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Second Years at Hogwarts

Title: Second Year at Hogwarts
Genre: Friendship/ Fantasy/ Drama
Rating: PG13
Summary: Matsujun is a second year at Hogwarts. On the Hogwarts Express, Nino and Sho challenge each other to a hook-up contest: the one who gets the most girls (and boys!) is the winner. And Jun isn't sure what is wrong with him. Why is Jun being self-conscious around Sho? What is Nino's next move? What is awaiting for the boys at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Chapter 4 - The First UtaMahou Class

The Hogwarts Express finally arrived at its destination, and the students began to spill onto the platform. Off in the distance, Jun heard an old man calling out to the first years to head over to the boats. Jun remembered the first time he came to Hogwarts. It was so magical just gazing up at the castle from the lake.

"First years! This way!" The old man called, carrying a lantern. Aiba waved at the old man.

"Hi! Shimura Ken!" Aiba greeted.

"Oh, Aiba-kun. Ready for a new year?" Shimura smiled.

"Yeah. How's your animals?" Aiba asked.

"A handful as always. Why don't you help me this year?"

"Sure! I'll see what I can do!"

"That's great. I'm sure Pan-kun would love to see you," Shimura smiled, wrinkles forming around his eyes.

"Okay," Aiba said and waved good-bye.

"You know him?" Jun asked as they headed towards the carriages pulled by invisible horses.

"You don't know him? He's Shimura Ken, the ground's keeper and the Care of Magical Creatures teacher. I met him last year while I was experimenting on the school grounds and he caught me," Aiba shrugged. "He's a funny guy."

"And what experiment did he caught you doing exactly?" Nino dared to ask.

"I wanted to see how many Helium Bubble Gum does it take for me to fly," Aiba smiled, rubbing his head in embarrassment. "I took off flying with using five gums, and Shimura stopped me."

"You and your crazy ideas, Aiba-kun," Sho shook his head. "But I care more about UtaMahou. I'm itching to start!"

"Me too!" Nino nodded, "I was jealous when Ohno got in, but now I can finally show what it means to sing."

Sho snorted.

"So you say," Sho mumbled.

"I heard that!" Nino said, lightly smacking Sho on the head. "And I will be a better singer."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Maybe it is!"

"Bring it on!"

"Oh, come on you guys," Ohno butt in. "It's not a contest. UtaMahou is really serious. If you don't don't know what can happen."

At this, Sho and Nino stopped bickering. Ohno stared straight ahead with a serious look on his face. Jun felt almost ashamed for forgetting everything that Ohno went through. Last year, Ohno put so much strain into the class that it could have cost his soul...

"Come on, now!" Aiba said, trying to lighten the aura. "We'll be fine. At least you can help us on something, right Ohno? Don don!"

Aiba playfully poked Ohno's cheeks, trying to make him happier. And Ohno finally broke a small smile. No one could resist Aiba's playfulness.


The carriages arrived at the grand entrance to the castle, and the students filled the Great Hall in no time. Nino headed off to sit with his Slytherin allies, Sho joined with his Ravenclaw friends, Aiba sat with his Hufflepuff companions, and Jun and Ohno took their places at the Gryffindor table.

After a few minutes, Professor Domyouji Kaede opened the doors and the new line of first years followed her, staring in awe at everything. Jun couldn't help but smile, thinking that he once was them. Professor Domyouji called the students one by one and the Sorting Hat sorted the students to their new houses.

"Ah, hurry up!" Ohno grunted, his stomach growled.

Jun was getting hungry too. He remembered there wasn't this many students when he was a first year. But luck was on his side as there was only two students remaining.

"Akanishi Jin."

Jun watched a small boy with soft-looking dark brown hair walked towards the Sorting Hat. It was silent for the longest time out of all the other first year students. Finally, Jun saw a crack in the hat's mouth.


Jun, Ohno, and the other Gryffindors applauded as Jin joined his new house mates. Finally, the last boy was called.

"Kamenashi Kazuya."

This boy was also short, and his hair has longer bangs and slightly lighter brown than Jin. Jun took one look at him and thought he had a mean yet cool look in his eyes. He sat on the stool and let the Sorting Hat flopped on his head.

It took just as long as Akanishi Jin's sorting until the hat finally spoke.


Jun watched Nino clapping along with the other Slytherins as Kamenashi joined the Slytherin table. He sat right next to Yamashita Tomohisa.

"Finally!" Ohno grunted as the food magically appeared before them.

They wasted no time in chit-chat as they shoveled the food into their mouths. Jun got annoyed as always as Ohno repeatedly moaned 'umai' to every morsel he chewed, but he later didn't care. Jun's eyes began to wander around the Great Hall looking at familiar faces as well as new ones.

He saw Aiba chatting friendly with the new Hufflepuff first years, obviously making a good impression on himself. One of the new Hufflepuffs, Seto Koji, looked too young to be in school. But then again, so does a lot of Hufflepuffs for looking so young and good-looking. Jun wonders how popular Aiba will be this year.

