn't say anything. Jun saw his fist tightening.

"Your mother will send you owls if anything happens to Mai. But for now, I expect scholarly behavior when you return to school. Is that understood?"

Sho slammed his hands on the table, but Jun could see the look on Sho's face was fighting back from releasing more anger. Finally, Sho just nodded and calmed himself.

"I understand," Sho said, and walked out the room.

*     *     *

"Oh, the cart lady is here!" Ohno smiled, peeking out the door. "Are you guys gonna get anything?"

Ohno, Sho, Aiba, and Jun were already aboard on the Hogwarts Express. They changed into their robes before they arrived on the train and managed to find a compartment for themselves. Nino left early to join with his Slytherin croonies, since no one knows that Nino was hanging out with two Gryffindors, or a Ravenclaw, or a Hufflepuff. To a Slytherin, it was unheard of! And Nino wants to keep his 'reputation' with his Slytherin comrades. Nino said once they're in the train, he'll find them, but he still hasn't returned.

In a way, Jun felt relieved...

"I think I'll buy a whole stack of Chocolate Frogs," Aiba smiled, reaching into his pocket for money.

"You're gonna eat nothing but chocolate?" Jun smiled, his eyebrow raised.

"Idiot! Of course not. They're my test subjects!" Aiba said. "I was playing around these potion ingredients and made these effects to make you sick! It's hilarious!"

Ohno and Aiba bought their snacks to share with the group. Ohno looked happy with a stuffed face, constantly saying 'umai' until Sho copied to annoy him back. Aiba continued to explain his experiments with his Frogs and how he plans to make multiple effects.

"You can think of anything weird can you, Aiba-chan," Sho said, looking at Aiba like he's a mad man.

"Hey! I think it's better than those pickle foods at the beach," Aiba pouted.

"Oh, yeah. Like that strawberry that looked like a grandma's nipple," Nino entered, lazily putting his arm up on the door frame.

"N-Nino!" Jun jumped. Nino closed the door and squeezed himself between Ohno and Jun.

"Sorry I'm late. Toda was being a bit clingy," Nino said, rolling his eyes.

"Ah, that witch that drowns herself in makeup?" Sho teased. But Nino wasn't offended.

"You're just jealous because she's hot," Nino said, biting into a Chocolate Frog.

"I can find a better girl than that witch," Sho defended himself. Nino chuckled.

"I like to see that!" Nino laughed. "You maybe popular, Sho, but I can see right through you. You're weakness is women."

Sho looked extremely offended as Aiba and Ohno laughed with Nino. Jun chuckled a little, but he didn't mind Sho being girlfriend-less.

"I-I bet I can find a girlfriend!" Sho challenged. "I bet I can find more chicks than you, Ninomiya. Being a Slytherin, it must be hard to open up to other house mates."

"Oooohh!" Aiba and Ohno echoed, watching Nino take the diss. Nino, who still had a smiling face, leaned in with his elbows on his knees. Sho did the same so they were eye to eye.

"I bet I can," Nino said, not breaking his smile. "By this Christmas, I can have more girls and boys at my tail than you. After all, I'm bi."

"Oooooooohh!" Aiba and Ohno continued.

"Fine then," Sho said, looking like he might crack. "It's on. The winner get to take all the girls..and guys from the loser."

"And the loser..." Nino added, "...must do the winner's homework for a month."


Sho and Nino shook hands.

"I won't lose to you," Sho glared.

"I more than you," Nino mumbled, making a quick side glance at Jun.

'Oh, boy,' Jun wondered, 'I hate to think what will happen this year.'

"I put five Galleons on Sho," Aiba mumbled to Ohno.

"I'm for Nino," Ohno smiled.

"Hey!" Sho yelled at them. "Don't gamble on us!"

"Oh, lighten up, Sho-chan," Aiba frowned. "Matsujun, who do you bet for?"

"E-eh? U-uuh. I-I don't know. Uummm. I-I have to use the toilet," Jun blurted out and dashed out of the compartment.

He only started walking down the hall when he realized that the Hogwarts Express doesn't have a restroom on board. Hitting himself mentally, he continued to wander down the train to give himself a break from them...particularly Nino.

'Why do I have to avoid him?' Jun thought to himself. 'If I just tell him I'm not gay, surely he can understand.'

'But Nino looks like he wants to eat me whole,' The nasty thought came. Jun shuddered.

"That's so gross!"

"Oh!" Jun gasped, looking around if someone heard his monologues.

"How can you like him?!" The same girl said. "He's a professor!"

Jun noticed that the loud voices came from one of the compartments. He knelt down and continued to listen by pure instincts. Someone likes a professor? For some reason, Jun knew who this would be.

"But he's so hot! And so young too. And mysterious," another girl sighed. "I don't care if he's the Head of Slytherin or that he's so unfair towards other house students. His smile is to die for."

"Do you hear yourself, Yuki-chan?" A familiar voice spoke. "You have a major crush on him."

"Mao-chan, you used to like him too. Your eyes were all heart-shaped on the first day," Yuki teased.

"Inoue Mao?" Jun whispered.

"T-that's because I didn't know he was such a jerk until later on," Mao replied back.

"I heard that Ohno Satoshi is Professor Naruse Ryo's nephew," another girl gossiped.

"Yeah, he is," Yuki gasped. "But he's a Gryffindor! He's amazing!"

"Yeah, I heard he took UtaMahou last year when he was only a first year."

"I know!" Jun heard Mao gasped. "I can't wait for UtaMahou this year. I can finally take it."

Jun decided to leave the girls to gossip alone as he trend back towards his compartment. UtaMahou. He completely forgot that he can take the class on his second year. Jun felt extremely excited. Ohno was able to take it last year because his singing voice impressed Headmaster Johnny. Now, Jun can finally study more about powerful UtaMahou or SongMagic.

"Oh, Jun, there you are," Sho said, suddenly appearing in front of Jun.

"S-Sho!" Jun gasped, "You surprised me. Where'd you come from?"

"Tuh! I was walking towards you down the hall, but you were walking with your head down," Sho smirked. "Was something on your mind? Because I don't think there's a bathroom on train."

"Uh-uuhhh," Jun stumbled. "Nothing really."

Sho just smiled.

Suddenly, Jun felt a flutter in his stomach. It was uncontrollable, like something was flapping around his insides, and he couldn't stop himself. He could feel his heart beating faster as well. Jun could only stare.

Sho's smile was...dazzling.

"Are you sure you're okay, Matsujun?" Sho teased.

"H-hey! Stop calling me that name," Jun came back to his senses. "Anyways, why would you fall for Aiba's 'cat freeze' in the first place!"

Sho just stared at Jun like he was lost.

"Do you mean...'catch phrase'?" Sho corrected Jun. "You mixed up English and Japanese, didn't you?"

Sho lightly rubbed his knuckles on Jun's cheek in a playful tease. But Jun could feel his face burning from the touch. He was about to touch his face where Sho did, but he stopped himself.

"S-stupid! Japanese is just a language," Jun said, thinking fast. "You can't have weakness with language. Where do you learn that, idiot!"

Jun fake laughed and walked back towards their compartment, leaving Sho completely confused.

'Crap' Jun thought on the way back. 'I almost lost myself there!'
stopping here.
aren't you luck i update so soon!! why am i updating so soon...cuz i have finals and i need to study!! -___-

so i hope i can satisfy you all with this chapter, (more like distract you) while i buckle down with the books! (yeah right!)
so i hope you like this chapter. heehee, i was re-watching hanadan, and i couldn't help myself and add a little domyouji character to jun. XD it's just a little fun thing. ><

so, who do you have your bet for? XDD

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