Then, Jun's eyes strayed to Sho at the Ravenclaw table. Sho also chatted with a new student, Mizushima Hiro. Jun thought this Hiro boy looked extremely handsome, but if he's a Ravneclaw, he must be intelligent like Sho. Jun noticed that he was talking very friendly with this Hiro guy.

Jun chewed slower and narrowed his eyes as he watched them.

He distracted himself and let his eyes fall on Nino at the far end of the hall. Nino wasn't interested in chatting with the new students. In fact, he was chatting very closely to Toda Erika as well as other girls surrounding him. He looked like a total pimp. If he keeps this up, Nino will win the bet in no time.

Finally, Jun gazed up at the teachers' table. As always, Professor Naruse Ryo was eating like a gentlemen and having small talk with the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Tomokazu Miura. The Headmaster, Professor Johnny, was chatting with the Headmistress Professor Domyouji Kaede. Then, Jun felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Are you excited about UtaMahou?" Ohno smiled, his cheeks full like a hamster.

"Of course I am. We have it together, right?"

"Where have you been, idiot! I'm a year ahead of you now. We won't have the same class for UtaMahou," Ohno reminded Jun.

"Oh, yeah," Jun sighed, feeling a little disappointed. Jun and Ohno always have in the same classes when they were in first year. It'll feel weird going to a classroom and Ohno won't be there sitting next to him.

"You'll be fine. Professor Masahiko Kondo is a cool teacher. You'll like him," Ohno nodded.

*        *        *

Jun woke up extra early so he wouldn't be late for his first class, UtaMahou. He was surprised when he got his schedule from Professor Domyouji Kaede. His first class was UtaMahou right off the bat, followed by Charms and Potions.

But what really caught him off guard was that it was a duel class with Ravenclaws. Jun felt ecstatic to know he'll have class with Sho. He purposely came to the classroom ahead of time, but then he walked around the halls so it didn't seem like he was waiting for Sho.

Finally, the time for class came and Jun saw Sho in the distance. Jun made it seem like he just arrived too, and he casually approached Sho, but his insides were jumping with joy.

"Hey, Sho. You have UtaMahou as your first class too?" Jun asked, hoping that Sho wouldn't notice his nervousness. But Sho smiled.

"Yup, looks like we're in the same class, buddy," Sho smiled, wrapping his arm around Jun.

Normally, Jun would think this was a friendly gesture, but Jun felt his heart fluttering so fast, he thought he was flying high! He tried his hardest not to turn red as Sho and Jun sat down next to each other.

"Good morning, Sakurai-kun!" Ikuta Toma appeared, sitting on the other side of Sho. "Hey, Matsujun."

"Hey, don't call me Matsujun," Jun said, feeling annoyed. Sho laughed at Toma's confused face.

"Don't mind him. He likes to be called Matsujun," Sho teased.

As the classroom began to fill, more and more students would say "Hi" to Sho than anyone else in the room. Jun was surprised that so many people admired Sho just as much as Jun did. He even spotted a few Gryffindor girls stealing a glance at him.

This irritated Jun ever so slightly.

"Good morning, you munchkins," Professor Masahiko greeted. "And welcome to UtaMahou. What a hell hole it is."

The class chuckled.

"You are here because you want to sing, no?" He said, waving his wand at the chalkboard. A few words appeared for them to take notes. "This class is a tough cookie. So I don't want slackers or complainers or crybabies saying they can't make UtaMahou.

"It's not about having a beautiful voice. Singing UtaMahou must come from the heart," Professor Masahiko explained. "It's the very pure soul magic in us. And in order for UtaMahou to really work, you must know how to express yourself."

Sho and Jun nodded, remembering how Ohno was so into it when he sang on the lake...

"There is no rush to UtaMahou, so we'll learn step by step until you all sing opera songs."

The class laughed again.

"Don't laugh, I'm serious!" He blurted out. "With me teaching you, you'll all become better singers than you did when you're in the shower. Now open your textbooks to chapter two. We'll skip the first chapter because I don't like it, and it's pointless."

The class laughed again. Jun already liked this professor. He was funny, lively, and easy to approach, which was the total opposite of Naruse Ryo. Jun reached into his bag to get his textbook, but he couldn't find it. He realized that he was so caught up in waking up early and looking good for Sho that he forgot his own textbook.

'Stupid!' Jun thought, feeling embarrassed in front of Sho.

"Did you forget your textbook?" Sho asked, noticing Jun's empty hands. Jun only nodded. "Well, here. We can share."

'No way!' Jun felt his heart flutter again. 'He's so close! Someone pinch me!'

"Someone read the first passage....let's see. Matsumoto," the professor called. "Read the first paragraph."

Jun gulped. If he had to read the passage, he'd have to lean in, making him even closer to Sho. Jun calmed himself as best as he could and read the passage.

" 'UtaMahou is the very essence of soul magic created by the first Vocal Wizards. UtaMahou, or Song Magic, is the use of one's voice to perform a series of magic without a wand. The soul within a witch or wizard holds the magic for the UtaMahou to be performed, so wands, objects, or potions are not required. One must also enchant words that reflect on the witch or wizards desire of action. These words can vary but the emotionally strand must be considered. There are three basic types of UtaMahou practices: A Head Sound, A Throat Sound, and A Chest Sound.' "

"Good, now let's rewind and remix this," Professor Masahiko said, beginning to explain the class.

Jun could only take a deep breath and close his eyes. Throughout the entire time when he read the passage, he felt Sho breathing onto Jun's ear. It was a miracle he made it through without breaking down with emotions.

'What is wrong with me?!' Jun thought. 'Why am I so affected by Sho's presence?'

The class continued, but for Jun it felt like an eternity. Someone would read a passage on the text again, and Jun would use it as an excuse to lean closer to Sho. The class would take notes and Sho's ink bottle ran out since he always made unnecessary side notes.

"Can I share your ink bottle?" Sho asked casually. Jun tried not to overreact, but he passed his ink bottle with delight.

'Get a hold of yourself, Jun!' He yelled in his head. 'Focus! It's UtaMahou for crying out loud. This stuff is important!'

Finally, the bell tolled the end of class. Jun felt both relieved and disappointed.

"That was interesting, I never knew there was so much depth into UtaMahou," Sho chatted with Jun. "Who would have thought that UtaMahou introduced music to the Wizarding world."

"Eh?" Jun said, completely side-tracked.

"Weren't you paying attention?"

'No. I was distracted by your existence.' Jun thought.

"I guess my mind was on Ohno and how he managed this class alone," Jun lied. Sho smirked.

"He managed because he's a good singer," Sho said. "Where are you going next?"

"Uhhh," Jun pulled out his schedule. "Charms."

"Hmm, I can walk you there," Sho added, like it was nothing.

But Jun felt like a girl been swept off her feet at those words.

"A-are you heading the same way?" Jun asked, trying to be normal.

"No. I have Potions next, but I have the time. Plus, I don't want to head off towards Naruse so soon." Sho laughed.

"But that's all the way in the dungeons," Jun said. "Charms is on the third floor. Are you sure you won't be late?"

"It's alright. I have time for you."

'Damn it, Sho!' Jun thought. 'Stop making my heart flap around like a girl!'

"Well, to tell you the truth, there's something I want to say," Sho said. Jun could have swore his heart stopped.

"Hmm? What's up?" Jun asked, keeping his cool.

"The truth is...I need your help."

'Are you serious?!' Jun screamed in his head.

"Spit it out already."

"I don't think I can beat Nino in our competition," Sho confessed.

"Oh," Jun sighed.

"Oh?" Sho questioned on Jun's reaction.

"Ah! I mean....Oooh!" Jun repeated. "You need help...picking up girls? Why?"

"I get the impression you're a catch, Matsujun," Sho said. "Did you see all the girls in UtaMahou checking you out?"

'They weren't looking at me, you idiot. They were looking at you!'

"I-I don't think I'll be any help. I'm just as shy around girls," Jun said. "Maybe, you'd be better off making friends with guys first until you can approach a girl."

'What am I saying?!'

"I think you're right. Let's see...I know I have Aiba on my side," Sho pondered. "Heh, maybe I should make you fall for me."

Sho laughed, but Jun had to fake laugh with him. His heart might just explode!

"Okay, I'll see you later, Matsujun," Sho smiled, as they approached Charms.

Jun could only waved and watched Sho hurry his way back down to the stairs. Jun sighed in exhaustion. He would have never thought this was true...

"Damn it all...I'm in love with Sho," Jun confessed.

"You're in love with Sho?" A voice repeated behind him.

Jun whirled around and didn't expect to see Ohno staring back at him with a look of total shock.

NANIIIIIIII!!!?!?!? O_O Jun has confessed (to himself) that he loves sho?!?!?
and ohno heard him?! NANIIIIIIII!!!!?!? XDD
so what about nino?! how will ohno react? what will jun do to get sho's attention?!?!?

heehee, how do you like my new star appearance? seto koji, mizushima hiro, shimura ken as the magical creatures teacher? i laughed at myself! plus kame and jin is in the picture O_O let me just say they were a tough one to pick which house they go in. i wanted one of them in slytherin and the other in gryffindor, but i didn't know how should it be!! XD so i decided because the way i saw kame acts in his dramas. (that's a bias decision!!) i know. don't hate me, but don't you think so!! don't you think kame is a bad boy and jin is sweeter? well, then again there's that famous jin vs jun moment -___-

oh who cares!! i just put them there. XD

To Chapter 5 -


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